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High Meadows trail was nice but I wasn't nearly as impressed with the meadows as the ones coming up the Judy Springs Trail. Lumberjack was very muddy and it took us way more time than it should have. Both trails were also lined with stinging nettles.

Beginning and end were difficult. The trail along the creek is very narrow. The drop off is straight down to the creek if you make a mis step.

i like the trail it was hard but it was worth it i plan on going back soon

We took a shorter loop, starting at Bear Rocks, then going on Dobbin Grade, and back on Beaver Dam. This particular loop is not difficult though very wet in the spring and requires going off the trail at several points to get around the high water. This trail is probably better for bigger dogs though we did take our bichon out once, we had to carry him a lot through mud. Views are beautiful, especially in the spring when everything is a lush green with flowers blooming. Weather has always been cool, sunny, low humidity and just perfect. This loop is also not bad if you have a child in a carrier.

The hiking trails are nice but the best part is walking down to the falls and climbing on the rocks. One of the prettiest state parks in West Virginia. It is a must for any WV hiker.

beautiful views on this trail

Completed 7/8/18

This was my second attempt at this trail, the first being a year ago when I moved to PGH. It was definitely easier than before, but the rolling climbs are harder than expected! Total, the out and back took 6.5 hours with a considerable rest stop at the Mill. Our pace was brisk, so make sure you're physically ready to complete this trail. The portion near Eckhart Bridge is really beautiful - save time for photo stops if that's your thing.


16 days ago

One of our favorites in the area, not thrilled when the Tourist train stops but no biggie. Scenery is Worth every mile .

Very beautiful and serene. The campground is about two miles from the parking lot. It was the perfect place to camp as it was private and we didn’t have to drive back down the mountain to get to it. Beautiful views and lots of wild blueberries

We walked the entire length of the trail about back, which was about 15 miles. The foot traffic near the falls was pretty heavy, but along the trail we only ran into a few people. Very much enjoyed the walk.

Beautiful scenery and very desolate. For most of the hike I was completely alone. The trails are rocky but not too bad. Wear waterproof boots and bring extra socks. Dobbin Grade Trail is a muddy bog. You can easily be knee deep in mud if you’re not careful! Avoid if possible. Overall the views and experience were well worth it.

27 days ago

40+ years ago, finding the trail faint from non-use, I blue-blazed it from the top of Shavers Mountain to the falls (the trail going down to the West Fork was, at the time, called the Beulah Siding Trail). And, shame on me, I havent been back since--though I've often wanted to. Maybe somebody could invite me?

We did Bear Rocks -> Raven Ridge - > Rocky Ridge - > Dobbin Grade - > Beaver Dam - >back to raven ridge and re-traced Bear Rocks

The section of this trail was moderate with lots of ferns, berries, and meadows. Sweeping views and some good camping spots.

I def recommend continuing on to Rocky ridge from this loop for some even more unique views and cool rocks that have been shaped by the wind.

Good hike if you are looking for something to get miles in. You can drive in on the dirt road and save yourself approx 2 miles at the beginning and end of just walking on a dirt road. Lots of gravel so you may want to protect your dogs feet if they are sensitive. Probably best to go when the leaves are off so you can see more...be prepared for not a lot of water. The map makes it look like the river is right beside the trail but its not...couple falls that come down off the mountain that are good sources but theres only two or three.

1 month ago

what a beautiful little park tucked back into the hills. nice park for kiddos to play at or have a picnic and moderately challenging hiking/biking trails. definitely worth the detour during our cross country road trip!

Lots of downed trees, recent rain make for a muddy hike. Lots of wildlife to see and hear. Well worth the hike. I will return in the fall.

hike down the hill is nice. Then left at the crossroads... tons of water, and spongy places, mucky and muddy. Went after rain which was not a great choice. Other side of the creek was beautiful. Go expecting to get wet and take extra shoes/clothes.

Nice hike. I don't know how people can think this is 'mostly flat.' Check out the elevation map. There's a great long climb for the first half (starting at parking lot by the falls and going clockwise). The trail itself is wide and you can really see the forest. The trail is rocky in places, so beware of ankle turners. There is another set of falls on this hike -- once you get a mile or so in, there's an unmarked trail the splits off down to the left. This goes to private property, but I was told by ranger that the people don't mind you going down to look at the falls here, which are taller than the ones in the main area. Just don't leave trash, swim, etc.
Also, This loop (at around the 1 or 2 o'clock position) cuts through the park ranger's back yard and onto the main road -- that last mile is down that main road. Next time I'm either going to avoid that and use Wild Turkey Trail, or go on the road for just a little bit then take Red Fox trail to Deer trail.
all in all a great 2 hour hike,though.

on High Falls Trail

1 month ago

I loved it. Crossing the West Fork Trail and up the meadow into the woods... couple of good camping sites before you cross the ridge. Couple more at the bottom by the river, and one real nice one by the falls.

I did this hike out to Mile 0 after starting at 70 the week prior. The hills are rough, but some beautiful views. The coming down to the shelter from mile 7 is brutal!
An awesome hike! These last 6.5 miles, in my opinion, aren’t as a beautiful walk as the rest of the trail but still beautiful. Be sure to wear good shoes and carry water!

A friend and I hiked a variation of this loop. We started from the trailhead on Skyline Drive and used Tebolt, Mill Run, Rankin, and Hess to form a loop which recorded as 10.7 miles. It rained off and on all day so trails were muddy with flowing water in some spots. We saw some mountain laurel in bloom along Skyline drive and saw a few rhododendron plants with flowers, but not anywhere near "peak" blooming. A few other bikers and hikers were out and there was a tent pitched along the lower section of Quebec Run south of the bridge to the grist mill ruins.
I can't say I've ever had a bad day at Quebec. I've hiked (and backpacked) here in all seasons. It's a real treasure and gets better as the forest matures.

1 month ago

Beautiful, but technical trail.

1 month ago

Great hike! Crossing the creek was interesting. The water was a little high so I had to take a minute to get up the nerve to make the jump across very slippery rocks. Not much to see along the trail but a good workout. I didn’t encounter any wildlife until I hit Olsen Tower Rd on the way back to my car. A bear running up over the hillside to the road gave me a pretty good scare. Also a few deer crossing the road.

The Rachael Carson Trail Challenge is an organized event held on the first Saturday closest to June 21st (first day Summer). It alternates start/ finish each year from Harrison Hills to North Park and vise versa. Rain or shine. There's a check in/ rest stop about every 7 miles with food and water. It's limited to 600 participants with a big cookout at the end.
If you've never done this and appreciate a good challenge then I highly recommend this.

It’s a pretty long loop definitely some struggles on Hess Trail. However, Hess trail was the last trail my wife and I hiked. There are some beautiful stream crossings an abundance of wildlife and plenty of little orange salamanders along the hike. We completed it in a little over 5 hours. I’d recommend looking at the weather first we live in this area and flash floods can happen out of nowhere with a little rain on the mountain.

2 months ago

Took Miller trail to Mill Run Trail and set up camp by rushing water, which was awesome. Lucky for us the rain kept most backpackers away, I can imagine this being a good destination for a lot of people being so close to the city. It's definitely hilly. Not for the faint of heart. We hiked a bit more along Mill Run Trail after setting up camp. In the morning we took Rankin back to Hess to the parking lot so we ended up doing a loop. Highly recommend for a quick getaway!

2 months ago

Really good little trip. Nice day hike or a nice overnight trip to the falls. Good pull uphill both ways but nothing brutal. Falls are gorgeous

Incredible hike! However, heed the descriptions warning. You’ll want to be in pretty good shape to take on this entire trail (especially if you plan on doing an out and back as I did)

Walnut flats was beautiful and a nice reprieve from the constant up and down.

Nice trail, great waterfall at park. Was a really chill hike!

i was just on a small portion of the trail at douglas falls and overlook but it was gorgeous highly recommend checking it out. just past the postoffice in thomas take a right drive towards douglas there will be a deadend sign on the left take it

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