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Delightful hike through the aspen trees.

if you are doing this trail, then do the entire loop.

beautiful trail. one of my favorites!

beautiful trail. long, but not terribly difficult. I've hiked it several times, including the full loop. It's a popular hike, maybe the most popular on the Mesa. Got caught in a thunderstorm once up top, which wasn't entirely pleasant. Check the weather before you go! If you can, go in the fall - the aspens are lovely.

Good option for a challenging hike that doesn't require a drive up a canyon. I clocked about 3,000 ft. elevation gain and 8 miles round trip using Strava, and that was going past what is described as the little black mountain peak to almost the end of the bigger peak, so I'm not sure how why the stats on this say 11.5 miles and 4685 ft. Took me nearly 4 hours total with about 10 minutes at the top, stopping to take pictures and breathe a lot in the second half. The steep section is definitely a doozy, but luckily the majority of the trail is moderate. Great sunset views coming down in the evening, and it is awesome to be able to see so far in any direction! As far as wildlife goes, I did see some deer at the top and there were plenty of crickets to disturb along the path.

I opted to do the Dry Lake hike instead of the Desert Peak, and I was not disappointed. I was surprised by the range of habitats the trail goes through and enamored with the views on the second half. The hike to Dry Lake took me about two hours and twenty minutes, and ten minutes less coming back down.

awesome trail. no water and it gets crowded when folks start getting off of work. great views of the city and beyond

The view is always great, but this is my least favorite hike/summit in SLC. The loose shale rock sucks, and makes me worried the entire time. The good thing is looking over Alta and Snowbird, and almost always seeing mountain goats.

Similar to comments below, the mileage is wrong on All Trails ... It’s nearly 2 miles longer round trip. But wow - what a breathtaking hike!!! There are panoramas and landscapes in clear view throughout 95 percent of the hike, along with unforgettable rock formations and a “key hole” formation than indicates you’re more than halfway to the lake. We hike regularly, and it took about 2:30 to the lake and 1:45 back with some light jogging on the return. Be sure to get out early if you’re doing a day hike (ideally by 7 a.m). Storms routinely roll in by 1 p.m. This is a stunning and underutilized hike you will never forget. We’ll be back!

Nice little hike. There are more wildflowers and clearer lakes on the south side of the canyon, though.

Great short but steep hike! Perhaps not the most scenic by comparison to its southerly bigger siblings, however Mt. Wire is an awesome experience unto its own. Great views of northern Salt Lake. Be sure to climb the ladder at the top for even better views!

AMAZING! Very technically challenging with scrambling required especially on the approach to the summit. The wildflowers stretching up the side of the mountain face in July is a sight not to be missed! :-) _/|\_ <3 When you reach the summit, you see great views of the Salt Lake Valley and neighboring peaks. I will have to come back to conquer Monte Cristo another time ...

10 days ago

We did two miles in and two back after finding ourselves with some extra time. Nice hike, not too challenging. In the sun a lot, so starting earlier is better. Views of the ridges above you are very impressive. Otherwise nice but not spectacular. Not crowded.

11 days ago

Rock Climbing: 5/5
Views: 5/5
Defined trail: 2/5
Overall adventure 4.5/5

I love this hike, but people should be aware that there is a good amount of rock climbing/scrambling involved. I saw 2 people turn around because it was too hard for them. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars.

Mt Superior is an iconic peak in Little Cottonwood canyon. Was not aware that dogs are not allowed in Little Cottonwood so a note to others - don’t bring your dogs. The first 1.5 miles were smooth sailing despite it being steep. Around the 1.5 mile mark, you make a turn that goes from trail hiking to hiking on rocks and loose shale. It is hard to follow the trail and the trail spilts with various different routes that merge a little father up. The last half mile is definitely a scramble and can be sketchy as you hike along the ridge which has some exposed points. Definitely a no fall zone. With that said, my 14 year old son powered up it ahead of me. We had great weather and limited winds at the top. Amazing views of Alta/Snowbird and Big Cottonwood canyon. Very rewarding.

First part is pretty steep but doable. Make sure to stay to the left and look for a trail once you reach the top by the electric pole. You should not have to start scrambling yet. We ended up taking a much harder route than necessary. We found this very hard to navigate. The last part has a lot of more climbing involved than expected. Not for beginners. Over all very tough but beautiful views.

Great hike, not too crowded, hiked pass 16 lakes. That’s cool.

15 days ago

My recorder shows 5.2 miles so unless the All Trails took short cuts, their distance is short(4.4 miles). Beautiful lake, worth the difficult hike. We backpacked in with enough gear for 2 nights. Had a trout dinner both nights. She said she would do it again even though it was “brutal”. She carried about 35 lbs on her back so I’m proud of her. Heard some coyotes yelping, saw a lot of deer, a marmot, and some beautiful birds. So far, my favorite hike in the Pagosa Springs area.

quite fab

17 days ago

So stunning. What a treat. The bugs are only a problem if you slow down!

19 days ago

Beautiful hike but the first 1/2 mike was all up hill. Saw a moose and a gopher snake.

We went up in a counterclockwise direction, going up the right fork (steeper side) and coming down the left. Somehow the alltrails gpx map (we did download it into gaia before going as the cell signal is weak here) doesn't show the last switchback on the left side of the trail (alltrails map doesn't show a true loop), and shows going over the river and going back down a part of the steep part. I'm a little surprised the alltrails map is not accurate as this trail is very well traveled. We got here at about 7am on a Sunday. There were several cars parked on the roadside, and several campers/hammock campers in the trail already. We rested at the top and enjoyed the scenery, so came down by 10am. The trail definitely got busy by this time.

20 days ago

Beautiful and not crowded!!

Hiked solo and not enough people for me to feel safe. The hike was pretty but I started the loop around the lake to the right and was essentially walking in marsh land until I couldn’t find a defined trail anymore.

great hike. we hiked into Wall lake and the bushwacked toward Cliff Lake and made it a 3 mile hike. Would be a good hike for children.

Gorgeous hike. The wildflowers above Alta were beautiful in the morning before you get to the saddle. Trail is now crowded, but enough friendly hikers along the way to feel safe. Lots of scrambling but it’s all easy if you take it slow. At the Superior summit, Monte Cristo looks intimidating, but it’s a quick 15 minutes walk over that’s worth it. I saw a beautiful buck in the morning, a wild turkey and lots of little critters. Reports of goats but I missed them. The round trip took me 3:20 with some trail running on the way down.

Only completed a couple of miles of this trail completely unplanned as we were on our way through Colorado to get to Utah, but I would definitely make an effort to get back there one day so I can make it further on seeing this trail. Between the pine-rowed canyon cliffs, the sights and sounds of the streams, and the mix of sunshine and shade, I felt that this trail in summertime embodies about everything I have always loved about Colorado. Seemed very family friendly also.

Started the hike at 5 am and it was awesome!!! I would definitely recommend doing it early morning since there isn't lots of shade through out the hike. Also, the city lights looked amazing!

Went this morning. Climb was a incline for sure. No moose seen. Cool and crisp hike. Only saw 3 other groups.

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