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Great workout & really cool to do via moonlight if you get the opportunity! ✌

We made this a 9.2 mile hike by taking the Trail of the Sequoias out to the High Sierra Trail to see Eagle View. Had lunch at Crescent Meadow and looped back up the Congress Trail. Glad we saw General Sherman early because the tourists were swarming by the time we returned. Once we left the paved area, we saw no other people again until Crescent Meadow. The hike back up to the parking lot is definitely no fun after a 9 miler. What was annoying though was picking up other people’s trash. Brought back water bottles we found left behind on the Congress Trail. No respect for such a magnificent area.

Easy walk down to “General Sherman”, but the climb back will tax the heart. High elevation, remember to breathe

on Cathedral Rock Trail

2 days ago

The trail is pretty hard if you don’t have the correct footwear, but overall the view was worth it and so was the absolute silence. Go early in the morning and there’s just no sound. Wildlife is also beautiful, I saw three does on the way up.

2 days ago

Very good short trail, it is moderately trafficked in the mornings, very well defined and kept up.Trail is a steady easy climb until you finish the last switch backs then levels outs as you cross the saddle between the two mountain tops. On this level part of the trail, you will be passing through a very young forset, The tree are very short. Here you are the giant of the forest as you are taller than the trees. The views you see walking up the trail are fantastic, but what you see from the top is awesome. The very last part of the trail to the top is the hardest and the steepest. It is short, but very steep. You must keep going even if you need to take extra breaks. No matter how long it takes, it is well worth it. Very nice way to spend a morning.

Loved this quick hike! Nice views especially at the top! I would rate it as moderate but not difficult at all.

6 days ago

Beautiful views! Well worth the climb!

8 days ago

Besides other people on the trail blasting music & the elevation giving me a bit of a headache— this hike was perfect! Easy to follow, family friendly (if you aren’t scared of heights), & a great view at the top.

9 days ago

One of the most amazing views I’ve ever encountered, especially as the fall colors are at their peak. Well worth the effort - not for the faint of heart!

10 days ago

Short hike but the steady incline gets your lungs pumping for sure! Take your time, there’s a lot of benches a long the way if you need to stop.

Short steep hike on paved trail with lots of steps. The trees make it a 5 star walk. All down hill to the tree and all back up. My mother has walking difficulties so my kids walked her down to the handicap access from General Sherman, i busted it back up to the parking lot and picked them up.

11 days ago

Short and steep hike up about 400 steps. Incredible panoramic views. Not for the person with vertigo.

11 days ago

Saved this trail for last on this day, and the weather cooperated! Wind was not bad, sun was also not bad, temperature was in the 40's. Saw two ravens on way up next to trail. Parking can be a problem at trailhead lot, so I had to wait till someone left. Stairs up were not too bad just take your time, take in the awesome views and you will get to the top. This is a very popular trail so be patient. This is not one you will have to yourself, unless you come really early.

Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


11 days ago

We visited the General Sherman Trail on June 30th. The trees are definitely something to see!
It’s a paved easy walk. Go early if you want a less crowded visit.
If you’re not up for walking or have any sort of physical handicap, they have a easy to use shuttle system throughout the park that is very accommodating.
If you want a photo with the General Sherman Tree there will be a line that starts to form.
Be a pal and take the picture for the person before you.
It’s one of the worlds coolest trees. So by all means, get your photo.
After 10am this place turns into a total tourist spot and every tree becomes a live photo shoot for Instagram.
If you visit just be considerate and enjoy the moment.
But seriously, go see the trees!

on Moro Rock Trail

11 days ago

Went to this trail on July 1st.
Easy climb up the stairs with amazing views at the top.
Check the weather before you go because it can be really intense on a hot day, wear your sunscreen.
The only challenge is that the stair passageway is a little narrow and it can be hard to pass by your fellow trail friends
Check it out for sure!

11 days ago

Not a hike, a great way to see General Sherman, the largest tree on the planet. Have to agree on getting there early. It is just a taste of what you can experience if you can afford the time to go on some of the Giant Trees trails where you can be away from the crowds.
Gave it a down check because I had been on the other trails around it and the crowds really detract from how neat the experience is.

This is by far the best trail I’ve had the opportunity to hike. The views are astonishing. Some parts were steep with lose rocks but overall this hike was easy. Not very crowded and very quiet. Will definitely be back several more times.

Amazing views! Take your time hiking, I didn’t. Ended up getting mountain sickness when I got home because of the elevation. But I will definitely go back to the trail again, now that I know better than to rush on my way to the top!

14 days ago

I've done this one many times and it is worth it each time. The view of the Sierra Mountains is unlike anything else. There are quite a few stairs, but if you take them at a leisurely pace, it is too difficult. Every time I have been here there are always lots of tourists, so just be prepared to be patient. It is not too long of a distance, but if you are afraid of heights be aware there are a couple sections that you come very close to the edge.

15 days ago

Breathtaking views. The trail is steep, but well worth it.

Tip: Check the weather prior to climbing.

Too easy! Did it in 10 minutes and sunrise is amazing there !

It was great

20 days ago

Love the view . Easy for anyone who is seeking for a fast and beautiful view.

Easy going loop. I skipped it the first time around because of snow but went back during the warmer times of the year. A bit congested at some points but nothing too crazy.

21 days ago

Steady uphill climb. 67 degrees with a nice breeze around 10am. Worth it when you get to the top and see the view. All the Aspens are a beautiful yellow now.

This steady incline to the peak has very well maintained trails trickled with numerous lookouts with natural wood benches, making this hike doable for most fitness levels. In the fall, a majority of the trail is sandwiched between rows of vibrant yellow trees that when the sun shines threw (and it’s almost always sunny) looks like gold coins flickering in the wind. It’s not necessarily a long hike up (made it to the top in 45 minutes, 83 minutes total - steady pace) but the elevation climb will get your heart pumping and your lungs a workin. But that’s ok. Sit at one of those benches, and catch your breath. You won’t regret it.

P.S. Early bird gets the worm. 8-9 am if you like more undisturbed hikes.

Short hike with lots of stairs

22 days ago

One of the best views you can see. A every step going up is a different story

26 days ago

Great views at the top as well as along the way. Well worth it. Take your time and enjoy the hike. Stay to the right at the unmarked fork.
Look for the Endangered Palmer Chipmunks at the top. They only exist in the Spring Mountains. Resist feeding them. They will become dependent on humans for food and will be doomed in winter.

Worth it, take your your time though

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