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Hands down the best hot spring on public lands we have been. Made a short video of the hike if anyone is interested. https://practicalvagabonds.com/goldbug-hot-springs/

Best trail!!

whoa! fall colors and beautiful lakes! my new favorite hike!

Hiked into Kidney Lake 10/8/18. Beautiful, sunny day in high 40’s Got into snow 1/2 way up on the Kidney spur trail. Lake not frozen but no fish caught. Gorgeous time of the year

Gorgeous Fall day, mid 50’s. Colors are spectacular & creek clear!

trail running
19 days ago

Easy and very well maintained. Perfect for trail running.

really enjoyed this trail, even if the stones make it difficult but interesting for running.
Very well maintaned.

Super fun trail. It’s longer than 3.5 miles though. GPS said 2.6 to the top. All the same it’s worth every step. Hot springs at the top are excellent. We went on a Tuesday morning and there was only one other couple up top. Definitely worth the time.

trail running
22 days ago

really good trail running and fantastic view.

Awesome. Would definitely do again. The only downside is that it’s pretty busy. Go as early as you can or during the week when most people can’t go. It’s beautiful though and the hot springs are great! You have to go!

27 days ago

Excellent Hike with gorgeous views.. not too heavily trafficked after Labor Day! My GPS stated that the entire hike out and back was 13.7 miles.. the descent into turquoise lake can be a little confusing but otherwise it’s an awesome hike!

This is a really great trail especially now with fall colors! Trail wasn’t very crowded but has some spectacular views! Both lakes are really cool and you can continue to a third if you please! Lots of camping room by the lake as well! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

This is a great hike. The trails are well kept and maintained. The first couple miles are steep as are the last couple miles. There were 5 of us on this hike and we all measured 7.2 to 7.6 miles back to the lake. My watch said right at 15 miles round trip. When the ended. We also caught about 8 fish in the lake over. 30 min period.

We hiked in to Peterson Lake as a day hike. There were great views. It was sad to see much of the area had been burned out. The hike to Peterson lake was 7.2 miles one way. The round trip was 14.4 Please note this was longer than it was shown in the app. There are 3 more beautiful lakes further up the trail. We didn't go further than Peterson on this outing.

Beautiful hot springs! The last stretch up to the springs is a bit tough, but worth it.

Awesome trail. Strenuous at the end but totally worth it! There weren’t a ton of people but they were all hangin meat.

1 month ago

Great waterfall and good distance for an easy day hike.

Beautiful moderate hike. Good camping by lake.as well

Hiked this trail on Sept.8th. the onset of Fall was beginning to appear. It was a little smokey but made for beautiful photos. This trail was rated as difficult and I somewhat agree with rating. Falls were gorgeous, Took the left fork and crossed the creek. My dog loved it. Clocked trail time at 6.5 hours to lake and back.

The trail really needs to be better marked, took the wrong fork and ended up headed the wrong way as I had no clue which way to take, finally realized and turned around, at the first fork take the one to the right. only made it to the second lake not to coquina though. It was very beautiful, a bit rocky. I will try again when I have more time.

one of my favorite hikes so far! me and my partner and our 3 dogs hiked about 2.5 miles in until we got to a small waterfall. i really loved this trail because of the constant change of scenary. beautiful mountains on either side. as you walk you go through dense forested areas, boulders, a river and some sweet little wetlands with lush green grasses. we hiked back out during the sunset and it was beautiful! some small inclines but nothing crazy. a lot of rocks on parts of the trail so just watch your step. i wish i had time to hike a little further!

The directions on here were wrong for me. They took me up an old logging road which ended up being closed when you can just go straight into superior and follow the signs off the exit to the trailhead. Getting to heart is easy and then getting to pearl and dalton is a little more intense. Heart to pearl trail is a little overgrown. Keep on the trail going around pearls and the trail to dalton is very visible. I did this as a day hike. Had some fish nibbles in heart, skipped fishing and pearl, and had big fish nibbling and jumping at Dalton.

I thought this was a great little hike! We went on labor day. My husband and I brought our almost three year old- who insisted on hiking a good portion of the trail, and our 16 month old. It was a good distance, we were tired by the time we got to the lake but it really wasn't bad at all especially considering I was wearing a chunky baby! There were a few areas with water over the trail but not bad at all- we didn't get wet or muddy.

We drove all the way to the trailhead but the road was definitely rough. Follow the directions, go past the chairlift on the backside of lookout, up a really rocky area, you'll see a sign for st. Regis lakes, cross over a little stream and its a short drive to the trailhead.

Overall, it was a lovely little hike. Wish we could have made it to the upper lake but we got a bit of a late start. There were a few little camping spots but like others have said, there's not a ton of room around the lake.

Great hike! Wonderful scenery. Waterfall is beautiful and you are pretty much along the creek the whole time and you can hear the water. Beautiful!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. last mile in was the hardest, but with a few switchbacks it makes it very doable!! We base camped at heart lake 3 days and took day hikes up to Pearl lake and Dalton lake, and also to the state line ridge and hidden lake! it was Absolutely beautiful all of it! We camped at the south eastern end of the lake. Awesome spot!! fresh water near camp and goats to entertain us....although they did get abit too curious! Just had to clap and stomp and they scared away...

What a beautiful hike! Be careful to pay attention to where to get back on the trail head if you traverse up the rocks to the summit. We had a few panic moments trying to find the trail head out after we came down off that gorgeous peak. There were not a lot of cairin's built ... maybe build a few on your way up through the rocks and closer to the trail head especially.

First thing is the signage for this was pretty lackluster. The trailhead says its the trail for upper bear lake, no mention of coquina. secondly when you get close to the end, which for us was right around 3.44 miles, the trail is super rocky and it's eady to lose it. This lake was beautiful and great for camping. Tons of wood laying around for a fire and lots of great flat spots for tent. The hike in was pretty easy with a backpack although very rocky so it's slow going. We had a cow elk calling from time to time and even ran through our camp at one point. The mosquitoes and flies were not bad at all but it was getting really cold at night.

Easy short walk to Diamond lake and an easy hike up to Cliff lake with just a little bit of elevation gain. The trail is very nice with a couple bridges along the way. Cliff lake is amazing. The water is beautiful and the backdrop is stunning.

1 month ago

Overall amazing hike! We took our dog up with us, plenty of water access on the way for him. We hiked up Saturday (9/1) and came back down Sunday (9/2). Overall well maintained trail that is pretty lightly trafficked and not terribly steep. TONS of wildlife visited our camp overnight, make sure to tie up food for sure. Lots of fish jumping in the lake, we caught some nice trout. The trailhead is easy to get to, you are on a dirt road for awhile but it is in pretty good shape.

Such a beautiful, shaded hike. Will hike this trail, again and again.

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