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My nine year old daughter and I hiked this trail last weekend. It was a good challenge for both of us. Great trail. Awesome views. First part of trail was nicely shaded. We will do it again!

Amazing hike. Very popular so get there early.
A small lake near top with some swimming in it. We hiked about 1/2 mile further past a rock cliff for more views. Wild flowers everywhere. Most difficult part was past the lake, but very doable.
Was a little hazy the day we went, most likely due to wildfires in California/Oregon?

Did this hike at the suggestion of a local we chatted with at Beehive Brewery while traveling through Big Sky. It was great! So many wild flowers! It was beautiful. The reward at the top was a splendid little lake. We continued past and enjoyed a picnic on top of a small mountain area over looking the lake. Although this is obviously a very popular hike, the trail did not seem overly crowded.

You can tack those an additional two miles (12.4 miles total) to this hike as if you start at the sign at the right side of the road for Blackmore Lake Trail when you are headed toward Hyalite Reservoir. That said, nothing stops a person from driving directly to Hyalite Reservoir and parking in the first parking lot next to the outhouses and boat launch to start their hike from there. From that location, you will be closer to the 10.6 miles round-trip as listed per AllTrails. There is signage at the parking area saying 0.4 miles to Blackmore Trail at which point you reach and intersection in the trail and need to veer to the left for Blackmore Lake and Blackmore Peak. This is a fabulous and well-maintained trail though one must expect to work a little for the summit. While this trail is listed difficult, it certainly is a well-groomed trail and deserves a visit if you are on the fence about it. Saw gorgeous fields of wildflowers this past Friday but certainly hit the afternoon weather patterns, so try to start and end this one early as you are high up and we'll exposed in the event of a lightning and or rain/hail storm as per our experience this past Friday. Bring some layers for the top of the peak as it can get chilly up there! Fantastic views!

Hike isn’t 10.8 mi, but closer to 12.4mi, but a great hike, great views and a really good trail. Probably my favorite trail in the Bozeman area.

Killer views throughout! Would definitely recommend hiking around the basin and up a bit further past the lakes. Totally beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous scenery! The wildflowers were breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoyed having a picnic at the lake at the top. It felt like I was in another world with the different trees and rocks. It was nice having a jacket because it gets a lot cooler at the top. For my first hike ever, it was quite a trek! I loved it!!

4WD only, final mile to TH.
Wasted early morning start on a place I couldn’t go

Great hike!! Lots of great views! Beautiful wildflowers!

Great hike, had the lake to myself for a bit. Tough trek for this flatlander but views were worth it. Plenty of streams for the pup to drink from too.

Stayed at a house on Beehive Loop Rd so was able to cut off the first mile. If you want something more challenging continue on the path past Beehive Lake and scramble up over the ridge that offers views north and east of Gallatin Peak. Elevation got to around 10k feet. Overall it's a great hike even if you stick to the trail.

Beautiful hike and challenging, lots of wild flowers and wildlife I recommend going early I made it to the trailhead at about 9:30 am and it was pretty quiet only a few cars. But on the way down it got pretty busy. And once you get to the lake at the top keep following the trail around the cliff to get the best views! It’s a must do.

A beautiful hike with wonderful wild flowers. For some one from sea level it was quite a trek

29 days ago

My review from 3 summers ago warned of snakes and poison ivy. A friend told me "You've got to go in the winter!", so I did. On a sunny day in November, after a very light snow, it was beautiful. Easy trail, no crowds, no bugs, no snakes, and the poison ivy was withered and easily identified by the telltale berries.

1 month ago

Most beautiful hike I’ve ever done. Allow 3-4 hours to fully appreciate.

From the Blackmore parking lot it’s 12.4 miles. Really pretty with the wildflowers blooming. Only two small patches of snow to cross.

Beautiful and family friendly. Steep parts followed by flat terrain so you don’t get too tired.

1 month ago

Went with the family and my sister’s family to hike to the basin. Beautiful day for the hike. Nice rolling fields with some steeper sections, especially towards the top.

Pretty heavily traveled trail and parking is scarce. Good luck finding a spot after 10am when it’s just hit and miss as people are leaving.

Absolutely grogeous, some rocky terrain. get to uphill all the way. plenty of trees to go potty behind. just becareful of the behive at the top.

Fun hike! The elevation was no joke. We made it about 2.5 miles up and then the snow was too deep to make it to the lake on 6/7/18.

This hike is amazing! Wild flowers and scenic views of the Spanish Peaks basically the entire time. The incline is steady but the trail is very well marked and maintained. Plan to spend time at the top as it is so beautiful, but bring bear spray as there is wildlife everywhere!

We made it to about 1 mile from the summit due to snow. It was deep and hard to climb in. Views are stunning and it was peaceful. Decent inclines.

3 months ago

Really great trail for running or taking your parents!! Perfect for spring when you don’t want to encounter snow!

3 months ago

If this trail were out in the middle of nowhere it would be great. However, it is a zoo. Super crowded.

Pretty great hike! My 9 year old daughter hiked this trail with me. I was surprised considering the grade and 7.1 mile out and back! This is a beautiful hike with a pretty little lake at the top! Bring bear spray. Wear layers and have a water pack if you’re going in the warm weather and of course, snacks. You’ll want to hang out at the top for a while and enjoy the view! Wild flowers galore. Very pretty hike!

trail running
4 months ago

Went for a trail run March 2018 and the trail was in great shape. Well trafficked, and minimal elevation gain. It is usually pretty windy. Be cautious of the foliage.

We did this trail years ago absolutely beautiful! Saw a mother moose and her calf

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