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Walked the trail first. It was a workout. Went as far as the meadow at the top and came back down. Then walked the creek bed & up to multiple waterfalls. Did not go too far as the water became too deep. It was beautiful & challenging.
Bug spray is a must!

I am a 67 year old weekend hiker and I would not rate this trail "hard" it is, in my opinion, "moderately strenuous" it is less than 700 foot up and back down the same switchback trail. It is nicely shaded in summer. I will have to do it again in winter to see the views of Bristol Mountain Ski slopes. This would be a beautiful hike through the October hardwood foliage. At under 5 miles this is a nice little 2 hour walk in the woods. Use the All Trails app or you may find you've taken the trail less traveled by. I used All Trails and that made all the difference.

challenging and awesome. Will be back

18 days ago

Challenging hike to complete. Progressively more difficult the deeper you get. Not a long hike distance wise, but periods of uphill scrambling on all 4’s, super slippery waterfalls and sliding down a steep hill on your bum going from tree to tree for support. The trail is not clearly marked on some parts leaving you to seemingly go off piste. Not appropriate for dogs.

We hiked with kids and our dog. The shallow creek near entrance is nice to cool off your feet and dog.We had the whole hill to ourselves. Trails can be confusing because there are many deer trails that lead to thorny meadows or people's farms. We got lost but eventually blazed our own trail back down to the road. We survived to tell the tale and felt very proud. Will do it again in winter!

Come for the workout, not the scenic views. :) Actually, some lovely forest/trail views if you like that. Challenging uphill trail. But nice area.

Great sneaker creeking! We walked up the creek, which was flowing but not too fast, with 4 children (ages 4 to 9). We made it to the boy scout bridge. Some challenges of course! We then walked down the trail that looped around and didn't go near the water. Felt good about that choice as going down through the water could have been a bit treacherous! overall a great hike!

We hiked in the gorge up to the top. It was a hard hike, couple hard waterfall climbs. Luckily the water was low and not moving fast. Your feet will get wet.
You can climb up one side, cross and go down the other side. It’s a steep climb and descent but doable and fun!!

27 days ago

Trail is not marked the best, would like to explore further next time, otherwise fairly easy and enjoyable:)

Moderate physical difficulty, but the creek bed makes for a treacherous hike — lots of loose and wet rock, so make sure you are confident with your balance and footing before taking the creek bed trail. Impressive views of the rock faces really gave a unique hiking experience. Bring a change of socks for after the hike because your feet will get wet.

Back down, I took the trail on the right ridge of the gorge, which was a safer and faster option. Easy to follow and also provided excellent views of the gorge. Access it as you pass the bridge — you can see it on the map as the black dotted line on the northern side, paralleling the gorge. I enjoyed doing this ‘loop’ and would highly recommend doing both trails to get a change of scenery.

Super cute, super easy trail. We took the yellow trail loop off the red trail loop to extend the hike a little. The creek was bone dry, but I bet it’s beautiful when there’s water so we’ll have to come back.

Beautiful hike but didn't make it all the way. The bugs became horrendous. We followed the creek up past the bridge then turned around and took trail from bridge back to parking lot. I would start earlier in the day when it's cooler.

My favorite hike in the Finger Lakes. Plenty challenging with great views.

1 month ago

Great gully, the stream down below was really fun to explore:D

Probably my favorite trail in the western New York area. It's a good challenge, fun, and beautiful. It took two tries to get through the whole trail, but well worth it.

Excellent hike, amazing workout! Trails not very well marked all the way but blaze your own trail, that's what life is all about!

Barnes trail is also known as Onanda Park. Awesome trail, nice waterfalls with ropes for climbing.

This is some real backwoods hiking. Be prepared to cross some large logs. I got to the first little falls and turned around and went back.

awesome. sure to return

Awesome hike and very rewarding. If you follow the gully the whole way it can be tricky at points, especially on the way down. 5/5 recommend, I can’t wait to hike it again.

Wet first section. Rest of it is an easy little hike totally in the trees. Good for a reprieve from the heat on a hot day.

Loved this trail - beautiful ravine - well marked and just the right amount of ups and downs through the woods.

Only a little wet during the first 1/2 mike from the parking lot. Use the yellow blazes to get to the top of the hill and this published Loop seems to be a combo of yellow and blue trail. There are other trail loops you can add on for more distance.

one of my favorite hikes and snow shoe places!! Lots of different terrain and views!!

One of our favorites! We like the red trail but it is challenging. Make note of the green trail that cuts the red loop in half if you get tuckered out. It’s gorgeous, wild and well-marked. Quite pristine and peaceful. Tons of wildlife. Anna’s pond is a favorite. Always tons of mushrooms, wildflowers and wildlife. Highly recommend this trail. Second trip. Planning to go back soon. Bring the bug spray if they bother you!

A decent hike for sure but the vantage points for the falls were just so-so. I would consider going again but if you are going for the falls, there are better locations.

5 months ago

it was a very fun hike. the trail was a bit hard to follow due to the time of year. I don't think many people have hiked it recently. the view was amazing, yet I'm not sure how much you would be able to see in the summer.

Beautiful trail that we did in early November... Cloudy, sprinkling snow and temps around 30... Beautiful scenery with stunning falls viewed from look-out decks high above the bluffs...
View of Canandaigua Lake, too!

Awesome trails with cool views, and I love the overview of the waterfall with the gazebo-thingy

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