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5 hours ago

Hiked this today 10/16/18. Trail extremely muddy after rain last night. It would probably take weeks for this trail to dry out, so expect major mud the entire time. I wore strapped Teva’s and it was much better vs boots as for portions of the hike I just went though the river vs the extremely muddy trail. Bring a towel to wipe off after!

10/14/2018-Started walking with the group around 0800 and encountered 20+ groups along the way. Lots of happy dogs out getting their fresh air and exercise. =) The sun was out but it made the water look inviting for a swim. Definitely recommend sun screen and 1L of water.

Fun easy hike - as long as you do not mind getting VERY MUDDY and wet. Without the mud this would be an easy hike. This is only moderate because of the mud and potential to slip and fall. The reward is the falls at the end and the jumps/swim. Bring extra clothing/footwear and a bag for the dirty/wet shoes and clothing

Super muddy. Very slippery.

The trail itself is underwhelming. It's basically just a paved road winding up the hillside. But the views of the water are indescribable. The blue water is absolutely stunning, as is the view of Waimanalo and down the windward side. I strongly recommend going a bit off the track and up to the top through the stones. It's not too difficult, and there is a cool little bunker at the top with even more sweeping views.

went on this hike midmorning to early afternoon. very muddy conditions on most of the trail. was going to do waterfall side trail but very muddy and overgrown that way. nothing too special views wise but a very nice area and good place to get a hike in. bug spray a must

I enjoyed this hike. The first hour (we went counter clockwise btw) is mostly an incline of tree roots then you begin to wind around the summit and descend. WEAR BUG SPRAY. BRING WATER. Oh and it may be a bit muddy in some areas. WATCH THOSE RIDGES! Otherwise have fun!

Nice easy hike on asphalt all the way up. However, if you are capable take the side hike down to the pools. Really fun and a very cool blow hole as well.

4 days ago

This is a pretty safe, relatively easy trail that is easy to follow and offers pretty spectacular views of the North Shore. If you're just a couch potato, you'll definitely find it challenging as it's pretty much straight uphill, but it's not too difficult. It was very enjoyable.

Very muddy as we started in the rain but that also kept the crowds down. It was an athletic trail that beginning hikers can handle- I wouldn’t bring a little kid on this one mainly due to the slipperiness and sometimes more difficult steps. Overall, this was exactly what we were looking for in a rainforest hike to a waterfall. We didn’t swim but you definitely could.

Super muddy but great hike. Fun jumping in the water at the waterfall.

5 days ago

Great hike. Beautiful trees and great view. Do this hike before sunset so see the beautiful views. Bring a flashlight when walking back.

All paved and a nice view from the top. No shade so wear a hat.

6 days ago

I did this with my husband and three year old. My son loved exploring the forest with all of the beautiful plants and animals. Being so young, he did get carried by the end of the hike, but before he ran out of steam, he was easily able to make the hike. It was difficult to find parking that did not impede on private property, but once we got on the trail it was worth the effort.

Mud!!! The trail is an absolute mud pit and the view is not worth the effort,

Slippery as heck but a fun little hike to the waterfall.

Scenic and fairly easy. It’s paved the whole way, and it gives great views once you’re at the top. Wear comfortable walking shoes, obviously.

8 days ago

Looks like a nice trail but it’s been raining for several days and the trail was very muddy and slippery. We turned around because we couldn’t enjoy it.

If it’s been raining it’s is extremely slippery. We turned around after speaking with a local that it was slippery all the way. I like to look around while I hike and you must look every foot placement. When dry there are many exposed roots. Not steep.

Amazing trail! I had 1.5 L of water and wish I brought more. Once you drop down to the lower level the clouds roll in and out all around you. It can get cool and hot based on cloud cover. I layered and it helped a lot. There is water at the Holua cabin but i think you need a passcode to get in. There was a couple staying there and offered to fill up my water pack. The nene birds hung out around the cabin and really cool to know they were part of the geese family.

Just did this morning was a great hike. Started to pour so got really muddy but loved it! The waterfall was nice. Great hike with friends

smooth asphalt trail, not a hike. decent views but nothing crazy, halfway up the trail you can hike down to the tide pools which is the only thing I really enjoyed about this one. the tide pools are like mini aquariums. bring goggles it's very cool.

I really enjoyed the hike with the exception of those hungry mosquitoes!

16 days ago

Hiked this since I was like 13 I’m 36 now and taking my kids now. Great hike just pathway has been Destroyed over the years

16 days ago

difficult at first but well worth it

The cover photo for this hike is actually Kuaokala Trail and not Kealia Trail. Kealia is at the foothills behind Dillingham Airfield.

18 days ago

Rough slog in the mud. As Tom Petty sang, coming down is the hardest part. Slippery and slow. The view was worth the climb; but would be better on a drier day. Loop at top is unmarked. Had to use GPS to navigate. Banzai Pipeline beach is across from the trailhead. Great to have showers. View of sets rolling in from the pillbox was immense

This trail is something very different! Very special terrain that I have never seen before. Looks like your walking on the moon. The trail is a little challenging due to 100% exposure to sun. Make sure you bring plenty of water and good sun protection!

We did this trail a little different as it had been suggested to us by the ranger at the visitor center. The best option to do this trail is to park your car at the car park after the first visitor center and take a hitchhike ride up to the second visitor center. This is a common practice in the national park and there is a designated hiker pickup point right at the car park. We got a ride within 5 minutes. From the second visitor center you can walk down the crater. After that it's mostly flat. At the end there is 2000ft of elevation along 3 miles.
Hiking the trail this way makes it 11 miles instead of 8 but you don't have to go back and forth and can see so much. Also, doing it this way means hiking downhill or on flat terrain for 8miles and only 3 miles at the end uphill.

When you come down ( or up) Kanealole, look for an old dam off the main trail towards the gulch. Climb down, cross the dam, and follow the muddy ‘trail’ which will take you to several hidden falls.

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