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19 hours ago

Really beautiful spot, great view
Wanted to do
The loop but couldn't find the red trail from the top
So next time we will start on the red trail

first 2 miles are enjoyable with mostly hard packed dirt, roots, and occasional rocks. the last mile made me almost turn around...we had our boxer dog on leash and she needed to be lifted at times. toward the top it gets really hard to keep on trail. we missed trail to tower to find an even better lookout. on way down, we found tower. I would do this again, with more daylight to enjoy the amazing views. my app and watch said it was over 8 miles.

Great payoff at the top with a fire tower.

It was a very long hike that let to the valley top on the opposite side of the falls. I was hoping more to be up close to the falls.

First 2/3 of hike is quite easy going. Last 1/3 was a steep incline to the fire tower. Very manageable for us. We had our 11 year old son and Boston terrier with us. Would definitely do it again! Beautiful view!

Nice trail with a variety of scenery and picturesque waterfalls. The trail was very faint in places the first couple miles, but the blue markers helped. Some good views in spots at the summit, but it would be so much better if the fire tower were accessible. A gradual accent with no really steep sections. I really liked this hike to get away from the crowds.

on Moxham Mountain Trail

8 days ago

Our new favorite trail. It’s interesting and challenging with lots of uphills and downhills to catch your breath. The views along the way were beautiful culminating in a great view from the top.

This was a difficult hike mostly up steep terrain. Coming down is slippery -bring walking sticks. I would call this more than moderate difficulty.

Nice steady climb that was challenging with a great view from atop the fire tower. Be brave and climb to the top! Our two sons (5 & 8) were able to make it with a handful of water breaks. 1.5 hours up and 1 hour down. Enjoy!!!

Very wet hike through misty woods. Number 13 for the challenge! Well maintained and great directions. I’m sure there would have been a great view from the tower. Dog loved the ferns!

11 days ago

For sure one of the more difficult hikes we have been on. It was a challenging hike but very rewarding and beautiful at the summit. Prepare to get your heart rate up. Great for older kids...not for younger ones....and our King Charles loved the hike....recommend for all but bear in mind...this is no cake walk!

on Castle Rock Trail

12 days ago

This is the 2nd time I have done this hike. The trail is VERY well marked and maintained. The path has a mixed terrain in areas with larger rocks to maneuver. There are two areas with a steeper incline and some people may need an assist depending on their skills/abilities/comfort level. The view from the Sumit is a beautiful sight of Blue Mountain lake.

Awesome hike and beautiful views!

13 days ago

My Adirondack homebase trail. The old trail is a straight uphill slog that I used to resent being dragged on, the new trail is a delight that winds its way around the mountain very gradually using all the best principles of modern trail design. You'll pass through a bunch of different types of forest before the summit, which is the only part where you get a taste of the old trail, scrambling uphill through partially exposed rock face. Fortunately that part is relatively short, is beautiful with the trees, moss, and views, and is rewarded in short order by the great 360º views at the top. Lyon Mountain is just shy of being a 46er and is the only peak of this height in this corner of the park, so the views from the top are a very different experience than those closer to Keene Valley.

pretty easy hike if you're used to the high peaks but a great hike none the less! I took the switchback trail from the parking lot and would rate it as moderate, honestly anybody who is mildly fit can summit this hike and have a good time. It really only gets steep for a bit after the slide close to the top, nothing crazy though. Nice views and very little bugs.(July) If you're into trail running you'll love this route as well.

this was and awesome hike a bit longer then what I'm use to but pretty easy hike we stopped once on the way in. I will suggest anyone trying to get to the bottom of the falls to bring a rope that would have been very helpful.

14 days ago

Great hike with beautiful waterfall at end. Never too steep.

16 days ago

I loved this trail. hiked it in July 2018, and it was an easy-to-moderate walk in the forest culminating in an awe-inspiring view. When you get to the trail you get an option of doing it as a back and out or a loop we did the latter, which added a little more distance, but it still took only about 2 hours to finish.

16 days ago

Great hike with my youngest. After the rain the falls was flowing nicely and the Hudson River was being enjoyed by numerous rafters. 4hr and 20mon with some time spent at the river.

Easy, family friendly hike. Did this with our 5 year old - he walked the whole time. The 2 year old did the beginning then hopped in the kid backpack. Nice view on top - top is actually kind of to the side...thought we’d missed it, backtracked and realized we were right after all.

18 days ago

The first three miles were easy, nothing strenuous. The final push to the summit is steep and very tough! It is nearly a mile of serious climbing. It was a challenge for me, but my son basically jogged up to the summit, arriving 30 minutes before me. The view from the cliff face is spectacular. Push on to the tower about 50yards further, and take in the 360 views. The tower needs a little work, as some fencing was missing from this higher levels, but it’s strong otherwise. We did the climb after 5 days of rain, a little slick and muddy, but not terrible. The descent was difficult in the steepest section, after that it’s an enjoyable walk back to the vehicle. My app said it was 8.1 miles round trip.

greatlittle hike not too strenuous it was long but easy

Trail is dry. Mostly uphill hike. Top of the fire tower is locked.

love to return

The first 1.5 miles are an easy walk through a nice mixed timber forest. There are a few blow downs to hop over or walk around, but nothing troubling. As the elevation slowly increases the trail enters a seasonal stream bed with loose rocks, small and large, but there is a path on the side of most of this portion that is easier. As the trail levels off it would seem that you have reached the top, but this is what is called the “false summit.” Shortly you will begin to descend, which is a psychological bummer, before you start to gain elevation to the actual summit. Just past the remains of the observers cabin the trail gets steeper. It’s a short steep section up to the summit and tower. The tower views are beautiful. Some of the steps on the tower are a bit sketchy, but intact. Overall a great hike, with a couple of challenging sections. Highly recommend. With a generous time at the summit, which I had to myself, I spent a total of 02:53:00 on this trail.

21 days ago

Great easy trail, very well marked! AMAZING views at the top

Hadley was a lot steeper than I was led to believe. The view at the top was worth it though! My Fitbit tracked it to be more than 4 miles, not the 3.4 listed above.

Awesome hike, Decent incline- Worth the views. check out the back side once at top, awesome views!

Nice trail easy to navigate some steep spots but nothing overwhelming. Hiked it July 22 and met just a couple others on the trail. Other than that, had the trail pretty much to myself.

22 days ago

One of my favorite hikes ever! Well-marked and well-cleared trail that's mostly in the shade. Amazing 270° view at the peak with a bunch of pseudo peaks along the way. It's definitely uphill with a decent elevation increase, but nothing too strenuous. It's a great workout that will leave you feeling accomplished but not overly drained! 5 stars

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