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Beautiful view ! Start early to beat the crowd and watch the sunrise .

Amazing views

Easy trail with a bit of climb at the end. Beautiful views. Take the trail and let the vehicles take the road.

Loved it

Probably one of my favorite short hikes I’ve done. The views are beautiful the entire time and constantly changing. Personally would probably rank this hike as easy, though the last sprint to the top is a decently steep incline.

I just hiked this trail in mid-January. It started out kind of flat with not much to look at. Then, the trail began to gain a little elevation, slowly by slowly. As the elevation gained, the scenery just kept getting better and better. After about the first mile or so, the red rocks rose right in front of me as the sound of the water was heard below. There was not another soul in sight as this became one of the most magical hikes I have done in a while. After about 3 1/2 miles I reached the pools that this hike is known for. I did not expect such a stunning sight. I strongly recommend this hike.

This trail was gorgeous, and its easy to see why it was so popular! That said, the Hidden Valley portion of the trail should be for VERY experienced dogs only, as there's a fair bit of scrambling and difficult areas to climb up. We had to carry our dog across a ledge at one point, and when we decided to turn back for her sake we ended up needing to put her in a lap and slide down a boulder. She's 45 pounds, so a bigger dog might have had an easier time with it, but I do NOT recommend the Hidden Valley trail for dogs!

Great hike. Great for the family.

on Horton Creek Trail

nature trips
3 days ago

Beautiful, easy trail. Elevation may bother you if you are from the Valley.

very easy hike worth it beautiful view

Really enjoyed this hike. Luckily we got there early and therefore there wasn’t really anybody on the trail yet. It had just rained the night before and so the weather and the views were fantastic. Clouds covered the mountains and the smell of rain filled the air. The second half of the trail got a little tricky with the rocks but nothing anybody couldn’t handle. Highly recommend!

Crowded on the weekends but still a beautiful hike with some great views! Worth it to stop and take some pictures st some of the viewpoints. Plan to wait in a short line to get your picture on the bridge if it is crowded!

Beautiful trail with many hops over the creek. I did this trail during winter and was a bit icy.

I would suggest not bringing dogs if you plan on going out on the natural bridge.

4 days ago

Perfect weather. The trail was pretty well documented. It was crowded, but it wasn’t your average in and out hike. There were multiple view points. A thing to watch out for is the off roading vehicles.

Great hike. Was busy on the Saturday after New Years. Lots of snow and compact snow/ice on the top half and muddy in the lower half. Crowded. Great views and well worth it.

Amazing trail with amazing views!

4 days ago

Great hike that can be incredibly crowded. We went off season and it was as still quite busy. I would only do again if taking someone who hadn’t seen it before or if there were very few vehicles at the TH. Beautiful views throughout the hike.

4 days ago

The hike from the TH is uneventful. Take the time to look around at your surroundings and enjoy the beauty rather than just looking at the boring dirt road you are walking on. My wife and I chose to leave the road and follow a game trail paralleling the road. Felt more like a hike. The destination is amazing and well worth the time spent getting out there.

on Water Wheel Falls

5 days ago

Easy and thoroughly enjoyed the snow hike.. This a good family hike with children and would have to cross the stream in 3 places

keep going until you reach the waterfall! We went right after a snowfall and it was beautiful to see and hear the icy water rushing, including the waterfall itself! The water wheel itself greets you to the left before you begin the trail. There are also lovely memorials for victims of flash flooding; we stopped and paid tribute as reminders of both human life and the strength of nature. We walked on ice over the frozen streams! if you follow the trickles, they become larger and larger bodies of frozen water, until you reach the rushing falls. There is a carved chair that you can sit in at the very end near the falls! I would definitely recommend this hike and will most likely visit again during another season to check out the difference. Be mindful of the massive horse pies along the route, though I rather take that than the unnecessary tagging done to the beautiful rocks :-( Beautiful hike, lovely natural workout. I highly recommend!

7 days ago

Very cool hike and not too difficult. Wild not recommended walking along the road because it can get dusty with cars driving on it. Plus, the hike is scenic.

Loved this one!!

I took Coke’s suggestion and it did not disappoint. Took mescal, chuck wagon trail that lead into devils bridge trail. As I pulled into the trailhead parking lot the sun was just rising. It was peaceful and quiet the entire time. As the sun rose at the beginning of my hike hot air balloons not too far off in the distance began to ascend. It was pretty stunning and just added more to the hike. Didn’t see a single soul until I made it to the bridge or arch...and with that there were only a few nice souls up there. Had a great time talking with them. One even offered to take a picture of me and my pup on the arch/bridge. Overall amazing experience if you do it at the right time and you hike the right trails.

on Spur Cross Trail

7 days ago

Great hike with awesome views. So many cool things to see like old foundations of cabins. Pond with Lilly pads, wildlife, old pool foundation from the 1950s. Good workout and so much fun while crossing the creek multiple times. Depending on how far you choose to go you will even make it into the Tonto National Forest. Be aware there is a $3 per person fee if you park and go to start this trail.

8 days ago

I would rate this easy vs moderate. Stunning views and lightly trafficked on an early January morning. This trail is not very rocky for the majority of the distance and would make a great spot for trail running. However, on a wet morning, it was extremely muddy and difficult to traverse along with a couple stream crossings. Seemingly good signage; however, somehow still got off trail and ended up quite a distance in the wrong direction?! Several benches to stop and appreciate the scenery. Two parking lots at the park, 3$ entrance fee, and an available port-a-potty.

This is a GREAT trek. We started on the Mormon Trail and made our way to the Hidden Valley Loop.

This was a great trail. Perfectly moderate and a breathtaking view.

8 days ago

Beautiful views from the ground of the rock formations and canyon. The trail end does not have any Wow factor and the views are consistent along the whole trail. We did it in the winter and spring or summer might be more fun with the creek crossings and blooming wildlife. I would recommend this trail as a sight seeing activity rather than a trail hike. Good to go in 1 mile and out or for an easy day walk.

This hike was incredible! We parked at the dry creek vista, although I think our Nissan Frontier would have made it down the road just fine, it was a rental and the walk down the road was very very scenic and I am glad we walked it. My husband and I each carried one kid and they had a nap while we enjoyed the red rocks that surround you on this trail! We got to the trailhead at about 820 and got one of the last spots in the parking lot, and by the time we finished at 1140 the lot was full and the roads were also packed with cars. I think the early start in essential because we even had time up at the bridge where no one was on it and there was no hurry or line up for pictures. Everyone was just sitting enjoying snacks and the views. Worth every second!

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