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total great! my first hike in Washington state

great trail can be muddy in parts

One of the best hikes I’ve been on!

Finally heathy enough to try this. It bugged me every time I drove up I-90 and saw it sitting up there. Did it last Saturday on a nice cool, but cloudy day. Got a glimpse of Chester Morse as clouds lifted for a minute. Loved the fact it was not crowded. Only saw about 10 people all day. I was slow up and down, including a clumsy stumble. Just a flesh wound, so nothing other than some scrapes and pride. Funny, my first thought was “did anyone see that” knowing full well no one was around.

Trail is not as well travelled as Mt Si despite their similar statistics. It has some more rocky spots, hence the stumble.

I’m not much of a repeat hiker, too many places to hike, but would like to do this again on a clear day.

Great cool weather today for our first "hard" rated training hike. The trail is a bit hard to find in a couple of spots, but there are signs at most of the decision points. Be prepared for lots of rocks and overgrown berry bushes flanking long sections of the trail. Minimal bugs and great opportunity for views if skies are clear. Light traffic made this an enjoyable hike.

Trail well maintained, nice view on the top, lots of berries , no bugs

limited camping along the way. outstanding scenery, not for the light hearted

Very doable, very pretty views of the waterfalls!

13 days ago

Great trail. Easy and flat in places, a lot of incline and terrain most places. Middle falls is best view of the falls. Just passed that is a great view of the valley.

nice easy hike!! very beautiful and love the views from the woods to the bluffs

Hiking, swimming, nature walking, cool park! Lots of trails but lots of hills.

Went on a very hot Monday afternoon so I was one of the only people on the trail. Certainly beautiful. The different viewpoints are good for families with different skill levels.

16 days ago

8/2/2018 (Thursday) -- The trail condition further improves. Undergrowth on both sides is recently trimmed up to Debbie's View. A new viewpoint is opened about 1 mile up from the trailhead next to a private plot. The viewpoint includes a new bench and a broad opening.

Amazing views offset any negatives this trail offers. Expect lots of steep climbs and descents and lots of horseflies if you're going in the summer. Despite the "heavily trafficked" notation in the trail description, parking was easy and we didn't pass many other hikers on the trail. Definitely recommend.

took my kiddos a few weeks ago and it was awesome... the different views on the way up and at the top are WORTH IT!!! We complete our hike with a picnic lunch at the top and easy walking back down... our group of children aged between 5-9 and all did great on the incline of the hike... there even hidden swing after the trailhead sign that is pretty sturdy and great for the kids

Nice moderate trail. Pretty waterfalls. Went to Upper Falls via Woody Trail with Diane.

this is a great out and back with several options to head off on various trails. it's lightly traveled and the trail is in great shape. amazing views in every direction

I clocked this hike at 6.25 mi, the view at the top of the falls was really incredible and worth the pain! The inclines are no joke.

Went on July 9th 2018. Lots of snow still and very slippery. Never did find the lake and assume it was still covered in snow. Very beautiful though! We want to return later in the summer for sure.
Lost the trail many times because of the snow.
The tree that is down over the road mentioned by other reviews is passable by driving down into the ditch and under the huge tree. Did it with my 2WD Ford Focus no problems. Also saw a regular pick up truck fit under it as well but it was tight.

Absolutely beautiful.

I did probably 3/4s of this trail total, from Deer Park to around the fork for Obstruction Point/Grand Valley. So, not fully completed, but enough to call it absolutely worthwhile.

From Deer Park you'll start by going downhill for around half a mile, and then start heading uphill pretty hard for maybe 3 miles through forest, until you get up on the mountain ridges. From there it's a bit easier but still plenty of uphill. It's also completely exposed at that point so you'll want to bring sunscreen for the sun and potentially extra layers for the wind.

Once at the ridge you'll have spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Depending on the day you may even end up above the valley clouds which look really cool. If you get far enough (past Roaring Winds) you can even find patches of snow in July.

The Roaring Winds campsite is about halfway across, and I highly recommend it. It's a single, reservable campsite so at the end of the day you'll feel like you have the entire range to yourself. At least on the day we stayed there the wind was not roaring at all so it was a bit buggy, bring some spray. It's at around 6000' so you'll see some spectacular stars at night as well. We had one deer bug us for a while, seemed like he probably had feasted at the site before.

After roaring winds you start going steeply uphill for a while, and the trail gets very narrow and slanted. It worked out fine overall but I was a little concerned about coming down it on tired legs, so just be prepared for that.

Overall had an amazing time with some incredible views of park's glacial lakes and mountains. It's a long day hike but definitely worth it, at least to Roaring Winds.

If you like hiking with the rest of the state, difficulty finding parking and a less than mediocre view point of the waterfall, then Wallace falls is for you. I was highly disappointed by the trail and regret driving the 3 hours to hike it. Was more on the easy-moderate side, my 4 year old had no problem doing it.

Great trail , few people. Lots of extra trails to explore, but you will end up in someone’s backyard if you are not careful. I am not sure who’s house that is up there at the end of the lookout, but they must be kinda ticked off with all the people going up there now. So I avoid the lookout in respect of there privacy.

Wonderful view today. Perfect conditions! If you have not done this one yet, put this one on your to-do list!

Short and sweet! I went on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon with my dog. Once we reached the water, it was a little crowded with people soaking up the Seattle summer sun but we still found a little shaded niche to admire before heading back up the north side.

Trail was well maintained and much less traveled than the other nearby hikes. The views of North Bend, Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier at the top were well worth the 3200' elevation gain.

1 month ago

Easy drive from Seattle, beautiful waterfalls. I opted for the Woody Trail, which is the one most folks describe i think.
In the first mile or so of the trail, you can do a bit of wading if so inclined. As mentioned by others, difficulty does increase with each section of the falls you pass. That said, I did not find the hike particularly challenging. It does involve a fair amount of stairs, as a heads up, but I would encourage folks not to be scared off by that! Slow and steady wins the race. :) (And it's not ALL stairs!)
Also true that there isn't a lot of resting ground around the waterfalls - more of an admire-and-rest elsewhere. There are one or two picnic spots along the way.
Trails are more narrow than some others, thus, the need to allow others to pass - particularly those unfamiliar with trail etiquette.
I opted to continue on to Wallace Lake - the signs make it sound like you're going to end up lost for eternity because the trail isn't thoroughly upkept, but if you follows the markers along the trees closely, it's very easy and a short pass until you get to a loooong stretch (over 2 mi) of flat, gravelly rock road where they appear to do tree harvesting. Pretty boring stretch of the hike aside from some decent valley views. Wallace Lake was a bit disappointing itself - I think I was anticipating a shoreline with big open views of the water, but there wasn't one. To be fair, I didn't go all the way around the Lake, so maybe I missed out? Decided to head back via Greg Ball trail for a change in scenery, which is lovely. There is eventually a cut off down to mile 1 of the Woody Trail if you want to shave off a few extra miles like I did. :)
All in all, I enjoyed the trail and found it easy to hike alone, although would be a fun one with companions as well. The route I took ended up being 10-ish miles.

Great hike! Definitely got a good workout. Will do this hike again.

Most of the trail is relatively easy to hike for beginners. Lots of shade in the canopy that leads to the lower, middle, and upper falls. The lower is a cinch. A little more effort will get you to the middle, and if you are adventurous and committed, hike the additional distance (less than a mile) to the top. This portion of the hike is what makes an otherwise easy trail, moderate. Steep but lots of switchbacks. Decent view of the falls but little room to chill out there. Word of caution: this is a popular trail. Get there early. Also, be prepared for nubes who have no clue about trail etiquette and don’t pay attention to their surroundings. Just give them right of way, up or downhill.

1 month ago

Moderate trail with steady elevation. Recommend climbing till upper falls if you want to good workout. Views of the waterfall and valleys are great.

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