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Basic, but well maintained trails. The trails are an easy hike, and are built to ATV width. This is a great place for a quick run/outing with the family.

Great waterfall at the end. There is also a campsite at the falls, if you wanted to hike in and spend an evening. Most of the trail is creek bed, with about 1-2 inches of water present after a rain in most portions. If there is heavy rain, be prepared to climb over a few logs.

Moderate trail even after a heavy rain. Payoff is the beautiful series of waterfalls.

If you heading to see shelving rock falls, be sure to do this quick hike to catch some summit views of lake George too. Very easy hike for any age or active level.

As a lot of other reviews state, the trails could be marked a bit better. They’re a little muddy after all the rain we have had, which is to be expected. If you’re looking for the waterfalls, you need to take the red trail across the road from the parking lot. Then the easiest way I found is to keep taking any trail going to the right to stay along the creek.

8 days ago

This hike is definitely EASY - not moderate. I am not super fit but I managed this very easily (there are a few hills but they're not challenging). The hike is very muddy and wet, so you need good hiking boots. The view is unreal!!!! I would highly recommend this, considering it's little energy exerted for a stunning view!

10 days ago

Really spectacular hike. The changing melodies of the mountain stream follow you for a good way up the hike. Little bridges crisscross over the stream. The different topographical views are beautiful on this hike. Trail markers are easy to follow and trailhead starts right at the parking area. Good hike for dogs, my dog is older and arthritic and the hike was very doable - there is a gentle incline ascent up to pond region.

14 days ago

Gorgeous falls that are a short walk down a well cared for single path. The view out from this foot of the Catskills is truly incredible.

Pretty view from the top. The hike up was a little uninspiring.

Nice hike through a mostly hemlock forest. Parking is getting difficult during summer. No signs for Codfish Point. Just have to look for the yellow trail once you level out. Be careful for bears and porcupines if you have a dog. And rattlesnakes, tho I never saw them here. Lots of stinging nettles in late summer. Stay on trail.

23 days ago

One of my favorite trails. Beautiful views of mountains the river and Kingston bridge, gazebos, fields of grass and flowers, forest, bridges, Amtrak. Last time I was here I went by myself with my kids ages 4, 3 and 15 months and our dog. No stroller as it wouldn’t be able to get thru some of the paths in the wooded areas. We had a great time!

This was a great trail- note that the blue trail turns to yellow at the Y for the longer hike noted here and the best views. If you remain on the blue it’s considerably shorter. Steepest at the beginning and then about 3/4 way for a bit (at which you then dip back down elevation wise and seems wrong but keep going!). Easy to do with my Australian Shepherd (7 yrs old but active). Would happily do again!

We really enjoyed this hike. It reminds us of The Pinnacle in comparison. Once you reach the top you’ll see the lake but the views are restricted. Definitely follow the small paths down...it will lead you to an open area with views. The views are amazing!!

Fun day and the pond is beautiful. That said, the trail map is poor. We stayed on the AT past the intersection with the Finnerty trail near the pond, and then thought we could go all the way around the pond counterclockwise and back along the eastern edge of the pond, but you can’t do that. Although it looks on the trail map like the Finnerty Trail runs along the edge of the pond and links up with the AT on both sides, it doesn’t. There are dead ends in between and it’s pretty much impassable. There is a way to go around the pond counterclockwise (which we eventually did) but you have to swing wide of the pond to the east.

Also, the trail map makes it look like you can return almost to the parking lot on the Finnerty Trail but you can’t. Finnerty Trail dead ends at Becket Road, and then we had to walk up the pond road, which is steep, to return to the AT. So the bottom line is, this is a nice area to hike, lightly trafficked, and the pond is really nice, but stay on the AT, don’t mess with the Finnerty Trail relying on the All Trails map.

on Goose Pond Trail

26 days ago

This was a nice short hike and is 3 miles round trip including the Jeep road at the first trailhead. I would suggest not trying to drive in to the second trailhead unless you have a Jeep or a truck since their are large rocks and washed out gullets all along the way.


Easy trail. Kids had a great time. Doubled back to the little waterfall after summit. Worth the hike!

1 month ago

Excellent hike. Trailhead was not difficult to find based on the AllTrails directions. It took us right to the parking lot which had signs towards the trail across the street. The path was wide for the most part and very easy to follow. There was one confusing part about 1mi into the hike which was a fork in the path. There were two wide paths so we did not know which one to follow, but we stuck to the right and it took us the correct way. At the end we took a swim in the water which was cold but felt amazing as it was a hot summer day. The hike back was a breeze, mostly downhill. The hike to get to the falls was not very challenging and perfect for a quick and easy thing. Mostly shaded. Took us 40min, and the way back was maybe 20min. Would do it again! Very fun.

very easy. great for a hot day

1 month ago

No top of a mountain vista but nice day hike. Followed the AT from Goose Pond Rd. like it is on the map down to where the cut off to the left goes to the cabin or continue right on the AT then back. Goose pond looks like a great area, saw many on kayak and some on their boats out fishing. As mentioned, trail is not really steep but has its moments where it gradually rises in spots and of course as all mountains, watch for the roots and rocks. One thing I'd like to mention is that the red trail you see on the directions is correct even though you see a point where it seems to leave the AT (just over a mile in) and goes down the mountain on a new path. I'm guessing the AT got re-marked along the way and maps haven't caught up. I saw what appears to be the old trail at the bottom where the red line meets back up with it. Parking is just a little bit to the right of the trail head, small area but enough to probably hold 5 cars, not that many probably drive to this section. I ran into several thru hikers and a couple day hikers like myself and an AT section hiker.

Great hike!

1 month ago

Nice hike, well marked that ends at what I guess is Huckleberry Point - beautiful rock ledge with fantastic views and giant rocks to sit and take it all in.

If you’d rate your fitness level between 0-3 on a scale of 1-10, this might seem moderate. If you are fit and a regular hiker this will largely feel like a beautiful, easy hike. The hardest part is a few minutes of steep incline on the yellow trail on your way back - just enough to break a small sweat.

Few notes - the ground is very rocky and uneven so wear supportive footwear. Also the yellow trail is quite buggy because of the stream. Wear sunglasses if you want to avoid wiping small bugs out of your eyes. As if today, the stream is largely dried up so crossing is not an issue.

Good hike with allot of rocks so wear your boots with good ankle support. Nice stream about 2 miles in for the dogs to swim and drink. Beautiful views.

Difficult to find where trail begins- parking area is about .2 miles from trail head. If you park in the Appalachian trail/Jacob's ladder lot, there's a .2 mile connection trail, marked in blue, across the road. It intersects the trail in the woods, hang a left. Otherwise you could walk on the actual road for nearly a quarter mile and catch the trail from there- which is why the Alltrails GPS directions will seem slightly off.

Hike is pretty much all uphill for the first half, but is very well covered. You'll also cross another main road on the way. Took us about 1.2 hours to get to the lake- definitely a moderate difficulty. Beautiful view once you're there. Looked like the muddy beginning portion of the hike had been fixed with raised planking. Nearly exactly 3 miles from parking lot to lake. Well marked, took 2 adults about 3 hours to complete out and back at a moderate pace.

1 month ago

Calm and relaxing trail

Great hike! Nice walk through the woods and a beautiful overlook once you reach the top of the mountain. was not marked as titled but follow the blue trail up to the top and Then take the yellow trail for a great view.

1 month ago

Easy hike. Nice Forrest views with a small set of falls at the top. Great place to cool down. Quick little hike

Nice, easy hike with a great view before a long drive home.

From Sprucetown, more easy moderate cuz it f the rocky path, but otherwise super trail. Didn’t make it to the falls due to young children (3+), but as far as we got was great. Stopped where we could detour to stream, and was nice to dip toe before heading back.

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