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Great hike when you're itching to go out, but don't have time to leave the city. Head on up see the famous view of Portland from Council Crest.

Great city park. Good for trail running.

There are several unwritten side trails from the Neahkahnie headland. From the parking area on Hwy 101, descend toward Short Sands and look for a side trail on the left, about 200 yards from the parking. Welcome to the Neahkahnie Punchbowl! From here there are numerous side trails all over the headland. I like the one that traverses uphill to a heavily wooded cliff with outstanding ocean views, but watch your step. These trails continue across the headland to more views on the south side before looping back to the parking area. There are additional scramble trails that start further up the highway by climbing over a wall and descending toward the surf, but be very careful as these are not maintained and can be very thick with overgrowth.

nice and well marked simple and relaxing break from the city

one way small trails part of the way with a couple cross streets. overall wonderful with good incline!

Only challenging in a few spots and absolutely beautiful throughout the trip!

I've hiked a few sections of this trail, specifically, all the way from Scaponia Park to Vernonia. This trail follows along the Scappoose Vernonia Highway, but does not CURRENTLY end where the description here says. It actually ends at the end of Knott Street in Vernonia behind an unmarked gate. I have a recording that shows the map. If you begin in Pittsburg, you will be met with signs from Weyerhauser warning you NO TRESPASSING. All in all, a nice getaway from the city, but you certainly won't meet many folks on the western portion of this trail.

trail running
26 days ago

this is a great trail for biking, running or walking (not really a hike). it is an trail that used to be a rail road carrying logs from Vernonia, Or to the river in Scappoose, Or. Miles 0-3 (hwy 30) are all paved wide path. the views of the mountains and farm land is gorgeous! there is a quarter mile section that boarders a mobile home park but it's really not bad. I run this trail 4 days a week and am completely safe. there is not a homeless population out here like another reviewer suggested. miles 3-17 climb into the hills and it is gorgeous! mostly all shadded makes it an ideal place to run in the heat of the summer. it is mostly gravel during these miles with some patches of pavement.

Easily completed with a little dog in tow. Trail is well marked and the views from the top are life-altering. We got hit with a storm as we reached the summit and the wind was a bit treacherous from the top but well worth it. Watch for whales!

This was a gorgeous hike! Many wildflowers, berries to eat, beautiful trees! Trail is easy to follow and well maintained. In the shade most of the hike. Spectacular views from the top. One of my favorite all time hikes!

Easy hike, just be ready to be hiking in the outskirts of the city.

mountain biking
1 month ago

We started at parking lot across from B&B market aprox milepost 4 Mountain biking . It starts as a gradual climb along a small creek and gets steeper towards mile marker 9 and on. We went to mile post 12 and is a nice downhill ride back. Aprox 2hrs roundtrip. There are other parking areas along the trail also.

Easy, peaceful, good for hiking, biking (wide tires), and horseback riding. No motorized vehicles.

Really great hike, beautiful views. Would love to go back soon.

1 month ago

Wonderful beach at the bottom with sandy beach and tide pools. Great views. Lots of roots and switchbacks.

Took me and my girlfriend around 2 hours 45 minutes to complete with around a half hour at the top. Not to difficult but am in decent physical condition. The first 15-20 minutes is pretty thick brush (got stung by something on my arm) but trail opens up after that. View at the top is beautiful. Entrance to the hike is well marked with a sign.

Great views...however there are a number of very overgrown areas.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Nice Bike ride from mile marker 4 to 13 on the trail.

2 months ago

A local treat! I love this trail and the fact that not very many people know about it. I enjoy running/walking this trail after work or on the weekends.

A great trail! Well groomed, mostly well marked and it was just us two and 2 mountain bikers on the trail (huge bonus!) Loads of flowers (bunch berries and wind flowers were my favourites!) We did take the written description of the trail with us, and even though the written description seemed a bit daunting (seemed like loads of directions) - they were spot on. Highly recommend the trail!

You get an amazing view of the Pacific. Worth the hike

This year I'm exploring all the hidden hiking gems within Portland and the surrounding area. There are so many places I've never been though I've lived here all my life. This hike was one of those experiences, and I enjoyed it greatly. I chose a low traffic time, so I don't know how crowded the trail normally is. There were just a few others braving the steep climb up and quite a few more enjoying the park and view at Council Crest at the top.

Beautiful trail, the second half of the loop you have to come back on the road. Super dusty from people driving so we just went back the way we came in. Beautiful waterfall and not a lot of people. Ohv trails are separate so you so t have to dodge those.

I took my husband and my 10 year old, they both had a blast.

This trail is a really fun one! We saw lots of families and people on bikes as well as lots of pretty butterflies and birds.

Not too challenging and close to a great rock quarry shooting range means 2 activities for the price of one! Although the ATV’s and meth-y white trash take away from it all.

I’m a pretty out of practice hiker. I haven’t been on a real hike in about a year, so I was slow going but I loved this hike! The gun shots and ATVs didn’t bother me at all because it was so pretty. It’s not an easy hike like some people said unless you’re hiking regularly. I would say moderate is accurate. And especially having the trail almost totally to ourselves I would say it’s well worth it! And the falls were pretty.

First time doing this one and would definitely go again! The trails were a bit muddy with lots of roots and rocks but nothing too terrible. Once I got to the top viewpoint (so gorgeous btw) I opted to head down the other side to the highway. While there is a sketchy section of very little shoulder to walk along, most of the highway walk/jog ended up being on a sidewalk path.

Absolutely beautiful forest trail!

Wonderful hike with early elevation gain giving you amazing views of the coast. Busy 5/12/18 making an already muddy trail a slogfest. A scramble at the top gives you an amazing view of the coast and surrounding city so worth the 2000 ft climb.

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