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Small lovely waterfalls with water holes- large enough to relax during the hot summer months. Great area to hike/take pictures any season.

Most of the trail was in the woods, but also had an open field which was really pretty. Awesome little pools of water from the creek flowing down to the river that was fun for my dogs to get in. Would hike again.

nice trail..great pics to come

Haven't done it yet but curious how far in the Hertlein campsite is?

Hiking marks weren't accurate, very confusing to follow. Parking directions were poor, had to ask for directions. No kiosk to show trails. Wouldn't consider this trail to anyone.

on Tom Lowe Trail

6 days ago

Hiked part of this trail from parking lot counter-clockwise to connect up to AT. Definitely interesting/scenic trail with plenty of streams worth the hike. Would agree with some other reviewers that is probably more Hard than Moderate trail given the long stretches of hiking upstream balancing on rocks/roots (though keeps it adventurous). Only 1st time on the trail so couldn't say whether was more due to recent rainfall or just the way the trail usually is. There is a wide stream crossing not too far off if starting from parking lot going north where is difficult to pass if water is higher than normal (no bridge/plank).

Have done this trail in 2 different seasons. This time the water was amazing - start out to the right and follow blue blazes for the sand spring trail. Be prepared - long sections involve walking upstream, often directly over the water and from rock to rock - great if you've got good balance - and it's also very beautiful. The final stream crossing has no bridge and is not easy to navigate. Be prepared.

We hiked starting at 501 and camped at the reservoir. Rocks are everywhere on this trail, I thought I was going to break my ankle.

Just near the AT museum there's a road to the right, old shippensburg rd where you follow that all the way to the end. There's some parking there where you meet to trail head.
The climb was a great steepish uphill to the top. Unfortunately, I had to turn around at the second rocks bc of a big black bear greeting me. That was fun! A copperhead was laying in some rocks at the top too so they are around. Beautiful hike what I could do though! Near the parking there's a turn to the AT also that walks by a river.

Love this hike. Second time doing it Nd we went backwards which made it so much nicer. Great for the whole family (fur babies too) and lots of water for hot days!

Our family did this a few moths ago. Great hike

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

17 days ago

We went hiking on this trail last Monday. It is a nice trail with some steep sections and a few rocky stretches. It is passable on all areas, a few sections were water logged and boggy but overall an enjoyable trek. We actually started on Sandy Spring trail and jumped onto this pretty quickly. From the parking lot you go straight up the road and drop in on right. If you hike the trail clockwise you walk along parking lot edge towards houses and you will spot the orange marker to drop in there.

Hiked the northern section from Pequea Creek campsites to Bridge Valley rd area. This hike is certainly challenging and rewarding. Orange blazes were sometimes tough to notice but you catch on. The views of the river and the occasional bald eagle are terrific. This section of the trail brings you to some of the best tectonic caves on the east coast and the cold air blowing out of the openings feels awesome. It’s a great stop on the trail to do something different but bring head lamps. gloves a prepare for a dirty diversion into the caves. SO COOL! Good spot for a rest too. Don’t miss this portion of the trail. The caves are not far from Bridge Valley Rd crossing.

Great day hike. Enough to work up a sweat but enjoy a nice loop and some great views of the river along the way

This hike is really special. Just a beautiful walk along rocky hills, plunging (though small) waterfalls, and through lush forest and meadows. The “difficult” rating by the County Conservancy is probably accurate, but the trail is not too challenging; you probably want to be in decent shape if you expect to enjoy the entire loop, however. Lots of stream crossings and wet, slippery rocks, so bring proper footwear.

20 days ago

Quick Sunday afternoon hike with the fam = fab trail + stellar views + quality time with the crew

this is a great place to hike! I've gone here a couple of times with my family and had a great time every time!

Great hike! Amazing views from the top. Once you are done go for a swim in the lake.

28 days ago

Easy to moderate trail, loops around the lake then meanders up the ridge and back down along a small lovely creek. No views from the top, but the forest is full of mountain laurel, which I imagine is quite lovely when in bloom.

30 days ago

Great trail! In rough shape given the amount of trees down. Do NOT take small dogs or small children on the trail as it is technical. It should be rated Hard. Only saw a few other hikers while on our 4 hour hike. Muddy trail - so wear good hiking boots! Enjoy...

This is a very difficult hike but the views were amazing .This was my longest hike ever and I will do it again . I have no complaints at all .

Great hike and perfect for me to do with my 6 y/o.

Could be nice. Be careful at the very beginning some asshole broke a bunch of glass. Ny dog almost got cut

I did this trail with another person and we parked one car at one end and another car at the other end. I really kicked our butts. Make sure you bring the necessary supplies. There are plenty of water sources along the path. Lots of hills but nothing too difficult.

This was one of our first hikes, we loved it, especially the multiple steam crossings!

1 month ago

This was one of our first hikes this year and it made for an enjoyable afternoon. The path up is steep in places but manageable even for someone like me who has a few wonky joints in her legs. It was clearly marked and easy to find. And the view from the top was lovely. The only drawback was that on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, there were a fair amount of other people on the trail and at the summit.

1 month ago

Great hiking trail. We followed the white blazes and it was a little over 4 Miles, it took us about 1 1/2 hours. It was a 90+ degree day and we took 2 small breaks.

The trail and scenery are beautiful. I was a little taken aback by how many people there were wearing flip flops and carrying pool floaties though....I guess that's what I get for going on one of the hottest Saturdays of the year so far!

This was a beautiful hike. It's a little challenging at spots around the creek. I would suggest going through the meadow first and then looping around to the creek especially if it is hot outside.

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