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22 hours ago

Nothing too memorable about this trail. It is steep (good exercise), but hikers of most skill level will be able to complete, given enough time.

on Mt. Rowe

4 days ago

Family friendly hike with a good view of the Gunstock Resort and valley. We went up the yellow trail, which is very steep - avoid if you have young kids. We came down the Blue trail, which was very nice! Be sure to take a map as there are several trail options in various places, and some trails are unmarked. Tip: you can remove the red-blazed loop at the bottom of the hike by parking in the second parking lot (south) of the Gilford Elementary School - this red blazed trail section, while lovely, is not part of the BRT system.

What a Beautiful piece of property!!! I’m a beginner and some spots were a tiny bit challenging for me!! (I’m 60

The beginning is steep, but the majority of the trail is not too difficult. Waterfalls at the end are great.

10 days ago

Great trail, well blazed and maintained so it's easy to follow. You will have to park a bit before the trail head as it starts past some private property. Pass by the white farm house on the right, take a left onto Squirrel Bridge road over the little bridge, then continue following a few signs to the actual trail Actual distance ended up being closer to 7 miles. Most of the trail was pretty moderate, getting gradually steeper after the junction with the cutoff trail. Note that the last portion of the trail requires a good amount of climbing which makes it very difficult to do with a dog. I brought along my 11 pound dog so it was possible to hold and boost him along the way, but I can't imagine doing it with a much larger pup. I also would not recommend this trail in rain or high wind due to the climbing! The views on the last half mile are beautiful, definitely worth the scramble.

16 days ago

quick & easy

trail running
16 days ago

Fun, but awkward footing most of the time

17 days ago

One of the pretty trails in the area. We stayed at Waterville valley resorts which has so many trails for biking and hiking. It took us around 3 hours to complete the whole loop as we were a party of 5 and stopped in the middle for pictures and little sight seeing

I hiked this trail with my 8 yr old son yesterday. We made the loop by going up to Noon the Jennings and down Drake Brook. It took us just about 5 hours— the kiddo rallied up the trail but was pretty tired and slow on the way down.
I would say this trail is on the tougher side of “moderate”.
Great views at Noon and Jennings and the hike back along Jennings brook is a lovely, slightly longer, but more gradual trek down (read easier on the knees)

Love this trail!! The view is so stunning. The way up is all along a beautiful stream and waterfall. Heads up: you need to cross the creek twice, and the trail itself gets super muddy. Pet parents, bring a towel!! I forgot - my car is not great

Quick, easy hike with a fantastic payoff.

Trails are well marked - it did not take long to complete the loop - we hiked the trail in late August, and would definitely consider going back in the winter to snowshoe. Easy trail - no real scenic areas

Excellent trail for kids and new hikers. About 20-30mins each way. Wear pants, there seems to be quite a bit of poison ivy along many of the narrow paths up the trail. Also the trail head is about 200ft up the road from the parking lot on the opposite side of the road. I included a photo of the trail head. Evelyn & Albert Morse Preserve is the actual trail head you want to use. Enjoy

1 month ago

Nice trail with okay views. Trail markings on back side are sparse and hard to find.

Great little hike with views of Lake Winnepausaukee along with Belnap and Ossipee ranges at the summit. Wider trail at the bottom leads to single track (some areas where brush is close on both sides) as you get up the trail. Well marked with yellow blazes.and easy to follow as the trail is well used.

7/27/2018...FYI if you are looking to hike this trail, we tried today and the "stream" crossing was a gushing river and we weren't willing to attempt its crossing. Dog tried and almost washed away. Great disappointment. Attempted Drake's Brook Trail afterr having the same issue on Sandwich Mountain trail and ran into the same problem. Moral, don't attempt this hike during or right after a wet spell!

7/27/2018...FYI if you are looking to hike this trail, we tried today and the "stream" crossing was a gushing river and we weren't willing to attempt its crossing. Dog tried and almost washed away. Great disappointment. Walked back and attempted Drake's Brook Trail and ran into the same problem. Moral, don't attempt this hike during or right after a wet spell!

The hike itself is quite lovely, but you'll definitely want to go a little bit past the summit in order to get any views. Keep following the trail past the summit, hang a left at the split, and you'll find some lovely views of the lake within a quarter of a mile.

The road getting there is definitely rough, but, as long as you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, you should be fine. To get back, I really recommend retracing your steps onto Sandwich Notch Rd/Dale Rd, instead of following the road all the way to Lincoln Rd. I made that mistake and I won't soon repeat it.

Took a large group of ~13 year olds and the trek for that big of a group I wouldn't say is worth it. It is better for personal hikes.

2 months ago


2 months ago


poorly marked trail.

First start to 2018 hiking. This trail was a beautiful hike. there was great view points some i didn't get to mark on the recording, but i did get pictures! The terrain of this hike had many rooted trails following rock trails that you had you physically climbed over.Elevation gain was high in the first mile or so then tapered off for .3 of a mile then it would jump back up. This hike i would not recommend to newer hikers yes it is part of the 52 with a view in NH, but keep in mind its the highest in elevation on the list. Give it a shot its worth the views!!! Look at the picture i took.

2 months ago

Lots of blueberries!

2 months ago

Nice walk in the woods, I would consider this more on the easy side of moderate. The cascading falls and area for a dip in the cool water are fabulous.

Totally forgettable. Access road (Sandwich Notch Rd) is 30 min of dirt road with the deepest potholes to maneuver around. Not fun. Hike not that great either. One ledge with nice view of the lake. Only benefit: not crowded. Will not repeat.

Great hike and kids loved it

easygoing trail with beautiful views on multiple terrains. little to no other hikers were on these narrow trails. look out for the yellow marks! blueberries and blueskies. :)

3 months ago

Fun day hike for families.

Absolutely breathtaking views. Easy hike, our two year old and teenager dogs easily ran up (though all are energetic), fantastic views, especially for such a simple hike. We ran into one other soul on the hike, we had the whole place to ourselves. From the road it is not marked as Pine Mtn, but as you go up Alton Mtn Rd, take a left onto Avery Hill Rd and the parking lot is immediately on your right. Go another 100ft along Avery Hill rd and the hike is on the opposite side. Caution on the loop, we looped down about a mile away from where we parked the car, I believe this is avoidable by doing a smaller loop than we did. Check for ticks, about ten on the dogs. This was an awesome hike.

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