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4 days ago

The hike was nice being right next to the creek the whole way, was soothing hearing the mini rapids. The falls was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, well in a sense. :)

Love it.

Great trails for running and hiking.

12 days ago

Parked at Highway 60 and headed up the mountain planning to do an out and back to the Suspension Bridge. As I began my descent from the top, the trail was so overgrown with tall grass and weeds, I kept slipping and falling because I couldn’t see the trail. I finally turned back and will try again later in the fall when some of the vegetation dies. I know the BMT is supposed to be more rustic than the AT but it could really use some trail maintenance. What is the USFS road that approaches the bridge?

Take a lite lunch up top, and enjoy the view.

17 days ago

awesome hike! lots of spots to camp. some difficulties but just take it slow and practice safety you will be fine. most of the trail is an easy walk. enjoy!

18 days ago

My second time here. Definitely worth the drive from Orlando.
What I like about this trail is that you are hiking along the water.

enjoy this loop. Will incorporate some cut-off trails to legnthen.

You definitely need to be in shape for this one! We kept going after the first waterfall which led to another waterfall. I thought it was a moderate hike but it was too much for my husband. I had 2 liters of water and he had 3, and we both ran out about a mile from the trailhead, making the last bit very difficult. I would recommend this trail in the cooler months; July was too hot and there were a lot of wasps

22 days ago

I will say I liked this trail, but there are some things that people should be aware of. 1. Wear hiking boots/shoes. There are lots of roots and wet spots, you'll want a little grip. 2. carry 2 bottles of water per person. If you do this during the summer you'll definitely want it, if not a 3rd. 3. I took my mom. She's not a hiker and It was a trail I had never been on before. This trail was very difficult for her. She didn't get all the way to the end as she was worn out. 4. The last part of the trail is harder and more steep, just be prepared for it. It also has downed grab fences because of trees in that area. It's a very pretty waterfall and a good workout. I will be going back and enjoying nature there again. Happy trails all.

Live very close to Panther Creek. I have done the trail at all times of the year. It is always beautiful.

A nice long tiring hike. Mostly in the shade, lots of climbing. There are several places where the AllTrails route takes you off the trail. Ignore it and take the trail instead. The worst is about two miles in — there’s a newer little section of the AT you want to take. Be sure to take the quick detour to Owen’s Overlook on the MacKaye section of the loop! It’s only an extra minute, and really the only clear view on the entire walk. Plenty of campsites along the way but you can also camp at the trail head, which is great. You can start your day with a little easy walk to the nearby falls before diving in to the main trail.

One last thing: if, say, you have cold fresh peaches in a cooler in your car, don’t forget to put them in your pack. There are several places where you’ll want to reach in there for a delicious juicy peach, and it would be a real shame if they were still in the car. A real shame.

This is a more strenuous hike than moderate. Can’t imagine bringing my dog

nice and cool this morning , perfect trekking weather.

My nephew and I had a awesome time hiking down and staying there for two nights The folks that work there are so friendly and helpful. The food was awesome you felt like you were getting home cooking. They even had their own special desserts.. very clean nothing like taking a hot shower after hiking all day parade we saw flowers and plants that I have never seen before one was a beautiful red lily. From what I was told.

start your day early, very busy on wknds. Pigeon hill trail most challenging. Drink plenty of water !!!

This was a great hike, lightly traveled. paths were pretty well marked and the camp out alcoves gave us a great spot to sting up out hammock and take a lunch break. while we did not stay at the inn, we did go by it and it looked very nice. we took a break in the front verandah and refused in the shade with a power bar. according to my gps watch we did the trail in 6 hours with a couple breaks and from door of our car back to the door of our car it was 10.71 miles. we parked in the lot at the top of the falls by the snack stand. oh yes, there was a snack stand and restrooms which was nice! ... I'm writing this review late. we hiked on Saturday 8/11/18.

Very busy on the weekends so get there early

Enjoyable hike out to the Inn with a couple day stay. We loved the Rhododendron groves and the hike took about 4 hours with our 3 year old walking halfway and 5 year old doing the entire path.

1 month ago

One of personal favorite waterfalls in Georgia. I am totally in love with this beauty. A fabulous hike to the fall a great workout of about 7.5 mile. I have visited here quite a few times and ready to be there anytime again.

1 month ago

Had a wonderful hike today with my wife. The falls are so worth the trip. But as others have said boots not shoes. I'm also looking to go back and enjoy some camping along the trail.

10.7 miles? Maybe around 16 according to mile marker signs

Gorgeous trail with a great rest stop at the inn, in which you can book a night

not a bad trail but not well marked. If you cross the creek you are on the other side which is 4+ mile loop.

trail running
1 month ago

had Friday morning off work and had it to myself. it was hilly and challenging if you run all the hills. I also thought it was well marked. Seen markers every 1/10 of a mile. They climb up to 57 at the complete loop.

1 month ago

Very nice hike to the waterfall and back out the same way, which is 7 miles and is what most people do, as the part past the waterfall to the other trail head is very steep and difficult. The 7 mile hike that we did to the waterfall and back is along the creek and very fun, with ups and downs and boulders and such to climb around. You can swim at the pool in front of the waterfall, and many people set up hammocks or tents and hang around for the day. Lovely.

Be cautious after rain, muddy steps on steep inclines make this trail dangerous

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