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I really enjoyed this. The most uphill climb I’ve ever done, potentially more exhausting than Koko Head. The trail brings you across many peaks, so there will be a lot of ascending followed by descending, again and again. Best view I’ve seen in Oahu or anywhere in my life. We started from Kolowalu and it ended up being almost 8 miles in total. The trail was dry so the ropes weren’t needed, but were nice to have as option. Only saw three other groups of hikers over the course of four hours. We saw a dog too, honestly unsure how he did it because this is a VERY steep incline. I would do it again.

I will rate this for intermediate. It’s worth views from the top peaks that’s can look down on South Pacific Coast and on the East Pacific Coast. ARPORN GRUADNOK, KEITH JELBART & ALEX JELBART. We were went up to the top quicker than I thought. That’s Day was wet conditions very steeped up from the left we used the rope section recline upon the higher spots. The peaks fully of ferns over growth. But I did went up from very steep side. And another time I went up to the right side was with TERA MOELLA, HEATHER MEISINGER LOHMILLER. Felt like you’re trained in military. The peaks was connecting to Mount Olympus of K1/K2. It’s Amazingly views of Highest streak mountains up there. Was greatly breathtaking views from both sides. The rains had stop we’re still continued doing the hikes with slippery muddy conditions. Sky was clearly off after wards. The Views of Diamond Head was clearly, Koko Crater, Hanauma Bay, towards PACIFIC OCEAN, Waikiki towards runways, North PACIFIC, Coastal that’s can see clearly distances from where we’re stands above the sea levels about 2,500ft up. On the ways back I was run down fast. Apart from overall is beautifully views, lovely highly peaks along with each other from South towards the North. Gorgeous hikes with highly mountains ranks..........

Better to be over prepared.
Great hike

the South Valley Trail part very nice.
private the whole way

Would anyone be interested in hiking this with me? Here until the 11th and could use a trail partner for this specific outing. richardhandley@live.com

on Mount Kaala Trail

11 days ago

Wonderful hike! Didn’t get to complete it due my own poor shoe choices and the muddy trail right at the top of the peak. Round trip was 7 mi. Needed maybe a half mile more to go. Tons of rope set up at the top to help get you over obstacles. And I one part there is a ladder bolted right into a rock. Wonderful views on a clear day. I will return to summit Mt Ka’ala next time!

Very muddy at the start. When you reach the eroded treeless hill, stay on the uphill side. Even though it will look like no trail passes there, trust that it does. Pretty steady elevation gain with brief flattening out about 3/4 the way to the summit. At the ridge line, go left to the trail end. Kahana bay is a great place to wash off the mud afterwards.

With the amount of foot traffic, there should be some erosion prevention measures taken at the east rim side and also the section coming down to the HECO frames. Proper steps should be installed to prevent further erosion . Hikers should give this place and other fav hikes like Moanalua to Haiku and Koko Crater Stairs a break so that erosion preventive maintenance can take place.

definitely lots of mud, it helps a lot to have spikes. lots of roots, be careful with your footing, you can easily twist an ankle if you dont pay attention. watch for dog poop. you will cross a few streams. my first time, we only went to the second waterfall. it's only 5 minutes from the 1st to the 2nd waterfall, so pls continue. not much water flowing today since not much rain last night. and yes, dont forget to bring snacks!

Intermediate hike. About 5 hrs round trip from start to Koolau Summit and back. It will wear one out from all the steep climbing.

Gorgeous hike. Beautiful scenery throughout hike.

Doesnt take an entire day to do this. About 5 hours on a constant pace or give yourself 6 hrs max. I started at 2:30 pm yesterday and completed it by 6:30 pm. The park gate closes at 6:45 pm. during this time of the year. Should be rated as Intermediate hike.

It was amazing, this trail is pretty much challenging but is very great exercise and it takes the whole day to get to the end and back. And the view is worth it!!! U can see the Diamond Head, Honolulu to the west side and Kailua side, Mokolua Islands and almost the Makapu’u..
I’m very sporty and I can say that’s one of the most nice and challenging. Soo if you like nature and hike you should do this trail for sure:)

One way of ruining our trails.


11-17, took us 4 hours and 10 minutes to complete. Very special hike with beautiful waterfalls. Lots of elevation gain (abt 2200 ft.)

I wouldn’t rate this as a Hard/Difficult, even if one would to start from Kolowalu instead of Waahila. Most of the hike is on a well defined trail even past the End Of Maintained Trail sign. It is slightly longer than Wiliwilinui Ridge, Hawaii Loa and Kuliouou ( all three are rated as Intermediate ). A Hard/Difficult trail would be Mt. Ka’ala Trail, Kamaile’unu, Moanalua Middle to Haiku, Pueo Park to Pu’u Lanihuli just to name a few.

This was a tough one. Once you go past the “trail is closed sign” (don’t go left) it’s a steep incline to the top. I did this hike solo and I only saw one person on this trail. Towards the top the conditions are really muddy. There’s a really big rope section towards the top and I stayed to the right and just scaled up. However, I also have Solomon trail running shoes that have really good tread which is necessary for this trail. There’s a few sketchy parts, but overall pretty good trail. I would say bring a lot of water. It’s a really exhausting trail... I mean exhausting. The app says 5.2 miles.. more like 6 miles start to finish. It took me about 3 1/2 hours to complete. On the way down, I would recommended stopping and cleaning off the bottom of your shoes for more traction it really helped. Nice views at the top, but again, really exhausting trail.

Pretty cool hike over a variety of terrain and “obstacles.” The 7.1 mileage looks like it didn’t include the section of planks that take you through the bog at the top and to the radio station. Our watch had it closer to 8+ miles. Definitely aim to do this hike on a clear day without any rain!

I started at 0630 solo and didn't see a soul until I had started down from atop the crater and I was not short for sunshine for most all of the hike (except looking over the mountain to the east). LOTS of mud, LOTS of roots, and LOTS of rocks (and as the previous posts state, this was from the start). Once you get to the first waterfall they all come in quick succession. Try not to be in a big hurry and enjoy them.

20 days ago

This should be rated as Difficult if you go till the end of the trail where it terminates at the Koolau Summit.

The hike is more challenging then the description indicates. It’s actually a HARD hike and the distance has been miscalculated. It’s a little longer than 14.6 miles as it states.
Walking up to the picnic table should be considered moderate but then once you pass that picnic table and head on down to continue the trail, that’s when it becomes hard because of the overgrowth of bushes and lack of good footing that makes the hike difficult and challenging but doable. Make sure to wear knee high socks or something long that covers your legs as you will be walking through a few miles of bush overgrowth.

Beautiful hike, mid November the waterfalls are roaring, the trail is also incredibly muddy but it’s definitely worth it. Fun trail, difficult climbing and not an easy trail to follow. The ropes felt more secure than on certain other trails on the island, but that doesn’t mean much. Definitely recommend this hike!

Beautiful. Challenging but doable. Will definitely go back.

Went out with HTMC on 11/18/18. Trail was fantastic as were the folks in the club. I measured it at just over 15 miles much of which was muddy and somewhat difficult. Payoff at The summit was spectacular, would definately recommend this trail but only for stronger hikers with the right gear and mindset

24 days ago

I found this trail hard! Recommend wearing hiking boots, it was very muddy and the trail was hard to see in places, mainly during the last couple miles. The payoff is beautiful though and even though I fell multiple times coming down I would recommend this trail.

Dear hiking friends. I am planing to do this hike including K1 and K2 tomorrow. if you would like to join me hit me up on insta made86made. :) see ya!

Great challenging trail. I’m 52 and not on great shape. This trail was an adventure. Each time I felt like turning around there was another spectacular view. Take time to take in the beauty and sounds of nature. Last leg starting from the South is very steep. Use poles along the way to stabilize. Breathe deep and complete this wonderful trail.

Earns its reputation for hard. The last mile is pretty steep even with ropes. Mud isn’t helpful at all and wind can make things challenging. Good news though. Volunteers were up there today clearing away the overgrowth so the path is clear up to the top

My favorite hike but a challenging hike. Anywhere from a 3 to 6 hr adventure depending how many waterfalls you cross. Most will do all 3 waterfalls but not the ascending ridge to the summit. The ridge should only to taken on drier days because the last 1/4 mile is dirt and becomes muddy on the wetter days and at the most 3ft. wide with steep cliff on both sides dropping down as far as 200ft. (2 women has fallen to their deaths within the last 5years) So be careful.

If this will be your first time on this trial you should be accompanied by an experienced hiker of this trail. Have at least a liter of water per person and some snacks because it will be awhile before you encounter civilization again. You will be utilizing every muscle in your body on this trail so be physically and mentally prepared.

Safe journeys to all.

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