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My favorite Long Island trail I’ve hiked so far. I’ve been there 3 times and always a pleasure. I have never had any problem with too many bugs and never had a tick on me at this location. Lots of Long Island spots have tick and mosquito problems. Nice loop trail around the lake, it’s good for anyone including children. They have rowboats and campsites for rent, but I have never done either of those. Really beautiful spot and it quiet. Horses on trails as well. Kind of a secret spot on Long Island. Trail is mostly flat, no overwhelming hills. I’ll always return to this spot.

same trail as Stomp Pond Loop, just that this one brings you through the parking lot that charges $15. it's definitely an easy hike completed with my dog in a little less than 3 hours with stops at the stream. it can get a little muddy but the most of the trail is flat. if you have a few hours and want to relax definitely recommend it.

5 days ago


follow white dots and stacks of rocks on way up

We thoroughly enjoyed this trail. As my first hike at 64 it seemed difficult to me. We had been doing some town walks of 3 to 4 miles but they seemed like a piece of cake in comparison. Will do this trail again someday

Okay, so here's the deal from start to finish.

The parking area only holds 6 vehicles. If it's filled up you'll have to park down the road a ways and possibly illegally.

The trail starts out very green, very wide(8+ feet) and very sunny(and hot) in a mid August at noon. The signs say no dogs. Good thing my 20lb black Chi-weenie identifies as a 6 year old girl. No matter because we never saw anyone on the trail during the 3.5 mile hike. The trail does eventually turn into a normal trail hike with turns and hills. We took the long route by adding the area marked with dotted lines which takes you to Boney lane where you can double back to the main trail marked in red on AllTrails map. It adds a mile and a quarter to the total trek.

The trail is 90% clear with the occasional spider web across the face, those crazy fleas that circle around your head and some thin thorny branch hanging in the path. I usually bring my clippers to do a little community service but forgot them this time. They weren't vital thankfully because the trail was very clear and well marked with yellow arrows on the trees.

We also saw some white tailed deer.

The highlight was definitely the beach view toward the end. There are at least 3 ways to get to the beach. The first one located on the return is a high up cliff that looks down. I do not recommend trying to get to the beach from there unless you fancy a broken leg. It is a beautiful view though with a bench to sit on. The second one also has a bench with green lawn and will give you access to the beach. The third one we didn't explore.

All in all, I highly recommend the David Weld Sanctuary trail.

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Beautiful views!

Light walk with a beautiful field of flowers at the end of the trail as a surprise. There is a great change of landscape as you walk from the pond to the field. Great for beginners and folks with families

Incredible gem tucked away right next to the marina. Built and maintained by a local family, the space is full of beauty and positivity.

22 days ago

amazing hike!! killer on the the legs but well worth it. spent the night in my hammock at around 8200 ft super Smokey and windy. got up around 4 am to summit and to see the sunrise. I highly recommend this trail it will treat you right!

22 days ago

We like the trails.

The trail is a little “wild” there are quite a few fallen trees and a few overgrown areas, but overall it is a nice easy day hike. The entire trail is shaded and while there is no great sweeping ocean view at the top there are some great little views along the way so be sure to keep a look out for them!

Nice easy walk for after work. Well maintained.

Nice trails for all ages. Map is well marked and trails are too. Walked the blue trail. Great for camping. Has boat rental (rowboats). Bring your bug spray. Worth the walk, run biking anything.

29 days ago

Lots of fallen trees in the way and overgrown areas

30 days ago

Beautiful and well-maintained! There are, as expected, mosquitoes in the pond area. The swans in the pond are lovely.

Great hike that consisted of a trek out of the woods to a scramble over the rocks and a little bit of shake to huff up. Views were beautiful,and looking across the horizons you can see the top of Shasta standing proudly above the clouds. Majestic site. 2 liters of water is more than enough. We hit the trail at about 6:30 which made for a great day.

Better trail maps would have made not getting lost a little easier. However it was a nice day and we all had a good time.

We started at the Summit Snopark/PCT trailhead, not realizing there was another trailhead specifically for McLoughlin. We got a little turned around at the beginning, so if you start from here make sure you take a right at the first fork in the road, about a quarter mile in!
Other than that, be prepared for a tough scramble up rocks for about the last hour or so to the summit. The views of Shasta and all the lakes from the top definitely make it worth it!

Small trail. Beach view is awesome climbing rocks near the shore was fun.

1 month ago

You can either hike/trail run or mountain bike this trail, both are great times!

There are lots of twists and turns in the trail that keep you engaged. And logs are set up to create hills or obstacles.

Some fun things to stumble upon include a shelter made of pine tree branches, evergreen trees decorated for the holidays, and interesting metal debris that could be old car parts or not. Deer/wildlife and foliage are great for viewing here.

I hiked this on a rainy day and the tree cover kept me relatively dry. The pine needles kept the trail soft and stoped it from getting muddy.

Great challenging hike! Starts off with a nice trek through the woods, then you get to a moderate, rocky climb and finish with a tough scramble. Views are totally worth it but you have to remind yourself of that when you’re in the suck zone. Brought my dog, who’s a great little hiker, and she was pretty tired by the end so something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about bringing your pup. It can be especially tough for a dog up top in the scramble. We met a couple who turned around because their older dog couldn’t make it over the rocks. Recommend bringing lots of water and snacks, for you and your pup. And don’t forget sunscreen! It’s cool up there but the sun is strong. Tons of butterflies up top which was kind of magical. Highly recommend this hike.

Fun trails to run! Buggy tho!

1 month ago

Definitely a rocky trail! Great views and its about a 10.5 mile rt hike. Thanks to the markings on the trail: orange ribbons and white markings on the rocks. It was a hard hike since I have not been out hiking for a bit. Took me about 7 1/2 hours round trip. Would I do it again? Yes, maybe hike up and camp overnight.

you gotta love rocks for this one. starts out as a stroll in the woods then never ending rocks to break your pace and rhythm. trail is void of snow

not a hard hike by any standard, great views at the top, and bouldering for when you get bored.

the trail was poorly marked after the Ridgeline, added about 20 cairns to help. look for small white dots spray painted on rock as well as orange plastic ribbon on trees to help wayfind.

trail running
1 month ago

This place is perfect for dog walking/running. They really stress on keeping them on a leash. When it’s not as crowded and you have a dog that is trained on call back like mine, it’s five stars!!!

good hike ...despite a few fallen trees here and there.⛰

Hiked 6/24/18. For a somewhat experienced climber this summit is very straight forward. I read several reviews that mentioned getting turned around and even lost, but as long you follow Karin’s and white dots the trail is well marked. You almost never see the mountain during the hike, it makes the climb rather unusual, but once you finally beak the tree line the summit shot is fairly short. No snow at this point, limited skree field, mostly boulders to keep you out of the dirt. It’s hot in southern Oregon so bring plenty of water and start early! Signs say 11 miles, reports of 9 but I didn’t bother to check, be ready to climb (hike) a mountain and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of this summit. A good pair of trail runners and camelbak should be more then sufficient for this one.

The east trail had probably two dozen tree falls to cross. Pretty unenjoyable. West trail was a lot better. The summit has no coastal views so if that’s what you’re looking for I’d go with another trail. Minimal coastal views on the switchbacks. Good workout.

Wonderful local trail run for LI

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