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Loved this trail. It was a good workout with the reward of stunning views. Would definitely recommend!

BEST local hike for a quick, butt-kicking workout!

The trail is clean and well maintained. The view was worth the work. Trekking poles are strongly recommended for slick downhill portions.

7 days ago

Beautiful view from the trail. This trail is rated moderate. I hate to see what hard is. Take lots of water and enjoy the scenery. We are beginners so It was hard for us but we were able to conquer it. I would recommend this.

Started from the small parking lot at the trail marked “exercise trail” it was fun but not marked well. The view from the top is amazing!

nice walk, half of it is pathed. Dog friendly.

A bit dusty at points and a steep incline and descent that would be difficult to navigate without the appropriate footwear. Watch out for 2 swings near the cell towers.

Best views in town!

16 days ago

Great, peaceful walk that can be shortened by driving to close to top. Great for showing family and friends views of Morro Bay.

So much fun! The climb up (west end) was gnarly - dry loose soil + loose gravel + steep AF made more a scary incline. But once we started, downwards was hella scarier than upwards (and the folks headed down looked pretty scared!). The ridge itself was really good - fabulous views above the clouds. The climb down (east end) was just a tiny bit scary.

Would have been nice if we didn’t get attacked and consumed by mosquitos. Tried to enjoy an early morning hike, but there was no visibility of the bay due to fog. Could have been nice, but I wouldn’t know.

This hike is logged as 2.3 miles if you take it from the campground entrance. There is another parking lot towards the top of the trail and that is why some may say it’s a quick trail.

Trail is not marked very well and a bit confusing. Going up the trail, there were other unmarked trails which we later learned were Grove Trail and Pipeline Trail. When we were going down, we ended up in the middle of the golf course because we did not go far enough. We ended up walking
along the street near the Inn at Morro Bay to get back to the parking lot just outside the entrance of the campground.

View at the top is amazing with a nice view of The Rock.

Went to visit pismo and looked up a hike to do in the morning. Beautiful views the whole time provided by the ocean, caves, and nearby million dollar houses.

on Valencia Peak Trail

1 month ago

just hiked this one earlier today. fog was a view killer, but it was nice and cool. I will be back, for sure.

I did this hike on 7-11-18 and it was fantastic! I definitely highly recommend it for all levels of hikers.

1 month ago

Just hiked this trail. Great trail.. The last 1.7 miles is pretty steep climb. Go slow if out shape and you’ll make it to the top of the summit. Slow will take about 2 hours if you do long trail. Coming down very slippery. Bring poles if inexperienced hiker.

Gorgeous views of Pirate's Cove and the coastline, north and south. It's steep going up and down no matter which way you go, but well worth it.

We went the bottom half, got lost in residential area and then the last part was coming down the hill from the top of the map. I recommend going this way. The hills are steep, bring good hiking shoes and stretch.

Such a great feeling finally making it to the top! I did this with my mom and parked at the Avila village market to avoid towing in sycamore springs. We caught the Bob Jones trail then cut over to sycamore springs to start the trail. It was a steep trail almost the entire time but the breeze on top felt so amazing! Had some amazing views of Avila, but sad that I didn’t find the swing that has been up there normally. This was a great hike and a great leg work out!

1 month ago

Short hike from the parking lot but we started from the Inn at Mooro Bay to make it a little longer. Nice payoff to be able to get above the fog!

2 months ago

Best trail in SLO county. Or at least it’s MY favorite hike. Bottom half has lots of shade. Top half is quite a bit more exposed. The views throughout the hike are marvelous and they get better the higher you go.

This time I went up on the 101 side and then down to pirates back to the 101 through the fire trail and neighborhood. 2.90 miles total. Great views and a good workout.

I love this trail. Not too crowded ever, cool breeze most of the time- incredible views, good, moderately challenging (for someone out of shape) trail.

2 months ago

Great view from the top if there is no marine layer! Moderate seems about right. I’m pretty out of shape and it was hard, but my nephew flew up it pretty easy. Can get cold and windy at the top, so might want to have a sweatshirt handy.

2 months ago

My boyfriend and I were out at Port SLO for kayaking, but when we got there, the kayak rentals were closing due to a high wind advisory. He and I hopped back in the car and figured we'd scope out a hiking trail nearby (this is how I found the All Trails app). Sycamore Crest came up and being that it wasn't far from where we were at all, we figured we'd give it a go. Parking is tricky because behind the Sycamore Springs resort is where the trail starts, but there were signs all over that said "Guest Parking Only" we found a spot that was more out of the way and figured we'd chance it since the trailhead says 3/4 mile and the trail is marked as moderate. Boy, we felt out of shape at first, the trail starts out steep and continues that way. Luckily, there is a shaded bench about halfway up the climb. The views are amazing and the plants and flowers that surround (this time of year at least; early June) were beautiful. When we got to the top, the ocean view is just as you'd picture. Heading back was awesome because it's all down-hill. We couldn't help but trot/jog back. My car was still there, no ticket. Woohoo! Great trail, would do again...and would also bring more water. Ha! It's a good work-out trail for leg day.

2 months ago

It is gorgeous from the summit but hardwork if you start from the bottom and not the parking lot that is practically at the top.

2 months ago

Fantastic 4.2 mile loop trail with a great view of the ocean and coastal mountains. Be mindful there is poison oak along side the trail and some loose rock on steeper sections. There is a bench on top of the peak thanks to an Eagle Scout's project. Took a little less than 2 hours total, I will be revisiting this hike again soon!

First part easy, second part flat, third part about as steep as you can get! Going up is easy, coming down is slippery. Be careful! It was foggy for us, so the gnats were bad!

trail running
2 months ago

This is an awesome trail with amazing views at the summit. The scenery is diverse and the elevation gain is not too painful if you pace yourself. It is fairly gradual. Just a ways before the summit, the trail opens up to an impressive valley with a cliff on the right hand side. There are a lot of mountain bikers who use this trail. If you are hiking or running, be aware. Most have bells, but not all.

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