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4 days ago

Great hike but it’s straight up an in a neighborhood witch is kinda off but for a fast one I’d go again took my kids youngest is 4 an she did just fine just rocky right before the falls

did this hike last weekend. never found the falls but still a very fun hike.

Great little hike if you’re a lone adult with a small army of kids. Short, sweet, and water adventure at the end.

easy hike. the directions took us to a culdesac tho? the hike actually starts at the park next door to the lds church. we did the loop where the waterfall was supposed to be as well and i never saw anything? lol maybe i was too busy talking or theres not much left this time of year?

Great trail for kids. The first set of stairs are rather daunting (for young kids) and you have to pay attention or you miss the trailhead within the neighborhood (it's only about 2 feet wide between two fences so it's easy to miss the first time), but it is a lovely hike. It's shady for most of the hike, even at noon. And having water to play in at the top is always a plus, especially with kids.

22 days ago

Steep to the top, and covered in families.
Pretty though.

Good hike with Kids.

Quick and easy hike for kids. My two young boys loved it.

It is a pretty steep incline the whole way, but very short. My 8, 5, and 3 year old managed well. The top of the hike near the waterfall is shaded and pretty, but you can hardly call it a waterfall. After a dry winter, the fall is barely a trickle, unlike last year. I would recommend this hike in the spring when there is more water.

Small hike to the falls. Beautiful and lots of shade. Enjoyable.

Nice short hike. Perfect for families with kids. Our kids had a lot of fun at the waterfall.

good first hike solo

mountain biking
24 days ago

I was planning on mountain biking the Pipeline Trail because I read that it was a good beginner trail and I hadn't been on my bike in a few years. What the site I read didn't tell me was that I had to ride UP Rattlesnake Gulch to get to Pipeline. I moved here a few months ago from Houston which is virtually sea level and needless to say, that combined with not having been on my bike for a few years, I was totally UNABLE to ride my bike up Rattlesnake Gulch. I ended up walking my bike up almost a mile and when I saw a very narrow part of the trail that had a rock wall on one side and steep drop on the other, I decided as accident prone as I sometimes am that it would not be safe for me to walk my bike on that portion of trail, so I turned around and walked my bike almost all the way downhill because of the loose rocks......I rode it down the last hundred or so feet when the trail was more packed dirt.

As a hike only, it would probably have been okay if I hadn't had to push a bike up it, but as a biker, you definitely need to be in better shape than I am to ride up this trail. Maybe next year, I'll be better able to conquer this one!

On the plus side, it was partially shaded on the way up but not too many places to stop and rest if needed.

The waterfall is small but beautiful. Took about 20 minutes one way!

I had a few issues with this trail. It was decently marked, but not too well. I definitely made some wrong turns and luckily realized before I'd gotten too far. Plus, that waterfall was hardly a trickle and I ate lunch next to it thinking there's no way it's that small. It was. The other views were absolutely stunning and the trek was actually easier than I expected, since we passed several "more difficult" signs. I'll probably come up here again, but not for this trail.

Very pretty. Loved the waterfall. Very easy to find. My 5 year old did great but my 3 year old struggled. He was scared of the slipping rocks and dirt. I’m sure this is common sense for seasoned hikers but I’m not seasoned. In the middle of summer I highly recommend going earlier in the morning or later in the evening. We got pretty hot as we got up there about 11. The waterfall was a great relief though. We did see a rattle snake on the trail. Guess that’s just nature for you...:

Wonderful little hike and kid friendly. Well marked and don’t forget bug spray.

Perfect for kids! So fun

Perfect morning or evening hike! I would highly recommend avoiding during the heat, as only the first 0.5 Miles are shaded.
Gorgeous views of the salt lake valley and Mount Olympus.

My favorite waterfall! very whimsical and peaceful. It is a short hike and great for yoga/meditation or pondering time. The waterfall is breathtaking tucked around Rocky mountain and forestry. I go here often to relax...

Only about .20 miles from the trailhead, steep steps at the beginning but pretty easy and short. Past the waterfall is very steep and slippery, don’t let young kids climb up there (learned that the hard way).

beautiful short hike! waterfall at end is bonus!

Nice, easy, short hike. Not sure why there were multiple “difficult” signs posted.......it’s a mountain-there will be an incline-nothing difficult though.

It is not kids friendly. There are a lot of wild animals. We’ve seen snakes ( small and big), baby deer, hears, squirrels. The waterfall is real ghost in July.

It was a nice shady trail to start out with a great view but overall I was disappointed by the lack of a nice resting place with shade on the final stretch and the fact that they charge $3 to drive up the canyon. I wouldn’t hike it again for those two reasons.

1 month ago

This was great for an hour out of our day, just keep in mind you will be going up and up and up the whole time till you reach the waterfall and it's not the greatest one but it is pretty and worth it. I did not like that when you get right before the entrance to the waterfall there is rocks just everywere and my 4 year old got scared she did not want to slip, just be causion when going and age limtit's and NO DOGS.

The first bit of this hike is a bit steep, but it’s well shaded, which makes it a fairly moderate hike. I went left at the fork, and the trail is pretty flat and narrow, so be especially courteous to bikers coming up and down. The views of the Salt Lake valley and the surrounding mountains are absolutely lovely. It was about an hour and a half trip for me, there and back.

The path had beautiful views and some shady parts, but if you take a dog you can’t get to the waterfalls. So it’s kind of anti-climatic. Otherwise, great FIRST hike with my 4-month old puppy!!

1 month ago

Fun “short” hike! We ended up turning left at the fork and taking the Pipeline route. Pretty overlook of the city! Bring sunscreen for the Pipeline portion.

We went Friday at around 4pm, and had the waterfall to ourselves for awhile. So fun to take my niece (7) and nephews (14, 11) who had never been. We saw the hugest spider on the rocks by the falls! Practically Aragog or Shelob...or it felt that way. Great time climbing around and putting our dogs (feet) in the water. Other types of dogs not allowed.

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