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So gorgeous. Try to go on a sunny day to see just how crystal blue the water is!

beautiful day and started at low tide just after sunrise. saw eagles, a few seabirds. very secluded. be wary of the tide - coming back was more challenging as the beach started to disappear!

Sand sucks, wear proper shoes.

Nice long walk along the beach. Try to time it around low tide. The lighthouse is lovely with lots of historical information. We saw a small variety of sea birds but not as many as I had hoped. Overcast and drizzling, beautiful clouds but no views.

1 month ago

Interesting. Did this because raining at hurricane area and more clear below. Think we saw 2 small otters clinging to a kelp bed just offshore.

My husband, dog and I went on my birthday. It’s nice and all but we didn’t even make it all the way up. I wish we had. The hike itself was just so boring, uneventful, and exhausting. We passed two groups on our way back down, both of which seemed quite over it as well. We are not huge hikers and we just moved up here from Florida so take this review with a grain of salt. It was interesting and I liked it because it was a new experience but not because it was some amazing hike.

1 month ago

Everyone is pretty spot on with the review. The hike isn't much up, but the view is stunning at the top. Which you could drive too, but we needed the walk.
You can follow our camping adventures here if you're interested;

Great hike 9/8/18. Well maintained trail alongside beautiful blue water. This easy trail provides stunning views, old growth forest and even a few opportunities to swim in the clean, clear lake. Can’t wait to return!

I agree with the other reviews. More of hard uneventful hike. The view up top at the platform is pretty nice but the hike itself is pretty average. The river walk at the bottom is beautiful and short though. Add that in. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

Perfect! Easy, good hike, good views and interesting trail.

Well maintained trail and nice views of the Elwha river. The road to the trailhead was closed on the park side, so not many people seemed to use the trail. It was an enjoyable hike!

It really amazing place u will enjoying to stay and hike my kiddos love the lake thy enjoy swimming/:we come back sooner

we hiked here in the evening, didn't have enough time to hike the whole thing but we enjoyed the 2 miles or so we did hike, trail starts out in the trees then goes down a large hill to the spit. good spot for bird watching, we saw bald eagles. nice ocean view with the mountains in the distance.

2 months ago

Walking on the Spit was great. going out to the light house was way too much for me to do. Starting from the parking lot down to the beach, and out to the log stuck in the ground was 1.75 miles. Just enough for me to do. My wife as able to walk quit a distance more. The hill heading back up from the brach has an incline of about 40 deg. Quite steep. we than walked on the upper trails which was a lot flatter and easy to walk.
Getting on the spit there is a fee of 3$ for the day. well worth it.

2 months ago

Not really a hike per se, but definitely worth a stop if you’re out this way.

Very nice, flat stroll. Beautiful views of Lake Crescent the entire hike. Must see Devil’s Punchbowl- as others have said, take the trail LEFT of the 1st tunnel, not through the tunnel. You will cross a bridge over the swimming hole. Then loop around so that you go through the tunnel on the return trip. Great for kids!

We hiked from the Spruce RR trailhead all the way to the North Campground, about 5-5.5 miles EACH way. The CLIFF diving, also known as Devil's punchbowl in 1 mile in from trailhead. The reason newbies MISS it is because they wish to walk THRU the RR tunnel. If you're going to swim or watch jumpers, you take the dirt trail to the LEFT of the 1st tunnel. The swimming/cliff diving is on that path along the lake to the side of the 1st bridge. Water is deep, blue and COLD!! Have fun. The next tunnel is 1.6 miles continued along the trail. After that... we "thought" we'd find another trail and it was a LONGGGG trek all the way to that darn North Campground (one portapotty)and then 2 miles back to the 2nd tunnel. Kinda boring from 2nd tunnel to the North campground on a newly crushed gravel road.

Great trail for the entire family. Dog friendly, shaded, well groomed trail for hiking and biking. A few tighter areas that may require walking your bike, but safe for everyone. A lot of people were looking for the bridge and Devils punch bowl but could not find it. Locals may have a better idea, as no one we encountered knew of its location. So ask around if that’s what your going for.

off road driving
2 months ago

Writing a semi-review of this road in the hopes that it's helpful to others who want to head up to Deer Park and are a little intimidated by what they read about this drive.

First off, as stated by others this isn't a hike or something I'd suggest traveling by foot. This is a single lane gravel road to get you up to the Deer Park campgrounds and trailheads. I guess you could walk or run it but I'd be a bit concerned with avoiding cars, or more specifically them freaking out.

I drove up this road on Wednesday during July, the height of tourist season. There are steep drop-offs to the side as you go up. However, while it is definitely a single-car road it is not so narrow that I felt afraid of going off at any given point when by myself. Just go slow and you'll have no issues.

The only time things got hairy were when encountering opposite-direction traffic. There are little pullouts relatively often along the road, some giving more space than others. I went up Wednesday around 10AM and down Thursday around 1PM and only encountered 3 cars both times. Obviously your mileage may vary, and going on the weekends will probably be worse, but in general if you can go during the week and schedule yourself to to when you think people will least likely to be on the road (after the early morning campers pack up and leave, after the day-hikers arrive, etc) you'll probably be fine. And again, the pullouts work well mostly. There are some spots I probably would have been more concerned about than others, but generally everyone works well together to get around safely.

I went up in a Toyota Corolla, no 4WD, and had no issues. It's not super steep, just go slow and careful around the bends and you'll be fine. It was completely dry so exercise more caution after rain.

In summary, I don't think anyone should be intimidated away from making this drive, as the hiking and camping at the end are absolutely spectacular. The road itself is straightforward, and as long as you take it slow you'll have no issues. Your experience will probably come completely down to the traffic you encounter. But it's totally worth it.

beautiful! Great for kids and grandparents.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Biked this trail 7-16-2018. Not much traffic on a Monday mid-day. We have hybrid bikes, skinny tires would be a problem. Tunnel is no problem, lights not needed. Eastern half of trail is packed rock or dirt, western half is paved. There was a short section mid-trail where the dirt trail became narrow and close to the edge, as inexperienced trail riders we walked our bikes through this, otherwise an easy ride. The paved half was a slight grade uphill but easy biking because the grade is so gradual. On the return just for fun we coasted the first four miles without pedaling! Entire trip took about 3 1/2 hours including a delightful picnic on the lake.

on Dungeness Spit Trail

3 months ago

love it

Great trail for a easy day hike. Take the trail to the side of the tunnel for bridge access. Tons of access points to jump in the lake and cool off on a hot summer day.

Beautiful, but the swimming area draws a crowd. Definitely worth a visit for an easy stroll against a gorgeous backdrop.

So I didn’t do this trail, but I did go to this area. And when you pull in the first pull off for a scenic view on the left has an incredible sunset opportunity. The day I went there were two eagles flying above us the whole time. Also, right down the street from this rec area, if you drive down the road close to the coast, you’ll come to the end where you can take a sharp left turn down the hill. This is also an amazing view of the spit during sunset/sunrise. Enjoy!

Beautiful trail. It was a 6.2 mile hike, with 1000 feet of elevation gain with two pups. We parked near the Olympic National Forest headquarters building. Many bridges to cross, beautiful scenery, and nobody on the trail, but us.

Before you go make sure you have a good pair of holding boots, and toilet paper just in case nature calls. 5.5 out and the same back. I say this because I brought some and the person I went had had to go and we were miles out from anywhere. There is a bathroom at the light house as well as the trailhead.

super fun! make sure you bring a swim suit and take a jump off the cliff or bridge! great summer day hike!

We went out to the lighthouse and back on 4-20-18. The tide was out all day, so it was great to be able to explore everything, go up into the lighthouse, and not worry about getting back before the water came back in.

So pretty, easy walk! Dog friendly and it wasn’t that crowded.

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