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Did this trail Labor Day morning. Got to the trailhead at 9am and there were no other cars in the parking lot! Mosquitos were pretty bad on the bottom 1/2 so highly recommend bug spray. Very nice short hike - no views from the summit, but at the intersection near the top take the right - .1 mile to open ledges with lovely views.

mountain biking
20 days ago

Great for a beginner mountain biker! Just make sure you don’t cross the river and follow the path! That brought us way off track. The trail that goes along the river is not rideable so expect to be walking your bike on this part. However there are awesome little waterfalls and a pool to sit in on a hot day. We saw no people which was awesome! The dog loved it too. No trailhead sign so look for the blue tree markers.

21 days ago

Great little hike! Awesome views of the pond all the way around. Lots of BIG frogs. The damn is fun for littles to play on when the water isn’t high. No more than a couple inches when we went.
To get up to the pond is a short/steep hill, otherwise pretty flat walking.
Trails were marked, but not that great. Found a handful of short dead end spots.
Will be back again! Looking forward to doing this one in the fall.

I live locally and like to take advantage of small gems like this trail and its objectives. treasure what you have locally and share with others.
a small group of friends can be out and back within two hours with a few megapixels of memories.

Took the south west trail parking was fine hiked to old Marlborough road trail was fine but nothing to see good walk with my wife wish we had taken the dogs.

Challenging trail run for the distance. Feels like you’re running uphill the whole time. But great midway pond with beautiful dam and waterfall. Very muddy trail with lots of bugs

this was a great hike, I would say Parker trail is very easy, but would not rate Cliff Walk trail as easy, quite a few rock scrambles, but lots of fun. Much preferable to the crowded white dot on the way down.

Loved this trail! probobly the best views bar the summit on any of this parks trails. Great winter option as most of it is south facing.

I went yesterday when it was still in the high 90s. beautiful day and great views (not from the summit) but in the north meadows.i didn't expect rain till the following day but when we started heading down we heard thunder above our heads and it started to rain before we got off the trail. wasn't terrible cause it was so hot, but it proves to always be prepared when hiking on any mountain, no matter the size.

This was a great trail to hike, beautiful views and not to to overly busy. The trail was not marked the greatest and found my self at a dead end a couple times but was easy to find my way back on track. All in all, was pretty great!

The trail head location as provided by AllTrails did bring us to the right spot but there is no actual parking there. We ended up driving around to the other side onto Brown road and finding a pull off there that we were able to easily hike in to. The trail itself isn’t too glorious but the falls over the dam and walking down through the gorge was awesome. Possibly saw bear tracks down by the water.

3 months ago

A hidden gem!! This is a nice easy walk for all hiking levels following a lovely stream with many waterfalls. Well wooded, it’s a great hike to bring the kiddos and the pups, especially in the heat of the summer! While the stream isn’t deep enough to swim, it’s perfect to dip your feet into!

Beautiful scenery...very flat and well shaded for a hot day..Lots of turtles and pond life...

on Sheldrick Forest Trail

4 months ago

A lush alternative to Monadnock bouldering. Real soil underfoot. Streams and seasonal pools. And Eskers, those rare geological remnants from the end of the glacial period, whose serpentine ridges afford hikers a canopy tour of the forest below. Note that dogs and horses are not allowed. 4 miles of trail not enough? Easily double your hike with the connecting trail to The Heald Tract.

A little confusing to navigate but a nice walk and beautiful pond.

The trail head was not that well marked and the trails were some what well marked. A easy little hike though with some amazing scenery. I definitely recommend wearing boots this time of year tho!

Moderate ascent, the views aren’t great.

A beautiful hike, even though it’s a bit muddy and icy right now. Not too strenuous and has beautiful views.

Great trail, ended up in this trail after taking Parker to old road. There is a slight area where it gets harder to find markers etc but if you pay attention it’s not hard to find it. After getting to the top we took white cross down. It’s very icy and watery right now so use caution. Go slow!

Great trail, wide easy and beautiful.

7 months ago

**PLEASE NOTE** If your sole motivation for hiking this trail is to see/check out the remains of the abandoned Ellis Mill, don't.
Because it ALL got washed away in the 2005 floods.

I hiked this trail yesterday with my boyfriend and we just about went crazy looking for the Mill. "It must be back there, we need to go back that way." "Are you sure we didn't pass it when we missed that little section of the trail?" Back and forth all morning... for nothing!

If I sound salty it's because I LIVE for creepy things and got way too excited to check out this old mill.

Luckily, we bumped into a local on the way back to our car. She seemed a little surprised to see people out in her neck of the woods and she asked us how we heard of the trail. It was from her that we found out the mill was washed away by nature. She said, "if you look really hard, when it's nice out, you might find a few nails." I guess those would still be considered "remains" but that is reaaaaching.

Overall, it would have been way better to hike this without the slippery ice and snow. All of the elevation is during the last 3rd of the trail. The trail just kind of ends in the middle of the woods... But connects to another path (sorry, forgot to remember the name but pretty sure it started with a C).

To park, go all the way to the end of 116. It's not marked as "Ellis Trail" until about a quarter mile in and there's no signs for parking...

8 months ago

Nice walk wooded trail was poorly marked, hard to get lost though

9 months ago

Beautiful nature hike but the trail is poorly marked...found ourselves off the trail a few times. The trail is only a loop if you want to cross a water way and get wet...if not you can take the access road back to main road and walk back to parking area.

Great short hike or trail run!

Did this trail in November it was really fun didn't find any part difficult. Easy marked trails to follow. Beautiful scenery!

10 months ago

Mt. Pisgah doesn’t have the fantastic views like Mt. Monadnock to the east but it does have abundant quiet and solitude. Didn’t encounter a soul on this hike and at times I could not hear any sounds of humanity.

10 months ago

Beautiful stream with a couple of small falls. Pretty forest trail. Some parts along the stream are very slippery and require proper footwear and caution.

A great trail. Challenging in a good way, beautiful views. And very uncrowded on a day where the 2 main trails were absolutely packed.

no dogs.

11 months ago

The smell of the air and the sound of silence on this stroll were so amazing... plus the glassiness of the water made for amazing pictures of the trees. This is definitely worth the visit!

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