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1 day ago

Great hike but closer to 10-12 miles round trip depending where you start. We started near the mailboxes and it was about 11 miles round trip. Fall is the best time to go! There is a lot of atv traffic but easy enough for people to pass each other. Town of Crystal is adorable. It does cost $10/person to go down to the waterfall near the mill but the Family that owns the land restores the mill out of their own pocket so I'd suggest donating or paying that $10 because its only a matter of time until this is off limits to the public.

It says closed, but I went on Saturday and it was open. It’s not really a hike but it was a beautiful spot for pictures. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Beautiful views and much more secluded than accessing via North Cheyenne Cañon. Really enjoyed the 4wd trail testing out my Jeep as well. Everyone complains about the shooting in the area, but I was not bothered by it or ever felt unsafe. Although I always carry my gun with me while on hikes and camping. So if shooting makes you uncomfortable just be aware they are allowed to shoot in the area, but not on the same side as the trail access as any responsible gun owner will only shoot with a backstop. I did dispersed camping in Frosty Park before hiking up Mt. Rosa in the morning and had breakfast on the peak with no one around. Only saw 2 other groups of hikers coming up as I was descending.

Definitely not a clear trail to follow, but the navigation and steep incline can be a fun challenge. Lots of loose gravel, I definitely fell on my butt twice and slid down. The 2 other people I saw coming down had trekking poles which would probably really help on the decent. Hiked it with my husky and had to help him up some of the scrambling and loose gravel areas.

3 days ago

Unique trip! My fiancé, dog, and I backpacked to the open space near the summit and camped there. We hiked through the night and arrived around 12 AM. Finished the remaining mile in the morning before heading back down. Definitely worth spending a few hours up top exploring all of the boulders. Bring water, the stream is only available for the first 2 miles or so.

Lots of slick dirt on downhill

Nice views and ends at a beautiful river.

Response to post below concerned about little boys carving names in teepee on Horse Thief Falls trail: I was there yesterday, saw the teepee and several marks made by past hikers. The teepee is not sacred, looks like it was made by someone with some time on their hands, using dead wood from the surrounding area.

Carving names into something that's not alive, nor an artifact, is not akin to harming live trees. One could make the same argument about whomever built the teepee in the first place. Shouldn't that person have been equally aghast about that?

I'm glad she didn't scold the mom in front of her little boys. We all have personal opinions and are usually better off keeping them to ourselves. Rating the trail as a 4 due solely to a personal reaction to someone else's behavior is no reflection on the quality of the trail. It is lovely and serene!

While not evident at first glance, the trail continues beyond the series of falls for a while. Absolutely beautiful!

very nice trail. some great views and the aspens are beautiful. In a few days they will be glowing!!

Seriously way too many cars jeeps and it is 10 bucks to walk down to the water in front of the mill.

4 days ago

My wife and I could not finish it, we ended up turning around at the 3 mile mark, the trail was getting too rough. The trail is on the side of a hill and parallels the South Platte River. We are not novices, we hike every weekend, but we did not feel comfortable continuing on, there are some boulders you have to navigate around and some very steep (but short) parts of the trail

However I would recommend the 6 miles out and back we did, the scenery is gorgeous.

4 days ago

Hiked this beauty on Friday, 9/14. Left Denver at 7am and hit the trail/road by 10:45. The little parking lot beyond the mailboxes was empty! But I DID notice some cars parked on the side of the rugged road leading up to the parking lot, so even if the lot’s full, but you don’t wanna start at the mailboxes (it’s a pretty steep half-mile hike from there to the trailhead), you have options along the way.

The hike itself is super easy-going. There were a few short inclines, but nothing terribly difficult. Otherwise it was relatively flat! I’d rate the hike as easy-moderate due to the distance, but it only took me about an hour and a half to get to the mill, and I stopped quite a bit to take photos!

The road follows the Crystal River which is absolutely gorgeous, and (appropriately) crystal clear. There were some folks rollin by in ATVs, dirt bikes, and even 4x4 trucks and SUVs, but it honestly didn’t bother me that much. Everyone that passed was super courteous and friendly, and you just pull over to the side and take in the view a little more!

The higher elevation aspens had already changed (which were STUNNING), but the trees down along the road and at the mill were not quite there yet - in a week it’ll be PERFECT.

The mill itself is pretty cool - there was a guy who lived in the super tiny town of Crystal that was at the mill to answer any questions. In the little town, there’s a small store and a few homes and cabins.

Overall, a great hike! Was home by 6pm, so if you’re coming from Denver and wanna kill a day, this one’s perfect.

5 days ago

Did this one in August, beautiful views. Long hike with a steady incline but not incredibly difficult. Bring lots of water and be prepared for the summit to be buzzing... with people who drove up : |.

Super steep and not well marked at all. Luckily there’s cell service so I was able to use the app to get to the top though I ended up taking a different trail up somehow. I did not take the loop but came down the back side of Mt Herman. It’s just too steep to risk falling. Views were amazing however I will never do it again.

11 days ago

Awesome hike! Take plenty of water. This is a tough one!!

11 days ago

I'm a very experienced hiker in good shape and my wife is in good shape as well. We did this hike after having seen it on AllTrails. This trail was absolutely beautiful this time of year, very green, lots of small creeks, and we even picked some wild strawberries right off the trail. For whatever reasons we decided to do the hike in reverse. If you decide to do that, make sure you bring plenty of water. I usually carry less water and bring a filtration kit to resupply from streams. Most of the streams you cross are in the beginning, which means that is your only opportunity to fill up if you hike in reverse. Also, plan on crossing some streams, they were roughly knee height during ours.

Lovely trail and challenging.

It was a great hike but next time would take ATV. Hike was very hot but beautiful.

16 days ago

Excellent, challenging hike / climb / scramble. Here are the key things to note:

1. The trail can get a bit hard to follow. I recommend looking through some recent recordings and loading one of those up in the app to keep you on track.

2. Quite a bit of scrambling and loose rock, so this is likely not a good hike for young kids or folks that struggle with balance or steep scrambles.

3. It is intense elevation gain in a short distance, so a great hike to use in prep for a 14er. If you prefer switchbacks or a well-designed trail this may be a disappointment.

I hiked it yesterday and ran into many encouraging people on the way. I was determined to make the summit and it was well worth the hike. I’ll definitely do it again. Very beautiful hike.

Good hike. No big “wow” factors, but a good hike to get away from city life and enjoy some fresh mountain air. Few good views of pikes peak. Little slippery going down hill on the gravel/rocks but not too bad. Trail is marked well along the whole trail. Definitely a horse trail...

mountain biking
16 days ago

Great trail! No one around even on Labor Day Weekend. The first 2 miles are gradual uphill but the rest is sweet sweet rolling single track.

17 days ago

The drive up doesn't require 4WD, but high clearance is helpful. Decent shade and sweet views. As noted, the trail is steep and washed out due to lack of water bars, which can make the descent slippery in dry conditions.

It says that it opens in July but they are doing construction on it right now so it’s totally closed. Don’t drive 2 hours for it like we did.

This trail starts out with lots of people, then as you turn to go up pancake rocks, almost no one! Tough hike, no doubt. Once you get to the top, absolutely beautiful!!

18 days ago

Did this trail with my wife and (adult) daughter on September 1, 2018 and overall it's a fun trail. We clocked it a 6.3 miles on both phones. Note that while there is water on the trail, calling it a creek is an somewhat of an exaggeration. It's mostly stagnant and is running very slightly at the beginning of the fork.

Easy to do in one day if coming from Denver. Much cooler than driving to the top of Evans. Great views of the landscape above tree line. Warning: Avoid this hike if you are squeamish about sketchy mountain roads.

Beautiful trail with lots of shade most of the way. The boulder formations on the peak are sensational

24 days ago

Awesome elevation gain if you are looking for a challenge. The trail is not clearly defined so you end up hiking back up and forth at times that's why gave it 3 stars. the trail should be maintained. The summit overlook is not visible until the very end but at the top the view is rewarding

This was one of my favorite hikes. Echo what others have said about it having it all. Amazing views and the Dome Rock is spectacular. Saw a bear walking along Dome Rock which was an added bonus. Be careful of the notes in the last couple wayfair markers on the All Trails Map, just follow the map rather than the notes. This was a GREAT hike, it’s long, but worth every mile. There is nothing to technical about the trail, the Hard rating I’m sure comes more from the distance. The stream crossings are easy, but bring sandals or water shoes. Look forward to doing this one again as the Aspens change colors in the fall.

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