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Best hike ever on my birthday.
Unbelievable views. 3 States plus Canada. Would love to do again next year.

2 days ago

This is squatch territory and only expert researchers and mountaineers should wander off the path. Don't get caught after dark as the sentinels are aggressive. Even your great dane is a snack for bears and other creatures, so leave fido at home. Respect first nation laws and buy a trailhead pass. Don't expect to be treated kindly by locals if you look like an REI advertisement or drive a car that's worth more than their average yearly income. This is not your land so tread lightly and respectfully.

3 days ago

This was a challenging hike, and steep at times but slow and steady wins the race on this one. The views at the top are incredible! You can see all the way to the Grand Tetons. But make sure to bring warm layers for the top, it was a beautiful sunny 65 degree day at the bottom but incredibly windy and cold at the top. Thankfully people have built small rock wall barriers that you sit in and eat and relax at the top. We made it up in 2hrs 20min and it took about 1hr to get down. Coming down was challenging at points because of the steepness coupled with all the loose rocks and dirt, I recommend finding a walking stick.

The entire hike up to the lake will take you a bit. The terrain gradually gets more difficult as you climb. There was a moment when we found ourselves off trail so pay attention to your turns and direction.

The views are tremendous and the lake is beautiful. Totally worth the hike. Bring lots of water and bear spray. The lake has ample space to camp on it's shores.

Beautiful hike! Fall colors were gorgeous. Say that this is an easy to moderate hike instead of a moderate hike.

A great hike to test your legs and your stamina!

Loved it! Once you start you go up and up and it doesn’t stop till you reach the top. Be sure you start early to allow for rest breaks. The views at the top are well worth the struggle to get there. Once at the top you will be greeted by goats that are eager to lick any rocks you sit on, but be sure bring a coat and maybe hats/gloves because the wind will cut through you and the temps drop a bit. The down hill was much faster but just as difficult. This is where I got the blisters. All in all, can’t wait to do it again.

9 days ago

Holy Heck!!! This hike was a tough one - but worth every sore muscle. Definitely start early, so you can take lots of well deserved breaks. Goats and scenery were spectacular! The downhill is tougher than the up, (because going down you’re totally exhausted).

This is a great hike. Its straight up and straight down. No flat sections. This is for the well conditioned hiker. Tons of elevation and lots of uneven terain. Most of our party was sore the next day. Training with hills is a good idea first.

Unfortunately, we didn’t end up doing this hike. After reading promising reviews, and seeing gorgeous pictures, our experience trying to get started was nothing short of ridiculous. We drove straight to the trail, and immediately upon driving off the main road towards the trail head, a patrol guard stoped up and threatened to send us to jail for 6 months for not knowing we needed a permit to hike here. We went to the Cenex aka the local gas station, to get our permit and saying they were unwelcoming is an understatement of the year. They continuously warned us about the difficulty of the hike, the abundance of bears (rudely noting we would have needed to bring some bear spray because they didn’t have any for us) and that we would most likely be lifting our dog over boulders only to be greeted by a grizzly bear on the other side. Needless to say, we left. Heading back to Missoula for more pleasant locals and a better experience!

11 days ago

Very nice view 360 degree view from the top including Yellowstone Lake and other mountain peaks. Not an easy hike and the 4.1 mile distance is definitely off. My Apple Watch recorded 5.53 miles, someone should get this distance updated. I was hoping to see some bighorn sheep or a grizzly at distance but didn’t see either. Challenging but well worthwhile hike.

16 days ago

Majestic scenery on the way up and a beautiful lake. One of my favorite hikes around Missoula now. If the trail were easier to follow and less bushwhacking was necessary, I would give this hike 5-stars. It is very steep in parts and some scrambling up big rock faces. Lots of climbing over trees, as well. Navigating in parts can be difficult— we got lost off of the trail multiple times.

Note: I would NOT recommend DOGS. There are a lot of cliffs and huge boulders. My pup made it to the top but only because he is athletic and we were able to pick him up to get him up rock faces and boulders. I wouldn’t bring him back.

Great hike! Being from Washington and sea level, the elevation was the biggest challenge, like some others have said. My husband and I could not catch our breaths by the time we were about halfway up! Gorgeous views though of the park, lake, and mountain ranges.

This hike was HARD but so worth it! I consider myself in shape however the elevation kicked my butt. I panted the whole way up because it is quite literally a constant incline. It gets a little sketchy up top with loose rocks that make you feel like you might slip right off the Mountain. The views are spectacular throughout though! I’ll be sore for days but I’d do it all again! I think the distance should be edited - my Fitbit tracked 3.05 miles one way - which would make this hike 6.10 miles not 4.1.

it's a great hike went up the end of June and the trail is all clear of snow and also made it to the lake and also seen a deer on the trail going up the the lake. but when my dad and I made it to the lake there was still snow on the trail so couldn't get all the way around the lake but still a great hike I recommend the hike

21 days ago

Overall amazing hike! We took our dog up with us, plenty of water access on the way for him. We hiked up Saturday (9/1) and came back down Sunday (9/2). Overall well maintained trail that is pretty lightly trafficked and not terribly steep. TONS of wildlife visited our camp overnight, make sure to tie up food for sure. Lots of fish jumping in the lake, we caught some nice trout. The trailhead is easy to get to, you are on a dirt road for awhile but it is in pretty good shape.

21 days ago

Keep following #65 it's a small sign but as long as you follow it it's easy to find. You will be driving on an unpaved road for a little while. Be patient.

You will need a light layer /sweater. It will get cold when it's getting close to the top.

Need good shoes since you will be walking on rocks later on. but no need hiking shoes. I had trail running shoes and they were fine. You will get dirt on your feet for very much 3/4the time. You shouldn't wear sandals!

Definitely, need water and a little snack. I burned 2300 calories with this whole hike! Get some fuel for coming down!

There are two bathrooms only at the trailhead. Yes, toilet paper but No water.

It took us 5:20 for the whole trail. The ”incline” starts right away. It was a real tough hike!!!! But like everyone says, it is worth to see those cute goats and the view. Some parts are shaded but I wouldn't recommend hiking there if it's hotter than 80s.
If you have a knee issue, you will need a pair of knee compressor or brace for when you are going down.
We had a goat on the trail today when we were coming down and he did not move for a while. My friend threw a little rock gently by the goat and he took off. (not at the goats!!)

Just beautiful.

23 days ago

Reservoir is very low but still worth the hike. There is still a lot of greenery to be seen with some hints of yellow and red starting to appear. I saw moose and wolf tracks at the reservoir.

23 days ago

Short and rewarding hike. It was a steady climb most of the way with a lot of rock scrambling towards the last 1/2 mile, but I didn’t find it particularly challenging. I reached the peak in about an hour and 15 minutes and down in less than an hour. Great views at the top but it is very windy so layers are a must!

29 days ago

EASY TRAIL MY REAR END....this isn't an easy trail, I dont know why it says it is. you have to drive up this gravel road for a while as your driving up this mountain, not bad. of course GPS and all trails is not very accurate, your going up a mountain. so, when you get to the beginning of the trail, that's where the incline starts. the whole way up is an incline. there's a lot of downed trees and burned stumps and trees. the trail is pretty narrow. there's a few places that the trail jets off in different directions. I'd look at GPS and all trails to make sure I'm on the right path and, they both showed me off the main trail but going in the correct direction. your up on a mountain, GPS wont be very accurate. the whole way up is an incline hike that eventually tires your legs, I had to stop a few times. I dont see bringing kids on this hike. again, it's not an easy hike. half way up, I heard a grunt, I looked to my right and, this black thing ran off into the trees. wasn't sure what it was, I got a tiny glimpse and it was quick. I had ideas that I didn't want to think about but, I was nervous the rest of the way up. later as I was talking to the locals, they said yeah, we were warned that black bears might be in the area. I eventually reached the top and, I was hoping to see snow capped mountains but, there was way too much smoke from the fires in glacier national park. but, the other side on top was more clear and, you got to see the vastness and awe of how high you were up. it was also kind of windy. despite the smoke, the views were still pretty awesome. its a good hike up, I'd say not for kids and, not easy but, still pretty cool.

Amazing!! Would do it again in a heartbeat. Did it in the morning in July, still pretty chilly with some snow near the top. The views along the way and at the top are incredible, but extremely windy at the top. Still a great hike

1 month ago

Great hike!!! The smoke obscured some of the awesome views but still totally worth it! The sign said not to harass the goats... they were harassing us! Kept coming back up to us to lick the salt off our skin!

The trail upkeep was very minimal. Due to a lack of trail markers, we got lost about 5 times on the way up. The views were well worth the trouble and the lake water is very clean. I recommend trying to find a campsite near Hart or the waterfall.

1 month ago

Tough hike. But worth the pain.

1 month ago

Awesome view! Great hike for the family and dogs!

It is worth the pain.

1 month ago

Great trail for hike to lake in the mountains.. lunch and back

1 month ago

If you live closer to sea level, like me, this approximately 1,000 foot climb in a mile, at 6,000 feet, is extremely strenuous.

The view is worth the climb. Great panoramic view at the top, if you are willing to climb up the rocks on the butte.

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