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1 day ago

Great hike that leads you on two adventures. Go up to the top and then hike down to the river. Parking is in the middle. Lovely day!

Easy walking trail mostly on red sand. Highly recommend climbing the rock wall at the end of the trail - AMAZING views of Sedona!

I couldnt find the trail. :( Very disappointing. I even did research online before I went. Searched for blogs with tips on how to find it. i used GPS originally to find it. It told me I had arrived but there was no trail. I kept going down the fire road that the GPS takes you on. It is very rough and had lots of washouts. You will need to have a 4x4 vehicle to get to the trail if it was further up the road. I had to back down and turn around because there was no way my Camary was making it any further without getting stuck.

Gorgeous views and a nice cardio if pick up your pace. There are a lot of mules that pass through here, so the steps are sunken in and there is poo every now & again.
There's no way I'd recommend this trail during peak season or a weekend - too many people would make for an annoying hike.

Epic views. I'm afraid of heights, so the top of this trail unnerved me a bit because of the drop offs. But I focused on my feet, took one step at a time and made it down. It's a great cardio. And, I mean...the views...ridiculous.
If you're not a hiker, be mindful of how far down you go. Unlike most hikes, reversing the trail back to the top can be a slow trip. But if you're a cardio person, hike fairly regularly, you'll be ok.

4 days ago

Walk to the bottom of the crater. The red mountain top of the crater is beautiful and impressed.

First half of the hike was awesome, followed the directions from another post to get to the caves which were neat. Views at the top were great, practically a 360 of the city. We followed the loop to return, and must have taken a wrong turn at a fork because we ended up on a trail that parallels 89 for a bit. Walking near the road and in people's backyards were the only negatives to this hike. If we had stayed in the woods would have been lovely. Water/Gatorade/snacks highly recommended! Some shady spots depending on time of day

Easy hike through a dried out creekbed. No waterfall at the end.

Very beautiful. Highly suggest going early during tourist season because it is such a busy trail. Climbing required in a couple of spots to get to the very top, but the view from even half way is incredible. Sedona is nothing like you've ever seen before!

7 days ago

great view, make sure to go to the left on the end of trail sign, can go up in between the rocks

Very nice walk. Just be careful of all the horse or donky shit everywhere.. And that stuff stinks (when your hot, and gasping for air none the less). -1 star for that.. Otherwise beautiful. Great 2.5h round trip for us.

8 days ago

Amazing hike! My wife, 2 year old daughter and I had a blast hiking through the aspens, up to the incredible view of the peaks! I was pleasantly surprised by the deceiving amount of elevation gain, thanks to the long, sweeping switchbacks. Can’t wait to do it again!

on Inner Basin Trail

9 days ago

Really loved this hike. Narrow road up to the trailhead and narrow trail itself at times. Hiked with two labs without a problem. Gradual incline with stunning views of the aspen trees. Keep going to the end to see a gorgeous view of the San Francisco Peaks. Worth it. Bet it’s even more gorgeous in the fall. Bonus: no fee to enter and park.

Easy in/out , ending in the rock slide. If you go down into the dry creek, you. an go farther up the canyon.

Loved hiking this beautiful trail

Awesome hike with magnificent views. We took this trail and then beyond out to skeleton point. Trail is well maintained. Bring lots of water and your camera because the views are stunning!


16 days ago

Starts off fairly flat then BAM the climb begins and never ends. Beautiful at the top. Would of been five stars but signing for loop a little confusing. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

16 days ago

Very interesting landscape. Beautiful views of the volcano.

Walked at Ooh Aah Point yesterday.
The tail requires that you watch where you step or trip. The sights are magnificent. The way down was pretty easy if you kept your footing. Ooh Aah Point is a beautiful stop to take pictures. I saw little kids there (6 or 7 yr olds), so if you take your children just keep an eye out in case they go near the edge. There are no guard rails. Also beware that squirrels are not afraid to raid unguarded backpacks. The way back up was more strenuous and took about twice as long as walking down. Be sure to take plenty of food, water, suncreen, and a hat that won't fly off your head with the wind. I definitely recommend this trail, and I would totally go again.

16 days ago

Beautiful views at the end. Go up the rocks after the end of maintained trail sign and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of bell rock.

17 days ago

A nice beginners hike for our family. We have a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. They loved it! We didn’t see a cave or waterfall, but had a nice resting area at the end of the maintained trail. Opportunity to climb up higher, but we were unable to because of our littles. Would love to come back again when the weather is a little cooler.

17 days ago

Beautiful area and the payoff at the top is incredible. Easy trail for kids to complete (youngest is 8) and doable for dogs as well. One area of the trail may be challenging but my GSP made it with little difficulty.
Try to go early, there is not much shade and there will be a lot of people.

Amazing views from the top. If you can go all the way. Bouldering down really wasn’t too bad. Took our 14 year old and she loved it!

Fun and pretty easy hike. Great views!

Absolutely amazing. Once you get to the halfway mark (The Saddle) you literally scale the mountain. Be prepared to feel like a goat! If you can make it, it is 1000% worth the hike. Going down be prepared to get your butt dirty, as some places you just have to slide down the rocks. I'm so glad we chose to go to the top! It was fairly busy as we went over spring break, but it wasn't nearly as bad once you made it half way. Would recommend it over and over!

Great trail. The scramble is fine allowing you are willing to use your hands here and there to add stability. Epic view from saddle at summit.

20 days ago

Although this trail was easy (flat and 2.4 miles), it was perfect for me to do after hiking a longer trail the day before. The directions on how to get to this trail's parking lot were spot-on by both Apple maps & Google maps. The parking lot had 30 spaces, and a bathroom.
The only other hikers I saw on this trail, on a Tuesday in July, were 2 families - one with small children who never made it to the end, and another family who passed me on their way out. Even better, because this trailhead is about 8 miles from West Sedona, there was no sound pollution - no sirens, nor could I hear cars passing by the trailhead on the road in. That road was minimally traveled.
I don't expect this trail has a ton of traffic compared to some of the trails that are in-town, which is, imo, the beauty of this trail. Personally, I go into nature to avoid humans. :-)
To get to the trail, you cross the street. You're greeted with a sign identifying the trail, and a notice that the recent bear activity is now a non-issue because they had to euthanize the bear. The animal nature I encountered on my hike included whiptail lizards, squirrels, bluejays and robins. It was serene and lovely.
This trail is NOT open to mountain bikers.
The trail is powdery at first, and about 5-6 ft wide; but soon thereafter is a harder surface on which to walk. Occasionally the width reduces to 3-4 ft.
Because you're walking through a valley, your views are above and around you, but they are somewhat obstructed by the tree cover. This is exactly why I chose this trail - it was 50% shady for me on a 100-degree day. Although there was no creek water on the way, the shade made it easy to do because I had enough water.
There is a sign at the end of the trail, notifying you that the maintained part of the trail has ended. What faces you are the red rocks - an opportunity to scramble the rocks for a higher view. That scramble isn't hard at all IF YOU HAVE PROPER HIKING SHOES WITH GRIP. In some places, climbing those rocks is more like climbing stairs; but, there are other spots that are a little trickier, hence the need for grippy hiking shoes.
Overall, this trail was just what I needed - an instant fix of the beautiful majesty that is Sedona. I highly recommend this trail to all hikers of any level. For those who are less experienced, without grippy hiking shoes, or without enough water, I do not recommend you scramble the rocks for the higher views after you meet the end of the maintained trail, which is clearly marked.

Very pretty! Gorgeous views from the top!

Couple of tips:

- I wouldn’t bring dogs. We brought our two German shepherds and it was very steep for them, especially coming down. There were some parts we had to pick them up and carry them down.

- Go in the morning or early evening. It gets very hot because there is no shade.

- Bring a lot of water. Make sure you have a backpack or something to carry them because you’ll need two hands.

Easy trail, not moderate like rated. This particular trail is being logged so keep that in mind. Nice quiet hike in the trees, no vista views. Not many people when we went...should explore other sections when it’s cooler.

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