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Yes there is a sign ‘Area Closed’ immediately after the rockwall at the start.

2 hours ago

4 hours up and 2.25 hours down. Beautiful scenery, nice trail, not for the faint hearted.

3 hours ago

Nutsack Stinky

closed? no way. people do this trail every day. it's super easy from the Pali lookout parking lot (bus side)

Hiked in mid October and went CCW. Might be easier to go CW but either way is awesome. The hiking was pretty easy and the views second to none. Like others I would recommend the guide book. It’s free at trailhead if you promise to put it back or it’s a dollar donation at the visitor center.

13 hours ago

I saw a review below that said it was more than 13 miles. My GPS brought it in at 10.56. The sign that says 5.6 miles one way and 5.2 the other is full of crap. It is more like 7.4 and 3.4. Tough hike. Was just under 4.5 hours pushing hard. If I was to do it again I would go clockwise. Would rather go up the really steep section than go down it. Personal preference (actually that was my knees talking), either direction would be great. My only complaint would be there are fewer views than I expected. That said, the section along the Gorge is amazing, not in what you can see, but how far you could fall (not even remotely unsafe if you pay attention, but use caution when the ground is covered with wet leaves).

Paved road the whole way up with gorgeous lookout areas on the way to the top. Seasonally you can see whales migrating though they weren't there in mid October.

14 hours ago

Best view of a hike we have done. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Nice hike. About 4 miles RT. Easy going switch-backs make the climb doable and enjoyable. Nice views along the way.
This is from the perspective of a 67 yr. old in decent condition. Even at my slower, smell-the-roses pace and hanging out at the peak for 20 mins, this trip was 2hr 30min. My 20-something kids were much faster.

Nice hike with lots of trees and shade. Description is very accurate.

17 hours ago

If you are a photographer, you already know about this surreal location. Famous photo ops include the Alien Egg Hatchery, the Bisti Wings, the Brown Hoodoos, Vanilla Hoodoos, Conversing Hoodoos, Manta Ray Wing and more petrified wood logs than you can imagine.Great location for nightime Milky Way photography too. Take a GPS to help you find the spots and to find your way home after dark.

18 hours ago

Due to the proximity to Gatlinburg and reasonable distance, this is one of my favorite hikes in GSMNP. Plus it’s fun and absolutely beautiful! There are four bridges that cross the river and have spectacular cascade views & photo ops. This trail is rated as hard and it really is, despite the shorter length. This is mainly due to the elevation gain during the second mile. The elevation gain is thanks to eight - that’s right, EIGHT sets of stairs starting at mile 1.45! Every time I thought we were done climbing stairs, we were surprised with another set, but they’re evenly spaced well-maintained steps, not the weirdly shaped & spaced steps one often sees on trails (i.e. Sharp Top). Again despite the shorter distance, hiking boots and water are a must on this one. If you have any knee issues at all, some kind of knee elastic or KT tape (I prefer the latter) and trekking poles are super helpful on this trail (up and down) because of the steps. It’s true that the area around the pinnacles is closed, but it may never reopen to hikers as the fire has left it unstable and therefore unsafe. There’s a manmade observation point one-quarter of a mile below the former end of the trail; this observation point provides great views of the Chimney Tops pinnacles and Mount LeConte. Highly recommend!

19 hours ago

Hiked this trail yesterday evening. Encountered a few slick areas, but very manageable, even without spikes. Took 2 hours there and back.

Definitely hard.

Terrible place. Should be closed. Slimy, stinky, and absolutely foul.

1 day ago

Absolutely one of the best hikes on Maui. You can go to the base of a 400 foot waterfall after walking through a bamboo forest. Just difficult and long enough to make it interesting, but not too taxing. Don’t miss doing it if you visit Maui.

Nice views along the way. Trail keeps going along top ridge, but fewer markers. Keep following for a nice view at the top!

1 day ago

Cool blustery day but perfect for the up hill sections. Beautiful views of the valley. Only a few hikers on a mid week October hike. Definitely worth the effort..

Climbed 10/17/18 This was my first 14er so I did not know what to expect. Once above the tree line the wind was crazy, I would guess 50-60mph. At times I would have to kneel down so I didn’t get blown over. Very Icy and deep snow at summit, I was just wearing hiking boots but I managed. Was snowing on top and glad I left early because it looked like it got worse on way down. All and all a great first for me.

long uphill with no payoff, the actual top is closed. wait to do this when the top peak opens.

Love this trail! The fir trees are gorgeous!

on Andrews Bald Trail

1 day ago

one of my favorite hikes. very whimsical and magical forrest scenes

first mile is easy last mile is STAIRS!! no joke.....one mile of mostly stairs
nice view at the end but like most people have reported the last .2 is closed off with a giant gate blocking the path and no way around it. the "new" view was still beautiful.

Beautiful views along the way and at the top.

Hiked 10/16, snow on upper 1/3 of trail, so far not more that 1-3” so still easily passable. Trekking poles were helpful on some slippery bits and creek crossings

2 days ago

Enjoyable hike with pretty views. Trail is well-marked. It is uphill for the first half, but not too steep or difficult. We finished in about 3 hours going at a leisurely place and stopping for lots of pics.

Best trail I’ve been on in a long time!

My favorite trail to date. I got to see the sunrise as I began my hike, wild ponies everywhere, and bagged the Virginia high point! Took me 5 hours with lots of picture breaks. Just a heads up, this trail is inside a park so you have to pay an entrance fee, which isn't mentioned on the blurb above. $5 in state, $7 out of state.

Great, easy trail, steep at the end but not for long. Took two hours total to go up to the peak, relax for a bit, then make our way down and around the cave loop. Only issue is the narrow trail through the slot canyon slows you down when you meet traffic.

Great river going along the trail. Hardly anyone here but gets more hard than moderate in middle.

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