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Loved this trail! Such a good hike but definately would not bring my dog again! we had to carry her up several spots, especially through the chimney section.

Love the trail. A lot of good mushroom pictures. Wish there was not high winds the day I was there was not able to go to the peak. Definitely worth the hike

Enjoyed all the interconnecting trails

We went on a seemingly nice day but about a mile and a half up (which felt like so much longer due to the steep trail up) it started thundering, lightening and raining so we felt best to turn around and try again another day. From what I experienced, it was a great hike but pretty challenging with the incline. Can't wait to try it again soon!! P.s. If you find yourself having to turn around make sure you have good shoes to grip the rocks, it is very steep and slippery when wet!

This is a good last minute hike destination to choose since it is fairly quick. I wasn't blown away by the view at the summit but still worth the trek up for a few hours of outdoor enjoyment! We went on the first day of fall and the colorful leaves on the ground were a highlight for sure. There were a few places where the path was a little uncertain so look for the red signs on the rocks and trees as you go!

Moderate- Hard trail, we did the trail counter clockwise as recommended. I would rather climb up the tough spots then go down, which works out going counter clockwise.
Great views on the way up and at the top.
Dog friendly, you may have to lend a boost here and there.
Plan on 2.5 hours.

There are all kinds of trails in this area that neither AllTrails nor the paper map you can get at the trailhead show. As is typical for a suburban trial system, several different groups appear to have created their own trails for their own purposes in hiking, biking, or snowmobiling. A decent hiking trail, mostly flat, some water crossings and a watering hole and low-level waterfall to take in over lunch. A much better mountain-biking, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing series of trails. Watch for bikers; we had to step off the trail and let some by. Incredibly well-maintained bridges. We got "lost" in the network of trails several times, but then again I was looking to explore the trails not shown on the maps. I did not start marking waypoints until we were well into the hike, so I omitted marking a yellow trail we took and a green one we did not.

Nice loop trail. Lots of roots near the trailhead makes for looking down a lot. Trail goes down to Royal River which loses about 120ft of elevation and then comes back up afterwards. The uphill portion will leave you a little winded but besides that it's an easy trail. Takes less than an hour.

A simple hike with enough elevation gain to be strenuous for me. I like to do a slightly shorter version of the trail (1.7 miles). . I turn around at the second and last outlook and don’t continue to the end. If you do that you’ll get a little more distance but almost no extra elevation and no more views. You’ll just walk a little further along the wooded ridge and I’m not usually interested in that.

Great trail leading to fun waterfalls. Very kid and dog friendly.

I was turned off by the no dog thing- but on my way up- someone had a dog anyway- rebels... but seriously- a good hike- good views- but nothing to really look at except that scenic overlook- summit was very disappointing. It was ok, tho. Definitely good exercise! Just kinda boring.

12 days ago

amazing veiw. we went there 2 x in the week . we love it. it good for any age

Nice little hike. The trails are wide and well groomed. Perfect little place to get some fresh air that’s close to home. Not challenging at all, but pleasant.


Randomly did this the other day. Great climb and beautiful views at the top.

I found getting to the top challenging. Definitely worth the trip

19 days ago

Do not hike this after a rain. It isn’t a family
Hike - can be difficult for some up top. It goes through boulders and wet rocks covered with moss. The view is nice, but it is too busy.

Short but quaint. Did this with my grandson and we both enjoyed it. Perhaps it greatest feature is the ability to teach some history from the top as it is indeed a very historical site and monument.

This trail was more challenging than I had expected. I hiked it alone and wish I had someone with me. I lost the trail twice near the top due to fewer blazes. The chimney was more of a challenge than I had anticipated as well. Again if I had someone with me it would have been easier. I would not recommend kids or dogs on this trail. Still a great hike though.

Very memorable hike with my son and grandson. Tough in spots. Awesome views.

rock climbing
21 days ago

We had a 7 year old who scrambled up the trail with no problems (he’s low to the ground) but there are several steep rock faces to tackle as you near the top. I’d say the trail starts out easy, moves to moderate and becomes challenging at the top.

This is only for folks who are in great shape. You essentially climb Maine’s most difficult peak twice. There are easier ways to do this; the rangers at Baxter State Park do not recommend this “loop”.

another great walk on these trails, covered yellow, white, blue and red marked trails.

By far one of my favorite challenging trails in Maine.

23 days ago

Dog loves it, we love it, and it was right in our own backyard the whole time! Will certainly go again.

Short and sweet. Awesome view of lakes from the top.

I came down Helon after Knifes Edge. It was a tough downhill!

25 days ago

Great trail for the dogs, I agree with moderate and a beautiful view at the top of the tower.

This was a fantastic hike, but very challenging. You will see some amazing views and trails full of variety (stone, plant life, mushrooms, etc). But it was a difficult climb, sometimes almost vertical - and dangerous in places. Leave kids and pets at home and be very careful - I nearly bit it a couple times. The chimney is fun, but difficult to maneuver at 6' tall and 47 year old bones :)
The pond is very rewarding - so peaceful and beautiful. The trip down Brook trail was a little dull after the exciting ascent up Loop and the beauty of the pond, but still worth it. So be careful, but give this one a try.

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