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A very nice trail around a small lake. It’s not massively scenic but it’s quite and well maintained.

Hiked this trail for the first time on a 31 degree day. Other than a lot of cold breezes, the trail was fantastic. Very well marked and maintained. Just enough up and down to keep it interesting. Saw 5 big male turkeys.

3.5 stars would be more accurate of my grade. Trails seem to have activity on them to help show where to go. The signage really needs help. We have gone twice. Once on the long loop and once on the short. Got lost twice and had to do a lot of doubling back. Properly marked trails would have prevented that.

15 days ago

Hiked late November, temps in the low 30s. Got on the trail late morning and lucked out and saw a lot of frost flowers along the protected wet area.

Easy hike, not always maintained. Go In fall so no snakes or bugs. Little ones will have fun searching the woods for “ the ghost coon”

easy hike down a ravine to a 77 foot waterfall. There is an observation deck , and and a lower deck. Be sure and go after a good rain! It’s a multiple time a year trip for us due to its proximity to home. Only about 20 minutes ... we always combine with another trail and some time at the playground ! Watch out for snakes, and bring your binoculars ! Kid friendly!

18 days ago

Some incline but overall easy. Nice loop trail around both sides of a stream.

The lake is very pretty but finding the trail is difficult. There were big fallen trees that had been recently cut and the gazebo overlook was really nice. we went in early November, so the trees were pretty and allowed for views of the water. Also, there is $5/car fee.

Nice 5 mile out and back, within an hour’s drive of east Tulsa. Leaves were just starting to turn in late October. This seems like the only hiking trail open right now, so prepare to share the trail with other hikers. Would definitely go back in spring, or when the longer portion of the trail isn’t closed for hunting.

Great trail, well marked for the most part. I don't recommend coming during hunting season as a good chunk of the trail is closed. Overall a great trail to get your hiking legs.

Hiked counter clockwise on Sunday, clockwise on Monday. Both days logged more than 5 miles on Apple Watch. Weather was perfect. Trails not marked very well. Blazes need freshened up a bit. Saw very few people on the trail.

Our favorite place to walk in Joplin!

This was a nice short hike with beautiful scenery.

Well maintained, easy hike. Beautiful.

i love it!

Run the yellow/pink trails multiple times each week!

It's a very pretty and kid friendly trial. Has a beautiful look out.

It’s a nice trail in the city. Well maintained. Bring in your water.

2 months ago

Good workout, with the steep section going up to Mother Nature's Crack you can get your heart pumping. I agree that the intersections are not marked but once you walk the trail and figure it out it is a no brainer. Start at the Audubon center for a full 4 mile hike.

Well maintained trail, lost it a bit toward the end, but that’s probably more user error.

5 stars for the hills and how hard it was. I had to be on constant lookout for bikers that might run me over. Got lost, maybe it was my fault for missing the signs. Seemed like a lot of trails intersected a lot. I may or may not have got on a few and did parts of all of them. Lol. At any rate I did end up back at my car, so it was a great day hiking.

3 months ago

Very easy walk. Decent overlook of Shoal Creek. The best that Joplin has to offer.

3 months ago

My husband and I walked this trail yesterday. It has a nicely paved. Great veiws of the lake. very scenic. We saw a high brief(?) of pelicans. It was amazing!

We hiked from the trailhead at the park to the swinging bridge and back. Overall, the trail was well marked, though some spots were overgrown. Be prepared to walk along Highway 10, which was very odd. Also, the swinging bridge was closed for maintenance, but we didn't know it until we crossed over to other side and read the sign on the locked gate. It would have been nice to put a sign on both sides, especially since it was deemed unsafe to cross. Other than that, it was enjoyable.

3 months ago

This hike started as a relatively pretty one and is probably much better suited for winter hiking but...there were SO MANY SPIDERS AND SEED TICKS today. We joked that it looked like the trail had been decorated for Halloween by how covered in spiderwebs it was and spending 3 hours batting spiders out of your face does make for an enjoyable hike.

Word of caution - this trail is well-marked but not referred to by the name of “Eagle View Loop” until you’re well into the hike. You’ll come to a fork on the “dam” structure where you have the option of taking the “Spillway Loop” or the one that heads back down into the forest (take the latter) and about halfway in, you’ll see another split for “Eagle View Loop.” This adds the extra mile or so to bring this hike to the full 5 miles but was one of the worst hiking experiences I’ve ever had - mosquito and tick infested, overgrown and damp. Just skip this part of the hike and continue toward “Lake Loop” and back toward the parking lot. Signage begins to get confusing as there are a few loops that intersect one another so you’ll want to pay close attention to the trail maps at the trailhead (Lake Lincoln parking area) and pick your route accordingly.

That being said, the trail is very doable for all skill levels and I would probably rate it much higher if I hadn’t taken the Eagle View Loop and continued on toward Lake Loop/parking area.

Have been many times. After the first steep part, the top is pretty level. You meet some nice folks but not usually a place to go for solitude. I have never been asked for my hunting/fishing license but looks like others have had to pay fines. For seniors, you can get a lifetime hunting/fishing license for a one-time fee; a lot cheaper than paying a fine.

3 months ago

I went around the loop Halloween late afternoon. I only passed one other hiker on the trail, and two in the parking lot that were just finishing when I started. Lots of up and down and some muddy spots. I would hate to see this get overused. Not much trash. Please take a trash bag and keep it that way. Good Girl Scout rule: always leave a place cleaner than you found it.

3 months ago

Nice hike. I walked the portion going southeast from the round pavilion. (I made a false start on the nature trail nearby.). On the MKT trail heading toward the railroad trestle you can look out over a part of the lake and river with great views of wading birds. I saw a great white egret and a great blue heron. I also saw a beaver or muskrat lodge. I walked out on the trestle maybe a third of the way to the end. I got spooked and turned around when the wind picked up. By myself and no phone service and too easy to misstep and break a leg. A previous reviewer mentioned no warning signs but there was a concrete barrier today so you can’t accidentally ride s bike off the end into nowhere.

Very clean. I took a short hike midweek and passed no other hikers. Lots of deer and armadillo tracks, still undisturbed at mid afternoon. It was a very hot day and the only wildlife I saw were a couple of tortoises. I disturbed a large bird but did not get a good look at it.

Would be good to go very early, get off the trail and just sit, watch and listen.

Has anyone tried out the tent camping area?

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