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2 days ago

Great hike, challenging for beginners, with lots of switch backs. The incline is consistent throughout. Even with multiple short stops/breaks it takes about 2 hours to get to the top. If you want to eat, buy the all you can eat voucher for "Northern Lights Cafe" at the bottom BEFORE you begin the hike (you cannot buy it at the top).

be sure to take the Upper Canyon Trail that connects near the overlook. at least take it down to the creek. worth it!!

Recommended starting early so that while you are hiking up you can enjoy the sunrise and have the summit to yourself. Great hike

My favorite hike! Beautiful views, challenging but awesome! Takes you to other connecting trails if you want longer hikes.

didnt think it was that difficult to hike to the bathtub , some slippery rock and mud, but that is to be expected hiking along a creek , the water was a bit chilly but crystal clear definitely will do again

Lots of fun, with the most unreal views at the top. You're definitely going to get your cardio in on this one. Took us 2 hours with lots of breaks.

Amazing wildlife! We saw 3 small wolves scampering around, deer, and accidentally walked a few feet from a rattlesnake! We went counterclockwise around the loop, reaching the bathtub at mile 5. The first 1.5 miles were super steep, but all pretty easy after that. The bathtub was gorgeous. We went on a weekday and saw no one on the trail until we got past the bathtub and saw people doing the 4 mile out and back hike. You have to hop over rocks but it had been dry for a week or so and I didn't feel like I ever had to put on the water shoes I brought. definitely go on a weekday- I can see it being kinda cramped and miserable with a whole bunch of people.

Is a excellent way to start a know Banff better.

A classic hike to start the season.
Smooth pace, still snow about half of the path in May. Poles were a god-send!
Always entertaining people watching at the top lol, but slightly off putting for reaching a summit.

The main trailhead is still closed so we parked between mile 301 & 302, overall it was a good hike with decent views at the top

23 days ago

This was my first real trail and I really enjoyed it. It is a lot of zigzagging and I found as you approach the end the incline was fairly steep but all in all I was done in about 2 hrs going up with the return trip down taking about 1.5 hrs.

We have done this trail several times with the children. It's moderately hard but doable if you have enough time and enjoy taking small stops.
It's very rewarding to get up on the top and view the mountain ssummit. The free ride back on the gondola is a great incentive and fun reason for the children to keep going.

Very good mais quelques petite section que l’on qualifierait de difficile car la pente est plus raide
Mais dans l’ensemble c’est une très belle randonnée avec des paysage magnifique
Ca nous a prit 2h pour monter avec nos enfants de 10,12 et 14 ans avec quelques petites poses et 1h10 pour descendre
Très bien pour toute la famille

24 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike and it can be done in the summer or winter because of the clear trail! Just make sure to check trail conditions before going. The whole hike consisted of switchbacks which makes it a little longer than expected, but overall it was worth the trek up to the top! Can get a little busy in the summer, but nothing too crazy. There is a big walkway at the top that leads to an old weather station! I would recommend checking that out! There is also a restaurant and gift shop at the top attached to the gondola if you get hungry.

My husband and I did this hike in the winter, it was very pleasant to hike to the top and enjoy the breathtaking views. I am not a big fan of switchback trails in general but as it was winter and some trails are closed, this is one of the best options for a day hike in the area regarding altitude gain and mileage. I recommend!

Family loved it! Even the 11 year old. Took us 2 hours to get to summit with many rest stops. Some reviews implied nothing to see along the way but there were many breaks in the trees with great views. Because it was the weekend before 10 am we were able to take gondola down for free. Crowded at the top but the hike was definitely worthwhile.

Harder than expected! Took us 2.5hrs to reach the peak with breaks. Was a great hike- we are beginners so this one was a great experience! Jaw dropping views at the top! Breathtakingly stunning.

Trailhead is closed but trail is open. Official Park detour is to park at Boulderstone lot between mm 302 and mm303. From there the hike is back along Tanahwa trail 2.5m to intercept Scout Trail (most of this is within earshot of parkway) so this way will tack on 5m to round trip. Met another hiker on way down who said shorter detour trail that starts from 221. Besides detour issue our hike on Scout Trail was nice cool work out for early July morning as we were in and out of clouds after 2m mark of trail. Had clouds at Callaway peak so limited views but still nice.

28 days ago

Awesome hike! It was exactly what I was hoping for. Got there around 12:30 and the crowds were fine. Definitely had plenty of solo time on the path. Took me about 65 mins ascending with long strides and no breaks. I’m in good shape but still got a great workout. Jogged most of the way down. The views at the summit were breathtaking and I managed to get some nice shots on the actual trail. Wear layers because the top was cold and windy but that’s to be expected.

Good hike decent views

Breath taking beauty! Take your time to enjoy with safety first!! Take your litter back with you!! Moderate to some extreme levels of hiking. Prepair to get wet at the most knee high. As you will have to cross about 6 streams. Hiking stick is a great plus for stability when unknown unstable rocks and boulders as crossing small streams can turn into injuries. We saw three bathtubs leading up to the small narrow 17ft deep oval shape bathtub.

a very fun hike 7 Miler took the right down and around to the devil's bathtub and was ready for a dip great experience....

I only had time for the part of the loop for the devils bathtub. Stay to the left and if you’re unsure of the trail just walk up the creek bed until you see a yellow blaze.
(I used driving directions from https://www.virginia.org/listings/outdoorsandsports/devilsbathtubwaterfallthe/)

The trail had lots of different fungi to identify and the crossings were not difficult because there wasn’t a lot of water, my shoes stayed dry most of the time. There was a rescue while we were there (jumping from ledges that should not have been jumping from).

The water was bee refreshing and devils bathtub was probably 8 feet deep and clear to the bottom. Not too many people but lots of trash. Please bring a bag to carry out what you can. I’m 100% going back!

This is a great trail run or walk. Although the views on the trail aren't really remarkable given the location, the views from the top are unforgettable.
For a 1-2 hour run/walk, you couldn't choose a more convenient one with such great views. Also, there is a $35 buffet at one of the restaurants at the top in-case you need to fill up on energy.

Be sure to bring your own water or water bottle as the bottles at the base are sold for $3.

As an even better end to most hikes, you can go to the hot springs which are located at the foot of the trail. Bring your swimsuit and leave it in your vehicle!


1 month ago

Today I did this hike with 3 of my kids age 8, 10 and 13. Trail is steep but I would still consider it moderate for difficulty. We got to the parking lot at 8:30am, lots of places to park, the hike took us just under 2 hours with lots of short breaks. Trail was mostly switchbacks and lots of trees so not a lot of open views, that being said the trails were wide and easy to walk on. We thought it was closer to 6km one way. I was super surprised to see how big the crowds were when we got to the top And it was only a Thursday. We did ride the gondola down just for fun. When we arrived back the parking lot was packed and so many shuttles of people.
Try this hike but do it early to avoid the large crowds!

REGULAR ENTRANCE IS CLOSED! Amazing trail with views. Also has a downed plane a little off the beaten path. Can only be accessed between mile marker 301 and 302 then taking the Tanawa trail to the trailhead this adds an additional 2.8 miles to the trek so plan ahead.

Went up the back route, was minimal traffic and pleasant scenery. Lots of chances to see the scenery from a wide service road which is currently in disuse. Lots of opportunities for pictures, rest, with a moderate incline that is consistent throughout. Came back down the front (75-90min) side which is very highly trafficked. Overall a decent hike.

Found this trail while geoaching in the area on 6/10/2018. The trail is fairly short but scenic. The trailhead kiosk had some interesting info on the "Pickett's Dark Sky Project".

went 7/10/18 Tuesday to Devils bathtub and it was so much fun! For being about a mile and a half hike(the left trail) it felt like forever but really only took an hour. The was was so clear and clean. Water was freezing to swim but so worth it! It wasn’t too busy, a few groups but not overly crowded. Definitely would go back!

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