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No waterfall and currently there is a foul smell where the waterfall is located. I suggest coming back after it rains, usually this is a nice hike.

1 day ago

Water fall is empty at times but a great short trail.

4 days ago

Decent hike with a small waterfall. It’s usually filled with younger people there chilling. I would say the easier route is when you see the bridge don’t go on it. Rather before taking a right to the bridge go left on the other trail. It’s faster. It does have a steep trail at the end but overall fast. If you cross the bridge you will have to get wet and it will take longer.

the trail was great not much water but still a great view and great pictures. but like everyone says the last part of the hike is all up hill to get back to your car so defiantly prepare for a work out

A beautiful water fall.

The falls are gorgeous! The teepee was an unexpected surprise. Great easy/moderate hike.

6 days ago

it's not a very long hike like every one stated but when you need to go down to get to the falls its very scary. very slippery and big rocks all around. I had a very hard time coming back up, not physically, mentally I probably wont go back because the place was nice but not worth my height freight. younger crowd uses this place for a drinking and party zone just fyi. it was alright. and you dont need a all wheel drive to get to it, it's not that serious. lol

Nice day hike. Wasn’t much water at the waterfall but did find a garden snake and turtle there.

mountain biking
8 days ago

It is a great trail but it’s definitely not for beginners. I’m a beginner so it was a terrible experience. I should’ve checked the difficulty first but I just trusted my husband. Get plenty of water if you’re planning to walk it. :)

Lovely. If you go early most of the trail doesn’t get direct sunlight. Towards the end though the parking lot feels like 1000 miles away even though it says
.52 miles. Lots of rabbits and lizards! We even saw raccoon tracks.

Lots of rocks, would recommend hiking shoes and water shoes for when you get to falls. It’s really nice though, I’m for sure going back.

fun times and nice trail.

11 days ago

You need all wheel drive for the dirt roads OR park and hike on to trail head.

It’s an easy hike to the sinks...definitely worth doing! Lots of other options on open access day in Limestone.

13 days ago

The waterfall itself is currently a trickle ending in a small pool. It’s still pretty. The hike to get to it was lovely, very green, lots of shady trees. Like folks have already mentioned that last half mile back up to the parking lot is rough and exposed. Almost no shade. Be prepared to sweat and get a good thigh workout. Also watch out for the gnats that follow you all the way through the hike. They wouldn’t let up!

Hike this trail as a child many time brings back fond memories. Much more populated now!

a nice, easy hike. good for a trail run, for sure and very pretty.

14 days ago

Drinking, chanting and anxious cliff jumping... what can go wrong?

Really, the spot was beautiful and the hike was nice. The road was rough as you get closer and the last little bit of the hike was a bit of a struggle down to the swimming hole. It would no doubt be a 5 star hike in my book except it is a party spot of sorts. I did this hike with my family on a Sunday afternoon in July. Maybe midweek or early morning would have less people.

Easy hike and great for kids. Lots of colorful dragonflies this time of year.

15 days ago

This is not so much a hike as (1) an easy walk, to (2) a super steep and slippery descent, to the ponds. It was really busy on the Saturday afternoon we visited which gave a fun atmosphere (though not the commune with nature vibe I’d usually go for in an actual hike). Cliff jumped a bunch of times into the pool - fun! - then scrambled back out.

16 days ago

Beautiful day for a hike to the falls. So disheartened to see the graffiti along the way. I support art and expression, but please don't use Mother Nature as your canvas.

mountain biking
17 days ago

Amazing. Couldn't believe it but I saw a bald eagle near the edge of the lake then it flew away.

Nice, light hike. Great for after work and for sunsets. Highly trafficked, so ideal for groups.

17 days ago

It’s a beautiful hike. A bit challenging with younger children. And part of the trail is a little narrow. Got to watch your step. The hike down to the water was challenging for 4 of us adults but well worth it. The children would have had a tough time going down and back up. They decided not to try it.

Great walk, beautiful views with a refreshing stop at the falls. The only problem is people trashing the place and not taking care of the mess they leave behind.

one of my favorite hikes here in socal

19 days ago

Awesome trail. Gorgeous views.

19 days ago

Great hike...

Given the heat and lack of rain lately, the waterfalls were more of a faucet left on by accident. Still, would come again because of the hike to the falls. Shaded and beautiful.

As others have said, the first half mile or so from the parking lot, on the paved road, is a doozy. Be prepared to work to get back to your car.

Come early, bring a lot of water and yes, bring bug spray.

Long but easy, good for a run

Some very modest hills, but otherwise a flat walk (or run) up Penesquitos Canyon. A small waterfall at the mid point provides some scrambling opportunities as well as a place to cool your feet. A fairly easy hike, but little to no breeze in the canyon, so not a good option on hot days.

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