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14 hours ago

Very well maintained trail with beautiful waterfalls.

on Lake 22 Trail

2 days ago

Love the lake and waterfalls. Trail is a stair-climber but very well maintained with no trail junctions (easy navigation).

4 days ago

Beautiful hike! You can hear streams and see waterfalls all throughout the hike. Get here early, the parking lot is full by 10:30 on the weekend. Lots of families and people hiking on the weekend but still did not feel crowded.

Excellent trail! We were able to hike this after leaving Mount Baker on our way back to the Seattle airport. Rained all day in Bellingham Sunday so we needed one more hike before hearing back to hot, humid Atlanta !

6 days ago

This was my very first hike and the fellas and i really had no idea what we were in for .. If you aren't a regular hiker (like myself) and aren't in top shape , be prepared to push yourself harder than you ever have . The trail was beautiful, the views were beautiful . There are some very steep areas that will test your quads . Personally i had to take lots of little breaks to let my legs recharge . It was hard mentally and physically to accomplish but well worth it in the end. It was a great accomplishment. It was just under 12 km from where we Parked so about 23.5 km round trip ! My biggest regret was not having buying hiking poles.. it WILL save your legs

A tough hike but well worth it once you leave the switchbacks and forests behind. The views of the surrounding mountains is the warm up for getting to see Blanca Lake. It truly is worth the gruel and I will do it again when the seasons change in a few weeks. Two things 1) Don't give up and 2) coming down takes half the time it takes to get up.

we went during the week in the evening so it wasnt very busy, only saw 2 other couples. there was so many amazing views along the way! the falls were absolutely breathtaking! we just went to the 2nd level since we ran out of daylight but definitely want to go back! id say moderate is fitting for this one:)

Great hike 9/8/18. Well maintained trail alongside beautiful blue water. This easy trail provides stunning views, old growth forest and even a few opportunities to swim in the clean, clear lake. Can’t wait to return!

13 days ago

Trash Everywhere!

First I need to say how disappointed I am with the hikers using Washington trails! I watched volunteers spending an entire day cleaning trash from this one trail. It took a team of people the entire day to pick up trash that should never have been left in the first place. Very Sad.

If your going to hike this or any other Washington State trail take your trash out with you. If you see some disrespectful hiker leaving trash say something.

And to all you pet owners! If your dog poops don’t put it in a bag and toss the bag off the trail. Seriously, what is wrong with you people.

If you can’t show respect for other hikers and the environment, stay off the trail.

This is the second most beautiful thing I've seen this year! The first was female so I don't think that's a fair comparison. I had to hold back my emotions, I'm a man of course, I was just not prepared for how stunning this lake was in person. This is something you must see for yourself.

The lake is not made of a non-nutonian fluid, I tried walking on it and I sank.That's how my pictures came out so awesome!

If you're not quite sure if you have bad knees or not... You'll definitely know after this hike! LOL

Don't forget to see the falls at the end of the trail. I got in the water to take some pictures from the other side.

16 days ago

This trail is very difficult but worth the effort! I would recommend going on a weekday and starting early in the morning. We started at 8:45am and arrived at the lake at 12:00pm. (I took several short breaks along the way!) We spent about an hour at the lake relaxing and refueling. The trip back was almost as difficult as getting to the lake. Because of the steep incline, it can be hard on the knees. The blueberry bushes are ripe and ready to eat along the trail. The mosquitoes and flies were out but not too bothersome. This is definitely a trail that shouldn’t be passed up.

16 days ago

Hiked on 9/10/18.

I'm sure it's typically busy, but I went on a Thursday morning and basically had the whole trail to myself. Multiple view points along the way and they're all beautiful. The trail is extremely well maintained. I'll definitely be coming back here again.

So hard. So beautiful..

Hiked on 8/5/2018

This is a great place to break in your trekking poles. I walk a bit faster than most but I'll be the first to admit that the elevation gain on this hike is a workout for newbies.

You have three lookout points on your hike: Lower; Mid: and Upper falls. Bring some extra water if you don't carry a pack. Watch out for loose rocks on the trails.

This is a popular location so arrive early.

19 days ago

Beautiful hike with impressive views to the valley on the way up. Almost all of the hike is under heavy growth, so very pleasant and fragrant. Drastically insufficient parking, though the picnic area across the highway has a fair amount more. The lake is more impressive than I think most people expect it to be. It’s small but in a dramatic setting. Nice access to the shore for swimming. Possibly among the most rugged trails around, resembling a stream bed more than a trail for long stretches, especially the third quarter of the hike up, or so. Quite fatiguing especially on the way down, where each step is fairly calculated. Not a place for solitude, but quite lovely.

19 days ago

Magnificent old growth, gnarly beauties all along the trail, peekaboo waterfalls and many rivulet crossings even this dry season
Must go round the lake to appreciate the grand scale of Pilchuck backdrop with ice caves, giant talus boulders, and views across the lake
Sturdy shoes needed to traverse rugged, rocky stretches

Beautiful hike Sept 2. We got an early start and it was not too crowded. Met lots of people coming up on our way down. The early start was well worth it.

19 days ago

one of my favorite trails. the trail is in amazing condition. lots of people camped out at virgin lake and the blue berries were all over the sides of the trail.

20 days ago

We started from the car at 9:55AM (parked right near the road closed sign) and made our way up the road. At 10:38 we started the actual hike, the signage at that point states 3.5 miles to Blanca lake. We made it to the lake at 3:00PM (approx 4.5 hours to get there). Such a beautiful spot! Amazingly Mint green water! Make the plunge it is cold but so rewarding! We went all the way down to the second lake lookout on the actually water and relaxed on the logs. On the way back we made sure to turn on our mileage calculator so we could let y’all know the distance. It took us 3 hours to get down (back to the car at about 7PM). All in all we were prepped for 13 miles plus the road washout 4 miles... this info is not accurate!!! It was a little over 12 miles in total including road washout! (6.1 miles each way!) Enjoy guys!

20 days ago

Hiked on Labor Day Weekend Sunday 2018/09/02. Enjoyed the hike. Pretty good work out. Descent Water Falls View. Trail path is neat and well marked. Has parking lot. Requires Discovery pass. It took 1 hour 40 minutes to Lower falls and come back. Missed going to Middle Falls and Upper Falls because of time constraints. I would definitely go there again.

Great view of at Middle Falls.
Busy place:(

20 days ago

Two hours to the top, an hour coming down. Gorgeous views. Hike is very gradual going up- it’s a great hike all around! Can be slippery. Shoes with good grip necessary.

Great workout, prepare to climb, climb, climb! I love this one for the ease of accessibility and crowds. I would definitely feel safe hiking this one alone and it’s also a great hike to bring out of town visitors on as it’s challenging and yet still doable, and has great payoff with beautiful views.

Nice trail and lovely fall. Got stung by a bee for the first time. Also great trail to get to Wallace Lake.

It can be tough but the lake is awesome. Extra 3.5-4 miles because of the washout to the original trailhead/parking lot.

22 days ago

This place is beautiful, did it 2 times. During the summer bring bug spray, once you get to the lake- they wont leave you alone. Sunscreen is needed as well, there are areas exposed you to sun.

This was absolutely a gem. The waterfall is just beyond beautiful, and there is a total of 3 stops on the hike. Lower, middle, and upper falls. Lower falls is an easy hike and probably the most beautiful part of it all. There is a tiny trail down to the pools of the lower falls, it is not recommended to go off trail. But I think it’s well worth it if you are safe. It is very slippery and people have passed there. Just be carful and only do it if your comfortable. Middle Falls is a medium hike, pretty steep but can be done and only 0.3 miles from lower. Highly recommend at least tracking to middle. We didn’t get the chance to hike to upper falls, as we had to get back to Seattle for a meeting.

23 days ago

I've hiked Wallace Falls four times now and on my last attempt I pushed on to the top. Wallace Falls can be tough since it is high elevation gain in such a short distance. I pushed on and explored Wallace Lake. You can go beyond that and hike up to Jay Lake and Shaw Lake as well. Wallace Falls is a great beginner hike. Once you discover your abilities you can move farther into the Cascades and hit peaks like Beckler Peak.

Perfect! Easy, good hike, good views and interesting trail.

26 days ago

great hike fairly easy, if you dont take a young child that u have to carry, super rocky for kids younger than 7yr. we took or 3yrs old she did fine on the steps but the up hill is mostly rocky which my husband had to put her in the hiking back pack. which made it difficult to try to keep balance on some areas that had sharp rocky terrain

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