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November 9th, 2018.
There was light snow starting at 7km into this hike, I made it to 9km and turned back as visibility had gotten to the point where I no longer felt safe to continue.
To the 9km mark and back to the Parking lot took me 7.5 hours

The snow will slow you down, and winter park hours may make this hike not possible unless staying the night.

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Perfect mix of challenge for all ages. Nice mix of terrain. Great view.

In this time the season we couldn’t get to far due to the ice over creeks. Come very very prepared for ice. Overall a great hike, just wish we could do it all. Come early and don’t start too late.

6 days ago

Loved it. Nicely-built trail winds up to hugely rewarding views at the top. Spend some time on the peak.

7 days ago

Great hike. 5 and a half hours round trip with a few breaks. Trail is well marked and in excellent condition.

Beautiful hike, even on a rainy day. I’d say the majority of this hike is easy with the last 3 km being more moderate and a bit of a scramble right at the end. Finished in 4.5 hrs. Highly recommend.

This has been one of my favorite trails for years. A beautiful ridge walk, a few easy scrambles and great peek through the eye of the needle just before the summit.

18 days ago

Yup, it's hard. Like another reviewer said, the climb is relentless. There is some climbing over rocks in spots and the trail can be a bit tricky to locate when you're going up. But the views from the top make it all worthwhile.

I reached Pierce Lake in 2.5 hours (it's at 6 km). For a really beautiful view of that lake, continue just beyond it. The forest clears and it's picture worthy. I reached the upper lake in 3.5 hours (it's at 8.1 km). The summit is roughly 40 minutes from here but unfortunately, I couldn't go all the way up, as I ran out of time and water. But I don't feel like I got gyped - the views are absolutely breathtaking from here!!

On the way down, I had refill my water bottle. There's a clear, fast-moving stream about 3.5 km in from the trailhead. Good to know if anyone else finds themselves in that situation.

All total, my GPS said it was 16.7 km round trip in less than 5 hours (not including stops). This is a challenging hike, for sure, but I would do it again.

Very busy until the fork where we took the climbers route.

Really nice hike with nice views of Mount Garibaldi that will help to wait before reaching this stunning Watersprite lake. I would rate it moderate, only the end in the rocks is a bit hard. We manage to pass with a 2WD V6 Silverado but we were close to turn back because of a big crack at 6.5k before the end. The road to Elfin Lake is an highway compare to this. I'd say the drive to the trailhead is harder than the hike :)

amazing hike, amazing, views very steep and hard hike bit worth seeing upper pirce lake and scrambling up to macfarlene

Gorgeous hike. Majority of the climb is at the beginning like mentioned before. Take your time and go slow as it is mostly loose rock.

Once you’re up top though, wow. Feel free to explore the top to see different angles of the valley below.

I would advise you go early, as the sunrise coming over the mountains makes table top and Baker shine a nice gold colour. The parking lot also gets quite busy if it’s a nice day out.

This hike isn’t very long but very worth it, I would suggest you to Ptarmigan Ridge or another hike with it to extend your day.

Aptly named, this hike really puts you up on a tabletop to take in an incredible 360* view of Mt. Baker and the Cascade Range, Artist’s Point, Ptarmigan Ridge, Heather Meadows, and miles of amazingness.

Take the upward slanting trail at the west corner of the Artist’s Point parking lot (packed to the gills and overflowing a mile down the access road on this sunny Fall day.) It is a brief but rugged hike to get up to the “table”. Most elevation is gained in the first half mile with one particular rock-face span of trail requiring slow and careful attention to footfalls on loose rock. In general, about 70% of the trail is gravel and scree. You’ll be looking at your dusty boots a lot as you negotiate the trail so be sure to stop frequently and look up!

Once on top, the trail wanders and weaves, and at time splits and disappears. It may appear on the AllTrails map that this hike connects with the Chain Lakes trail but it does not. The furthest reach of the Table Mountain trail looks down on the Chain Lakes trail. Stop here to enjoy your snacks while pondering how small those hikers appear below and how immense Mt. Baker is above. You are a magnificent speck of stardust, and being here—eating string cheese and pepperoni sticks—is a mysterious miracle. :-)

Very fun trail. It has a few challenging activities. Prepare for high stairs and ladders.

22 days ago

Took on this hike near the end of our stay. I was pretty worn out so I only made it past the 4th switch back. I was so disappointed but better judgement prevailed. Not a terrible hard hike but if heights are a factor this is not for you. On the day we went there must have been 100 + going up and down, so the switch backs were very crowded.

23 days ago

Hiked in via Kinney Lake Trail and came back on Berg Lake Trail. Went as far as Whitehorn Campground (at 11km) and back in 4:45:00 including several stops (watch said 4 hours if nonstop but I walk fast). Trail is easy to Kinney Lake Campground (at 6.5km) but becomes moderate as you move up the mountain at 9km. There are outhouses at both campgrounds. Even on a cloudy day, the scenary is incredible. Easy to see why it's rated so highly.

25 days ago

Loved it. Challenging if you fear heights but fantastic views.

27 days ago

Good short hike for a view. However not the easiest for everyone since it’s lots of stepping over tree roots and rocks

27 days ago

It was very hard as we carried heavy photography equipment with us and it was hot. Thankfully he started the trail at 7am to avoid the heat. All the pain and big effort, pays off once you get to top and you see the lake. Have good rest at the top so you are ready to go down legs need to be in good rest as you’ll squat like crazy.

I’ll never forget this trail it set up a before and after in my life.

Great hike. Perfect October fall weather but defintely cool at the higher elevation. Make sure you bring some light wool gloves. Pushed myself hard up and down with a nice lunch break at the top. Next time i will have to bring a collapsible fishing rod, as a fellow hiker pulled a nice pan fry with a few casts. Total up and down with photo stops and lunch break was about 5 hours.

it was a nice sunny day☀. We did the 3 peaks all in 1 day. it was scrambling and steep. The chain was very helpful to climb up. I recommended this hike.

You need proper shoes and no need poles.

1 peak: scramble and ladder.

2 peak: Very challenging. Lots of chains to climb up. There is a shortcut to go to peak 3. It is a very short distance and simple view.

3 peak: from the top...You don't need to go back to the 2 peaks. You can climb down and turn right going to the parking lot. there is no chain or ladder to climb down but steep and lots of rocks.

The rocks are big and steep. You need to pay attention to yellow marks from 3 peaks going down to the parking lot.

This trail came as advertised. Lots of roots, rocks and mud. Aptly named for the number of dogs and with lots of kids. Views were spectacular! Well worth the effort.

28 days ago

Rooty undulating trail no big climbs was muddy. There where lots of people. Took 2:13 with a slow dog out and back. GPS said it was 5.14 km out and back.

29 days ago

Tough trail but great views. I stopped near the peak because I felt uncomfortable doing the rock scramble alone. I passed several people on the trail, especially near sunset. Recommend!

29 days ago

hard but such a beautiful hike.

29 days ago

Right in the sweet spot of not too hard, not too easy, spectacular views, accessible from the Valley. We've done it in June, July, and October, and October on a sunny day takes the cake, it's a lot easier when you're not overheating. There's a small trail that goes to Flora Peak, it's much better than the lake as you get a 360º panorama of the all the mountains around, including seeing Greendrop and Flora Lake. Better to be up high than down low!

Beautiful and challenging. We went to berg lake in one day and stayed two nights. The scenery is spectacular on a clear day.

We went. To white horn very beautiful. Next. We are going to try. Out luck at berg lake

Always great to explore new places! Just did this a few days ago (half of it at night!) and... I guess we are just at the cusp of winter conditions there as it was snowing the night we got there!

A comical view on the experience here: https://youtu.be/YDrp21rOvrs

1 month ago

Love this hike! Done it with my kids and dog a few times. Challenging but so worth it!

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