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Peaceful, beautiful and inspiring!!!

Depends on if you stick to trails or go down the stream. Stream is very slippery, but a blast to go through

28 days ago

I arrived at the Northern terminus at around 6 on a Friday (mid July) and parked there overnight. I headed South to Foster pond to camp overnight. There were a few campsites near the pond and they were all free, although it looked like they filled up by around noon on Saturday. Saturday I hiked to the Southern end of the trail and then back to the northern terminus where I parked. I started around 9am and I was in the car around 230.

The terrain was relatively flat. There were parts where the trail wasn't well maintained, there were some spots where downed trees blocked the trail.

I didn't see any streams that had running water, they were all dried up. I filled up my water at Foster pond.

The bridge is very cool but most of the trails are overgrown with vegetation.

Trail is well marked up and down on the Appletree Rd side of the water ... if you go up or down the other side be prepared, difficulty increases significantly around the lower falls areas .... slippery, steep, not well marked. Great hike no matter how you attack it, just be careful.

I've hiked it many times. Trail maintanance has noticeably declined over the years

1 month ago

We had a great 3 day trip on this trail. It was well marked through enjoyable terrain. We traveled south 5.85 miles to Foster pond. This was the best camp site with a close by water source. We then traveled to the southern end of the trail, had lunch at the leanto and returned to Foster pond. It was a great 12 mile treck with a variety of trail and not much elevation change. We hiked out to our car on day 3. It was a fun challenge for fairly new backpackers. Thanks to those who maintain the trail. Your efforts are obvious!

I visit Carpenter Falls all the time and it is always a great experience. It is a short hike, I would just recommend being cautious if you plan on following the trail down behind the falls as it is steep and can be slippery since the falls keep the trail fairly wet. At the trail head there is an option to take a right instead of a left, which takes you to another falls, which I believe are called Angel Falls, and even farther down it comes out right at Skaneateles Lake. This trail however isn't clearly marked and it is fairly difficult to get down to the other falls since you have to climb down the ravine. It is definitely worth it, however, just make sure you are wearing proper footwear, for both falls.

We liked this hike for a quick, short yet beautiful walk!

Took this trail as the larger chunk of a 15-mile hike. It's a great trail, runs through a beautiful forest. Unfortunately, the trail isn't maintained until May, so fallen trees were a bit pesky. However, I'd recommend the trail to anyone looking for a pretty hike.

One of the coolest waterfalls around. There are no safety rails or guard rails you can get right up under the falls. The main fall is only about a 5 min walk from where you park. Easy hike but steep in parts so be careful. The other trails are not marked clearly and the All Trails map is close but not exact. This is more just state land with public access than a park. Be careful not to to get lost. With all that being said, Carpenters falls is one of the few places left without a ton of safety measures. It’s been kept mostly natural with minimal human interference. It’s very cool I highly recommend taking the trip. There’s not too many places like this left where you can get right under the falls.

Steep but good climb on the rims.

cross country skiing
6 months ago

Great place to ski or mountain bike. Beginner to intermediate level . Awesome view of Skaneateles lake from yellow 6 trail on east side.

This isn't really a loop. It's a down-and-back trail. There's a point where you can go down (which is where it starts to "loop") to the river, but you have to walk along the river the rest of the way, which really isn't easy. Would probably be fine in the summer in sandals when you could walk in the water. But if you're trying to keep your feet dry, I wouldn't recommend trying to do the "loop."

Did not think it was moderate ...not hard at all. Beautiful place!

9 months ago

This trail is quite the scramble once you get near the bigger falls. Going behind the waterfall was nice treat. Lots of people out on this trail today despite the cool weather and dark clouds. We were going walk to Lake Skaneateles but ran out of daylight due to the pending rain.

Lots of traffic on warm days , though overall a very beautiful hike . The falls are gorgeous and the trail out to the preserve pops out at Skaneateles Lake . Not a very long hike but still fairly challenging .

Beautiful hike! From the map a quick hike to the falls then back and off towards the lake where it joins the Bag at Nature preserve. Beautiful hike!

This was one of my favorite trails. A must see

Beautiful hike with small amount of foot traffic. As others have noted, there is quite a steep hill to get to the falls. It can be very slippery. The falls are beautiful and worth the adventure.

Beautiful place to visit!

Best trail is the gorge, at end of trail go up to north rim trail and head to dam and you'll find the biggest falls. Very enjoyable, pup got good workout 2.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beautiful and well maintained trail that has 3 main options of hiking trails. We hiked the gorge trail early morning and the hiked the north rim trail later in the day. I definitely recommend walking to the top falls. It is in my opinion the best falls overall.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Don't miss the small trail section that takes you behind the waterfall.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

really a good hike took my daughter and we had a great time

Saturday, July 08, 2017

I loved this hike! We started on the North Rim trail, which was smart because we got all of the inclines out of the way first, went towards the dam for another waterfall, then followed the Gorge trail back. The gorge trail was so beautiful!! It follows the river and you walk over numerous bridges and pass by numerous waterfalls. So many photographic opportunities. I will be be hiking this trail again for sure!

Friday, July 07, 2017

Beautiful, peaceful area. Unfortunately was only able to hike about half of what I wanted to do to spraying for bugs/weeds earlier in the day. Was a little buggy in the trees, but tolerable, a few offshoots from the main trail were fun to explore, worth checking out, also get to learn a little history along the way

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

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