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Hiked from Granite Creek trailhead to Granite Lake on December 8. Trail was frosty and icey most of the way. Snow level was around 3000', but the trail didn't have snowpack on it until the lake. Microspikes were helpful for the ice, but not essential.

Trail was in great condition. There was a full parking lot at 10am on a Sunday, but we only ran into 6-7 people on the way up and down. Decent views. Awesome trail for dogs!

parked at the trailhead with one car in the lot at 8am. never saw another person as my partner and I went up. never saw snow or ice. stayed at the lookout spot up top for about 40 minutes watching the fog move in and out. finally saw half a dozen people on the way down. pretty empty out there today, it being a holiday and all. beautiful views from the summit.

24 days ago

Mostly dry and no snow or bugs. Great hike, hard on the knees on the way down.

The trail has recently received some tlc, so it’s in fairly good shape. Plenty of signage along the way. The last little scramble to get to the balcony is so worth it! The views are incredible!!

1 month ago

This hike is nice and beautiful. It’s an easy hike up and a great place. Unlike Mount Si and Mailbox Peak Trail, this trail is not crowded at all. The view at top is gorgeous.

Trail condition is pretty good. There is a creek crossing that’s not bad at all. The upper 1.5 miles has a thin layer of snow (about 1”) but no microspikes are needed.

Parking usually is not a problem at this hike because it is less crowded.

My AllTrails recording says 8.2 mi round trip and 3287 ft elevation gain. It took us 3 hours and 45 minutes to do the whole hike up and down.

Got to the trailhead at 8 and there were only 2 other cars. The trail was easy to follow and had a gradual incline. View was beautiful, the sun was just starting to come through right before I got to the top. By the time I got done there were about 10 cars in the lot.

1 month ago

Starts wide and steep. Mostly packed dirt. Up towards end there’s rock crossings of small streams and the mini lake peninsula was cool but was totally in shade after 3pm in October. Not the most interesting hike... recorded 9.5 miles. Is AllTrails always so far off?

Beautiful fall day for my first trip up to see Pete. As others have said, it is a very steep hike once you leave the main trail that goes from Ira Springs to Dirty Harry’s. Although I wanted to traverse over to Defiance, I didn’t have quite enough time remaining in the day, so went down the steep trail. Beautiful views at the top.

Better for mountain bikers. The view is obscured and not rewarding relative to the hike.

Trail was in great condition. Brushy towards the summit

We hiked the trail for the first time today and really enjoyed it. We were not prepared with the right gears and got soaked all the way up ! Hale and heavy rain. It is definitely a long long ascent and very steep ascent to the summit. We really enjoyed it tough!! The way down is tough due to the loose rocks. This trail is harder than mailbox peak in my opinion. One of the dog hikes with us and he did fine. A must do if you want a nice Sunday challenge.

on Stan's Overlook

3 months ago

Great trail my young son had a great time good day on the trail.

3 months ago

Trail is easy to follow and maintained but it is pretty steep and it’s made of about 80% loose rocks which made it hard on the knees. The other part I didn’t care for was I could hear the interstate almost the entire time until I reached the last 1.2 miles. So it wasn’t really a peaceful “nature” escape from the city life but it was still a nice day hike. Heard a couple woodpeckers and even picked a couple huckleberries. Started at 10am and hit the peak at about 12:30. I choose a poor day to go because the top was nothing but fog but I got a few nice views on the way back down once I climbed back out of the mist/fog. I only saw a couple people on the way back down so foot traffic was almost none. It was a good, hard, work-out but definitely could have been in better shape before I tried it haha my dogs loved it and were pretty tired by the end.

Good trail. Definitely and up and back route. Up, up, and up. The trail was reasonably dry except for the water on the brush that is encroaching on the trail in spots. We got quite wet brushing by them but it dried quickly in the sun and there was plenty of that as we reached the summit. A lot of rock and scree. Great views at the top.

on Granite Lakes Trail

3 months ago

Beautiful, quiet hike on the I90 corridor. A lot less busy then most in the area which made for a good walk in the woods!

Finally heathy enough to try this. It bugged me every time I drove up I-90 and saw it sitting up there. Did it last Saturday on a nice cool, but cloudy day. Got a glimpse of Chester Morse as clouds lifted for a minute. Loved the fact it was not crowded. Only saw about 10 people all day. I was slow up and down, including a clumsy stumble. Just a flesh wound, so nothing other than some scrapes and pride. Funny, my first thought was “did anyone see that” knowing full well no one was around.

Trail is not as well travelled as Mt Si despite their similar statistics. It has some more rocky spots, hence the stumble.

I’m not much of a repeat hiker, too many places to hike, but would like to do this again on a clear day.

Great cool weather today for our first "hard" rated training hike. The trail is a bit hard to find in a couple of spots, but there are signs at most of the decision points. Be prepared for lots of rocks and overgrown berry bushes flanking long sections of the trail. Minimal bugs and great opportunity for views if skies are clear. Light traffic made this an enjoyable hike.

4 months ago

The lake was beautiful! Some brush making the trail narrow in parts but overall worth it in the end.

Trail well maintained, nice view on the top, lots of berries , no bugs

Great loop hike today. Started at the Ira Spring Trailhead. Climbed Putrid Pete's Peak. Ridge-walked down to connect with the main trail. Climbed Mount Defiance. Walked down to Mason Lake for a cooling swim. Returned to the car at the Ira Spring Trailhead. Total distance: 9+ miles. Total elevation gained: 4,000+ feet. Epic hike. Great day!

Holy hard! I agree with Jake Ryan. (Hi Jake) I am from Utah and used to hard hiking and this was definitely on the difficult list.. last mile literally straight up! Hand and feet scrambling!! Soooo fun! If you wanna major work out this is the trail for you!!

4 months ago

I hike all the time, workout religiously, and am in great shape... yet, this trail kicked my ass. The trail is somewhat easy to lose if you aren’t watching the lightly trekked pathway, but a quick reference on the AllTrtails app will help you get back on track. The trail gets extremely difficult and somewhat dangerous the last mile of it, and is almost totally vertical. The view at the very top is totally worth the torturous trek... be sure to find a PVC tube with paper pad an pencil to date and sign your name showing you made it (its lodged in between the rocks at the very peak). This app says its 4 miles, but it actually was over 6 total...not sure why there’s a discrepancy. Overall: trail is extreme and not for the faint of heart, but the risk is worth the reward!

this is a great out and back with several options to head off on various trails. it's lightly traveled and the trail is in great shape. amazing views in every direction

Hiked 7/15/18. The trail was a little confusing. When you get to the point where you have to go left or right and it looks like right is washed out, go right - you can see the trail continue just beyond the trees. Views were okay, but don't think I'd do this one again.

Wonderful view today. Perfect conditions! If you have not done this one yet, put this one on your to-do list!

Trail was well maintained and much less traveled than the other nearby hikes. The views of North Bend, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier at the top were well worth the 3200' elevation gain.

5 months ago

Good hike. Trail is clear but I'd recommend long sleeves and pants for the last stretch. Definitely not as crowded as some of the other surrounding trails.

Really enjoyed this trail! The trail was well kept, and the views at Granite lake were amazing.
Started at 8:30 AM and ran into very few people both out and back. .

There is two listings for this hike. I looked at this one and was caught off guard by the extra length not stated. Fitbit read 10 miles round trip (which is consistent with the other posting). Despite extra length it was a great hike! Got there at 8 am and had the entire trail and lake to myself. Saw a few people on the way down, but not many and they were spaced out. There's a few creek crossings with the last two being more difficult to cross. Almost turned around at the last one, but I could tell I was just about to the lake. Was able to get across without getting wet and it was worth it. Beautiful lake view! And my pup loved cooling off in the water. Would definitely do this hike again.

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