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Fantastic hike to the ice caves and on the glacier. We had a professional guide for our group age 7 to 69, guide was critical to being on the glacier safely

6 days ago

Beautiful trail. I recommend goin to Blue Lake as well. Only 2-1/4 miles away

**This hike is NOT 2.1 miles**
If you want to see the rock stuff from the feature picture, you need to hike at least 4.5 miles out (we turned around because we didn't have the energy to go any farther). Read the sign when you get there: This is a 15 mile hike. Nevertheless, we did this in the rain and it was beautiful!

The trail tends to get a bit crowded with people but there is still plenty of room to see the beauty of the river. The path is very well-marked and level. Great hike for someone who wants to get into the park a little bit further that the visitor center.

East hike to the Glacier. Once on the glacier watch your step if you don't have crampons or spikes

I was just in awe to be in Denali National Park!! Went during the last week of May!

12 days ago

Amazing trail, gorgeous all the way there and back. Views are well worth the constant uphill hike.

Deep woods walk. We walked into a large bull moose!

14 days ago

Not easy but the views from the summit are breathtakingly beautiful!!

Beautiful hike lots of atvs and bikes but they all slowed down for those of us who where walking.

15 days ago

Beautiful! Gorgeous day. Kids had a great time. Views were exellent. Didn't make it the full 25 miles around the lake but had a great time nonetheless.

It was definitely more difficult than I anticipated toward the end. Wanted more switchbacks. But we made it! pack in more water than you think. We ran out.

First trail I did when I moved to Ketchikan!

Originally went to do the 3 mile loop, but that was closed. Apparently it’s been closed for quite some time. We continued up from that point for about an hour and a half. It’s nice, but nothing amazing.

This is an intense hike, I’ve done this trail 5 times now and it never gets easier. A majority of the trail is hiking straight up until you finally get out of the tree line and head straight across the several false peaks to the summit. It’s a several hour hike and definitely bring water and snacks. The view is totally worth it though! You can over look the whole Valley, all the way to the coast.

It’s a nice trail system to ski and walk on. The reason I give it a 4 is because it’s fairly boring and the trees don’t allow you to view much of the surrounding mountains. Nice for walking dogs, but I’ve seen several moose while on this trail.

This trail was absolutely amazing! It was a little of a challenge for my husband and I, nothing we couldn't handle though. It is quite steep, has narrow walk points as well. The view points are fantastic! And if you're exhausted once you get to the top you'll have a gorgeous view to admire as you rest. I am 3 1/2 months pregnant and made it in 3 hrs 51 min. (took a few breaks) But if you have your mind set anyone can make it!

mountain biking
22 days ago

We rode to the end of the lake by the Airstrip and a black bear ran out on the trail towards the lake so they are definitely out there! The trail itself was easy for riding and the lake is beautiful!

22 days ago


23 days ago

Good hike, mostly up hill. The trail is well kept and the views are great once you get to the top.There are some benches to rest about every mile. Defiantly bring your camera.

This trail is marked at the beginning of the trailhead as being 2.6 miles one way. I’m pretty sure this is referring to the distance to the second bench. I’ve done this trail 3 times the first two times the goal was always to the first bench which has an amazing view of Eklutna. This last time decided to continue on. The second bench has a great view of the twin peaks and we were lucky to be able to see lots of Dall Sheep on the peaks. We ended up following the trail to the right towards Pepper Peak to get another view of Eklutna. Round trip we did 6.40 miles (starting in the parking lot and ending in the parking lot) it took us 4 hours minus the time we spent at the benches and the top view. So glad we continued on for those views, they were worth it. This trail is all uphill and has some steep sections past the second bench. My legs are sore today. Don’t forget to wear sunblock and bug spray!!

We hiked from Glacier Spit to the lake and then south on the Saddle Trail - drop off and pickup easily arranged with Mako Water Taxi in Homer. We had spectacular warm sunny weather to enjoy the forest hike and view of the glacier across the iceberg-littered lake. Very easy trail with lots of bear sign but no bears. Great wildflowers including monkhead and red columbine.

We headed out today for an after dinner hike. We wanted to get a preview of what Lazy Mountain had to offer. Took the Lazy Moose Trail for about an hour up, then turned around and came back down. It had just started a light rain on our way up, so no bugs and decent footing. Rain stopped in less than an hour, and no rainfall for the hike back down. Unfortunately someone had taken a horse up that way and had torn up the trail, tearing chunks away with each hoofprint. The trail has recently been cleared and maintained for the season and it was nice and open. The way back down on the same trail was slightly more slippery due to rain that fell during our ascent. There are 7 in our party, five kids ages 5-15, and two semi in shape parents. Everyone did great! We can't wait to go again and make the full climb to the peak!

28 days ago

Fun hike. We made it to the first bench and then home on a work night. It is very apparent that you gain elevation. The mosquitos, black flies and no-see-ums were annoying so definitely wear bug spray

Fabulous hike/walk. This trail is flat and smooth, but be aware that it extends way past the AllTrails marked trail. It probably extends at least 2 more miles. The extended trail is not for those afraid of heights, as trail gets so narrow in some areas to be just about 2-3 widths of a gymnast’s balance beam. On one side there is a precipice leading straight to the glacier with a chance of survival, oh, around 1%. On the other side, mountain side, I estimate 50% chance of survival. So now you know which side you should prefer falling if that were to happen. I did this trail on a streak of dried days and very little wind. I would be very concerned doing it on very windy and/or wet days. This recommendation is just for the portion past the one shown on AllTrails. Trail eventually ends at a mountain side. At end of trail you can hike down to to a glacier lake, but there is no real trail to do that. Overall it was fantastic and easy. I did this trail early July 2018.

So intense and so beautiful!!!!! What a workout!!!

Moderately trafficked area with more commercialization than desired at the trail head, but the views and scenery were still incredible! It’s a short hike, relatively easy. The hike takes you out and back along the edges of the river, back into some beautiful rock formations.

1 month ago

well maitained trail, saw several bikers using it as well. Trail ends a a river that does not offer much view of the galcier. Better veiw is just before the end of trail. There is way to get to the glacier, but we did not have time to make it to tgr glacier.

mountain biking
1 month ago

I biked the from the Russian river camp ground to the cooper trailhead. then snug harbor rd back to rrcg. no car shuttle. if coming the opposite way, it's a big climb up snug to the cooper trailhead. the trail was in great shape, except between apsen flats and ressurection. either super overgrown, washed out (some bits were super washed out. i was standing in the middle of the trail, at the bottom of the washout, and the actual trail was at chest level) or straight up mud pits. either ends of the trail were great though. It's super beary to begin with. and the overgrown-ness made it feel even more beary. trailhead to trailhead took 6-7 hours. I'd do it again, but before it can get overgrown. or maybe early fall when it starts to die back. the dispersed camp sites are big enough for 1 tent. I didn't see a single other person on the trail. aside from the people between the rrcg and rr falls trail.

Incredible!! It was so much fun to explore the glacier, cross small streams, blue waterfalls, and a deep blue pool on the left side of Root Glacier. (The pool was located to the far left of Root Glacier, before the dirt portion, and well before the intersection of Root and Kennicott glaciers.) And the views of the surrounding mountains are amazing.

This is a great choice if you're taking Kennicott Shuttle for a 1-day trip ($109/person for a shuttle from Glennallen area). We got to McCarthy at 11, to Kennicott at 11:30, started the trail at 12, arrived at the glacier at 1, left the glacier at 3, and caught the shuttle back at 4. We had time to cross the dirt portion between 2 glaciers and walk on the further glacier for a minute before turning around.

Safety: We had hiking boots, microspikes or yak trax, and poles. We felt totally safe, didn't even come close to slipping. You could hike up the glacier in regular hiking boots, but then couldn't explore some of the steeper portions to see waterfalls etc. A guided hiking tour would be a waste of money in those conditions. it was great to explore the glacier on our own instead of following a group.

We didn't see any wildlife.

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