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23 days ago

Hiked 11/17/18; very family friendly, and we only saw 2 other people. Limited parking and no dogs. Really easy hike; I was surprised by the amount of critters and birds. View from the top was really pretty today with the fall colors and clear blue sky. I would consider this more of a large urban park because it’s situated in a suburban area with some new construction going up. But it still felt very peaceful and removed. Kids had a blast and we appreciated the art-benches. Would do again with the kids for sure.

A playground for dogs, literally saw one jumping for joy frolicking through the tall grasses.

Hiking is flat and enjoyable.

2 months ago

Quiet, lush, creek access.

pretty flat, nice area to walk around. most pups are super chill and obey even off-leash. only some were untrained and obnoxious. great little place to walk around - didn’t see where to cross the river to get to more of the delta, but got a good 10k steps in nevertheless! would visit again.

Great before or after work jaunt! I do this all the time but never tracked myself before this. I was surprised it was more than 4 miles as it’s so easy breezy, but a great in city workout in an out of city setting!

This is my neighborhood trail as I live nearby. We do this trail often, as an out and back and also as a workout hike up to the water tower and down around Gabbert Loop. The loop from our house and back is a good hour and a half.

I often jog this trail to keep my heart rate up. Most if it is pretty easy, except the section up to the water tower from what I call the cross roads. You can get a good work out on that climb. Most of the trail is well groomed and wide. The loop is more if a "single track," that is, a bit narrower.

The trail is quite pretty and diverse in its flora. The forest changes through out the year with the changing season, keeping the hike interesting year round. It's especially beautiful after a snowfall.

I am fortunate to have this trail literally in my back yard.

still cannot access the trail due to eagle creek fire.

3 months ago

Was a sweet trail ending to the trail to a Sandy calm area.
Thankfully with the cloudy weather there was only four other people we seen on the trail but I guess it's a super packed trail most the sunny days.
Trail was small but it wasn't overgrown.
A bit hard to see trail marking from the road.

Trail was overgrown and it felt like I needed a machete to just walk. We got lost because we couldn't see where the trail led, not to mention all the spider webs. The water at the end wasn't really much to see in person, I wouldn't really call it a beach. I doubt I'll be back, this place is lightly trafficked for a reason.

Trail Is Still Closed At This Time. The Historic Columbia River Highway is Closed Until Further Notice. This Includes Trails Between Bridal Veil Falls and Multnomah, and Trails Between Multnomah and Ainsworth State Park. The Road Is Only Open To State Troopers, Game and WildLife Patrolmen, and Residents That Live On That Road. Anyone Caught Trying To Hike Said Trails Are Fined. This Is All Due To The Bad Fire They Had Last Year And Several Told Me They Aren't Sure When It Should Be Open. One Trooper Told Me It's Looking Like It Will Be June 2019. :( That Means Oneonta George, Oneonta Falls, Horsetail Falls, Ponytail Falls, Larch Mountain Overlook, Fairy Falls, & Wahkeena Falls Are All Closed Until Further Notice. If You Are Looking For Alternatives, You Can Look Into Multnomah Falls & Trails, Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Vista House. You Can Also Take A Drive To Ramona Falls.

This is the only place where people can take their dogs to run around off leash for endless acres surrounded by beautiful rivers and woodlands. The trail route listed above is only a suggestion of the endless way you can configure the maze of trails. It even includes crossing the channel, Which can only be done by fully swimming, which I would only suggest in the summer when it is warm and the waters are low, or by boat.
The only people not rating this five stars is a singular person, Sam M. Sam, we hear you. You think this should be a birdwatching sanctuary and you don’t like dogs. I wish I could take my dog to Oxbow or Dabney, but I can’t, not even on-leash, those are reserved for people like you. Please enjoy.

4 months ago

Consider -country urban- trail.
Gravel, not dirt, not paved.
The end I expected a bit more of a wow factor..maybe even a picnic table.
But good for bike riders, joggers, stroller (if you have a 3 air tire one), dogs, walking.
Cute little side trail that runs along the river is the best part.

Nice easy walk with the kiddos. Found a fancy rock. Made our little ones day.

4 months ago

Great family trail with nice views of Mt Hood.

Hundreds of families walk their dogs here everyday nobody cares about bird watchers. 68% of American households own a dog, deal with. There are thousands of other places you can go peep creepily on birds. This is the third review you have left on this hike complaining about dogs.

This place is has potential to be a more serene, restored river delta for birdwatching, picnics, etc. I came here long before it was promoted as dog park.

There's a missed opportunity for this to be a more serene, restored river delta conducive to birdwatching, picnics, etc. Pretty much a dog park so watch your step.

trail running
5 months ago

July/2018 Twas an excellent Sunday early morning hike. I enjoyed the quick 1.9 miles to the lake. The lake had a brook that added to the ambience of coming off a dirt trail onto sand out in the open sun. The water was warm and great for strolling through. There were lots of little fish in the water. Saw a few big ones jumping out of the water.

Parking: non existent, pull off on the road and park it

Trail: trail markers were blue markers, a minimalist method for marking the trail. Despite the minimalist approach to a trail marker the trail itself was established.
Personal trail rating = EASY the elevation was minimal. There were 15 trees/limbs to walk or climb over. There were some stairs at a steeper part of the trail right before a private property gate. FYI I’m from Alaska where inclines are a constant and trails are what YOU forge. This was easier than what I’m used to.

Trail use: trail running, walking, hiking, or day

This would be a place I’d hike Out lunch or a snack and chill on the beach with good company. There was some seasoned wood along the trail and there were signs of people having a fire. My only caution is to keep the wilderness and your trash separate. Packout what you packed in.

I like that this trail had a brook, sand, minimal people, great sun exposure, and it was a decent distance.

on Sandy River Trail

5 months ago

Hiked 7/1. Great for kids. $5.00 entry into park. Feels secluded and peaceful. Trail is easy but still feels like a hike, not overly trodden. Only saw 1 other couple all morning. The river is really neat; you can get out there through the grass easily, and the rocky shoreline is a lot of fun for just playing around or being peaceful. Probably good fishing too. Some mosquitoes but nothing crazy. Would definitely do again.

5 months ago

Nice two mile hike down to the river. Beautiful, quiet sandy beach. My pup loved running around. A bit more difficult with the two miles back up with the incline. Very nice weekend hike.

5 months ago

I walk this several times a week because it is close to home. Dogs are supposed to be on a leash and most people do. Respectful people let their dogs run but when someone is coming they do leash them. I don't want anyone to know where the side trail is :) it's very pretty and follows the creek. There's a good place for you dog to get wet. I walk alone but carry protection just in case. Everyone seems very friendly. Good close to Sandy and Boring.
I do wish people would not leave their dog poo bags. Just let the dog go in the weeds if you don't want to carry it home. The bags are worse than the poo.

5 months ago

Mom and I hiked every trail here. Earlier the same day I hiked Gabbert Butte to the south. The two trails connect at the water tower. A small loop is possible at the top. A trail splits off to tour the abandoned bus. The unmarked trails are a bit overgrown. It would be great if a wider loop hike could be made. As it is now there are essentially four out-and-backs from a central point where there is signage. For a longer hike, continue south around Gabbert Loop.

This is a great dog-friendly park with miles of branching trails and a nice variety of both open fields and forested areas, as well as plenty of shallow water for the dogs to play in - a dog's dream! Our dog had a blast running through the fields and trees and playing with the other dogs. The trail can also be used by walkers, runners, bikers, and horses, but be aware that there are dogs running off leash everywhere throughout the park. There aren't many trail markers and the ones that exist aren't very clear, so we had to use Google Maps to figure out where we were and what direction we were headed, but the trails themselves are very easy to follow and are mostly dirt/gravel. The banks of the river (and a few parts of the trail) can be rather muddy, but the water is fairly calm and slow-moving - great for splashing or swimming.

Be sure to bring bug spray! We went in the middle of the day in mid-June and the mosquitoes were horrible! Both of us and our dog ended up covered in mosquitoes every time we stopped moving and we went home with multiple mosquito bites.

Fun trail with plenty of choices. Powell Butte has number of trails to choose from. It's mostly flat open area, but there's some woodsy areas as well. Family friendly, easy going trails. Feels like an alpine desert. Nice place for beginners.

6 months ago

Such a fun and easy trail to do. I carried my 9 month old in a hiking baby carrier and she did great!
Bathrooms, and nice shaded trails that are well kept up.
Note, no dogs allowed.
Pulled right into parking lot and right in front of us 2 deer walking across the field and came 20 feet of our car before going down the hill!
Construction is going on off and on so check the Scouters Mountain Nature Park website for Park closers because of a new neighborhood being build right next to it.
Highly recommend for beginner hikers, people with children, and people carrying babies.
View point was beautiful (on a clear day) being able to see straight out to mount Hood!

6 months ago

lovely, easy walk, listening to the birds and trees

6 months ago

it was good easy

Awesome hike. Definitely some steeper climbs but it was so worth it to get to the peaceful beach!

trail running
6 months ago

with beautiful views & cool information posted on the plant/animal life in the surrounding area, with also a super cool physical display that shows the water system&how it works. just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids!

trails are great&maintained well, some steep spots for a stroller but good multiple options for trails.

I do wish there were swings at least for the kids for afterwards.

6 months ago

This area in general is one of my favorite places in the world. It's absolutely beautiful, calm, and while there is traffic it's never been so bad that you can't enjoy the peace nature has to offer.

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