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Completed the loop on October 13. Trail is a nice endurance hike, as we are preparing for Bright Angel in Grand Canyon. Not a lot of stunning scenery, and a lot of gravel road. Trail is poorly marked, so pay attention!

10 days ago

1st timer for this hike. Interesting terrain from narrow paths in the woods to residential yards. A little worn by the end, but felt so good to complete. Our GPS tracker recorded 21.3 miles around the lake. Went with a group and this made the hike even more enjoyable . Will definitely do again

The Coates Highway bridge was passable but still under construction when we were down a weekend ago. My wife and I and other hikers were able to walk over the bridge bypassing construction equipment later in the day.

Has the bridge been re-opened?

Hiked with a friend a few weeks ago with the intention of camping on the trail. It's a beautiful hike. Pretty good workout with an overnight pack on your back. Definitely not for beginners. Crossed paths with a bear about 5 miles in. It ran away from us and we kept on hiking. Stopped to eat a few miles later and coincidentally came across bear prints in the exact location. At that point I decided to head back to my vehicle. Again, the bear was not aggressive or even curious. I'm just a very nervous person when it comes to bears. We actually heard it run away from us again when we passed back through.

Great hike. East side of the trail has spectacular river views and water access. I try to get here a few times a year.

18 days ago

The fire road is lengthy and the less pleasant of the trail but the rest of it is nice. If you like trail running it’s not bad. Still have to keep your eyes open for roots and such. It’s reasonably close to get to from Indy and in general a nice hike. This time of fall with the sudden warmer temps bring a ton of gnats and mosquitoes so be prepared (end of September).

Fun, steep and primitive! Some great times getting lost and bushwhacking up the mountain. Above the treeline is very steep, and there is a short scramble and a little exposure right before the summit. Not for the faint of heart. Car to car took me just over 8 hours (might take 6 if you know EXACTLY where to go/ done it before). Expect to get lost in the woods!

23 days ago

I hiked to campsite #4 during mid to late summer on this trail.

The first few miles are pretty boring, as said here elsewhere, but then you get into some trees and eventually near the lake.

When I was there, there was an infestation of spiders in the forest. I'm not joking when I say I walked through hundreds of webs and spiky butt spiders in the couple of miles of forest. They weave particularly strong webs so it is pretty annoying. Not sure if it was the time of year or what, but it's worth noting.

24 days ago

Very nice trail with water ways. rugged. last part of the trail goes along the road.

good trail. easy to follow with some common sense. allitle more challenging with swollen creekbeds.

One of my favorite 14er hikes. Mid-sept is a great time of year to hike with the great temps and changing aspens. I stayed on the main trail and did the out-and-back from Sunshine; didn’t follow any shortcuts (seriously bad erosion happening and unnecessary steepness). My round trip clocked in at 13miles, 7.5 hours.

29 days ago

Good workout on these trails. Even my dog enjoys hiking. Bring water.

I went on 9/19/18 from 1:20pm-5:30pm. Gnats started to annoy the hell out of me around 1/5 of the trailer and they literally made it horrible for me and I really just wanted to get the hell out of there. Other than the gnats and the cobwebs and spiders I ate and displaced which was about 100 of them it was pretty cool. Saw some chipmunks and some squirrels, and also some frogs. Oh and I saw one guy with a HUGE German Shepherd. Lol thank god he was friendly

1 month ago

Absolutely worth the trip. The drive in from Cinnamon Pass was sketchy like a lot of people have said previously. I’m an inexperienced off roader driving a Jeep Patriot and I made it down but it was shaky. If you are about the views getting to Handie’s then definitely go through Ouray and Cinnamon Pass, if not and you want an easier drive in, take Co 30 in. The hike itself was a pretty steady gain. I did this as my first solo 14er and absolutely don’t regret it. But never underestimate a 14er, even the ones considered easier. Make sure to start earlier, 7/8 at the latest, so you can get down before afternoon storms start up.

Hiked the section from Cumberland Falls to Holly Bay Campground over two days, about 17 miles. Trail was more technical than previous reviews had indicated. Great views and good camping spots, but lots of scrambling, overgrown and poorly maintained areas, a creek crossing, multiple downed trees, rock laden paths, and a large section of narrow trail along a ridge line tilted at a 45 degree angle. Difficult to traverse with a 25-30 lb pack on your back.

great hike! probably more moderate than hard, but there was a bit of up and down. fairly lightly traveled as well...only came across two other groups even on a weekend.

Went for a solo trip started from Ky 192, and wanted to finish at Cumberland Falls. Trail was well marked, however starting from this location not much to see. Hiked 10.5 miles the first day found a nice place to camp. Next morning they were calling for severe thunderstorms so I decided to pack up and hike back. Will definitely finish this trip, but will start from Cumberland Falls.

Great hike! Did the north loop today and it was great. Some parts of the trail were a little overgrown but nothing to crazy. Would love to go back and see what it looks like in later fall.

1 month ago

Hiked this yesterday. Even though this is rated as the easiest 14er, it was still a relatively challenging hike. For being a class 1, I was surprised at the amount of loose rock at the top. Trekking poles would have been a good idea. No wildflowers along the trail anymore but also no snow yet. Views at the summit were beautiful, obviously.

1 month ago

The recorded track shown on AllTrails is the left branch. I took the right branch (splits at unmarked post abt 1 mi in) as described by the Ouray trails website. Only went 5k out + back. Nice + shady in the morning, mostly good trail surface, almost a beginner trail for this area. Three good spots for the dogs to get water. Saw bear track on approach road and heard one in the woods. Pack hunters loading up to go in as I was leaving (September 12). Wear orange.

My favorite hiking loop in the lower peninsula. Fantastic for an overnight backpacking trip.

The red bridge (Coates Hwy bridge) was still closed so I was unable to complete the entire loop trail. But the Manistee River Trail side was spectacular.

1 month ago

Short hike in ~1.5miles. Great to backpack with small kids. Fun fishing in the pothole lakes; plenty of legal-ish small mouths and panfish. Lots of rustic sites to setup. I really liked this path.

did the north loop. tons of spider webs the entire way, had to walk with sticks in front of us. trails were rough from the horses. probably won't do this one again

1 month ago

Enjoyed the trail as this was my first time backpacking.

1 month ago

For those trying to spend their first night at seaton campground the first night of ur arrival do not go by the website!! It says all campsites are full when there are plenty of spaces available. We spoke with the man in charge and he said even if it’s full they will find space. Lovely campsite, we didn’t camp there as we were backpacking but I would definitely recommend it. We only did the side of the trail by the river and it was stunning. Would definitely recommend this to any level backpacker. If this is ur first trip this is ideal because there’s campsite all along the trail if you get tired u can stop anywhere. The road is very well marked! And the trail is very moderate, I have done other trails that completely wind you but this was not the case. Not a lot of hills and the trial is easy to follow. Absolutely wish we could have been there longer and done the full trail.

Well maintained and beautiful scenery. with the bridge out we had to do only half as a point and back. would love to go back after the bridge is completed to do the entire loop.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great enduro. All climbs are very doable. No steep up and down. But lots of turns. I really enjoyed my afternoon.

Great views, not crowded!

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