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Really nice trail, well maintained, however some graffiti on rocks along the way. Not very difficult, but some areas are rocky.

Fun day hike, 11 year old daughter also enjoys it. The ascent at the second half can be challenging, and the overlook is a nice reward.

Nice well marked and maintained trail. View not as nice as Flat Rock trail but still worth it.

I think I just saw a bald eagle flying over the river

I've been on this section twice now, once in the winter time and just this past weekend in July. it's very rocky but pretty manageable. hiking boots aren't required but may be good idea. campsites on top of the ridge get breezy so something to block wind while you sleep is recommended. on your way out stop at the lumberjack restaurant not 5 miles from the trail parking, excellent food and nice staff

Would rate as an easy trail. Trail is narrow at times and mostly flat. Did not see anyone else on the trail.

Made it from the Pretzel Hut to Eagles Rock. Nice hike. Saw wildlife along the way.

Starts off steep then levels out. Only went 20 min in then turned around.

I really loved this hike!! Some parts were uphill and it was muddy and the dogs loved it!

Difficultly finding trails not well marked download map and follow during transitions. Nice view. Little wildlife not much bird activity.

trail was rocky and muddy in some spots, lots of adventure for kids. trail cuts off into a lot of additional trails, occasionally spots of the trail were narrow and starting to over grow. we did however see a partial deer skeleton along the trail, but did not look recent. saw a few deer along the way.

We started at Gate 5 and it was almost immediately a steep uphill climb from there going north. I like doing the uphills first so that was good! We followed the orange loop most of the way with a side trip on the green loop so we could see the witch's hat. Very enjoyable hike. Much was wooded and shady. The trails were well-marked with blazes on the trees and signs to help you when the trails went in different directions. We were surprised on the section of orange/blue to hit another very steep part of the trail. You're rewarded by views of the city of Reading when you get nearly to the top. Just turn around to look behind you to see the city. Took a little over 3 hours.

Pleasant hike, bit of a climb early on, nothing terrible, rocky across the ridge, easy descent on Susquehanna trail

Definitely closer to hard than moderate. We stayed on the trail until we hit the back part of the loop (Susquehanna trail). This is a great hike that offers a lot of challenging aspects. Parking at the lot made accessing the trail very easy. The noise of the highway was present the entire hike, but after a while you block it out.

nice trail. would label it as easy not moderate.

Great time with Great Friends. Kind of busy with lot of Boy scouting cubbies but other then that it was okay.. Pretty rocky so don't wear your slippery shoes.

3 months ago

Easy, with only couple of moderate hills. Some spots are rocky, so mind your ankles. Trails are fine, but the signage leaves a lot to be desired. We have hiked here on a number of occasions and the signage has not improved. The new maps no longer include blaze colors for trail markings. I don't understand this at all. People who hike regularly, especially around here with the AT so accessible, are accustomed to using the colored-blaze system. I am guessing this is a funding issue. I would strongly encourage the Governor and State Legislature to appropriate more funds for the State Park System to facilitate these kinds of necessary improvements in our state park system.

3 months ago

Great trail limited vistas few people. This is not a loop it’s out and back.

Had a wonderful hike along the ridge on a beautiful, chilly spring morning. would definitely return.

Loved it! Lil mud, lil rain, lil jogging. MKe sure to bring water and some snacks. Shoes you can get muddy. Can be steep in some areas.
Took me about an 1.5 hours to get to the shelter.

3 months ago

Next part of the trail done. This section was from 501 to Seglock Road. We got to see Cannon Hill. Saw a man on a horse, other hikers and joggers as well. Pretty decent hike. Spring vegetation all over the place!

4 months ago

Nice little trail, the whole King's Gap area is good but not for a hiker looking for something more adventurous. More geared toward kids.

First time hiking The Peter’s mountain-loop with snow on the mountain. Incredible. The trail seemed much different with the rocks covered in snow, some places 2-3 ft deep. Strongly recommend taking the Susquehanna trail back to Clark’s Ferry. It’s one of the highlights. Miswak stick.

easy not much of a hike but a nice walk

4 months ago

Nice trail. South trail has very gradual climb with nice views of the river and as you make the bend toward the North trail, Nice views of Reading city and the pagoda across the valley on Mt Penn. Along the North trail there is the witch's hat pavilion(1890 construction), radio tower and power lines, water tanks... There are a number of historical ruins from when this area was a get-away spot for Reading inhabitants. There are some nice steep climbs, creeks and older trees on the nob tops.

Great trail, with pleasant views. Cross rolling hills, along a stream, with views from the woods of farmers fields. You will cross seven bridges over streams and a tunnel under 944. At the top of the ridge you can sit on a rock bench and enjoy the view. A bit muddy today, particularly on our way back to the trailhead after the ground thawed.
I will do this hike again.

Muddy but a very well marked along the creek and up the mountain. The trail has beautiful scenery and is very well maintained. The overlook is a nice bonus.

Hiked from Sherwood Dr parking to Darlington Shelter and back. It was a fun hike although the trail was quite swampy in spots. Definitely recommend some waterproof hiking boots. The climb up to the overlook is just enough to get the heart rate going. Nice view. Looking forward to doing this hike again after it dries out!

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