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Maybe a bit more moderate than easy going uphill, but it was a beautiful trail. The first Lake was so big and peaceful. Nice quiet trail but definitely more traffic on it by early afternoon.

Very nice hike. The views are incredible. And to have the stream right along the trail was awesome! Will definitely do this hike again

5 days ago

This is such an easy hike. Even though it’s short the payoff is incredible. If you need a short break from...anything...this is an excellent option.

good short hike and very nice falls.

Other reviewer is correct..pic of lake for this trail is not correct so don't go just to see a lake.... don't think there is one there. There is a river, some small bridges that cross it, and you get to do a hike that spreads the elevation change(1300+ ft) out across a longer distance so it makes it easier which is pretty cool. I think I actually liked two other things the most...the old broken down stone chapel(I think that's what it is)at the end and the metal contraption thing that everybody has pictures of on here that is powered by water. Despite watching it for 10 straight minutes I have no idea what the heck it's purpose was....but it was fascinating!! Oh..and as a geocacher I need to point out that I found one out there. Have a good one and enjoy the hike if you go!!!! Oh....watch out for the mountain bikers as they come down the trail....they were all really nice and said thanks when I stopped and got to the side, but if some of them hit me going as fast as they were there might not be anything left of me....it looked really fun.....I have gotta try it some day if I can.

I’ve done his trail twice. It’s really good. Well trafficked so if you get hurt there’s someone close by to help. The downside is that it’s well trafficked so you’re never really alone. Ok the bright side, great cellphone coverage. At least on T-Mobile. I assume Verizon and AT&T’s coverage will be just as good.

It’s a fun trail. Do it in the morning. It gets hot in the summer afternoon.

Short. Easy with kids. Beautiful.

9 days ago

It has breathtaking views. It is uphill, but it's not too steep. You can hold a conversation while walking but feel it a litttle in your legs. At the end when the trail ends in order to get a better view of the water, it is no longer wheelchair friendly, and you have to step over logs and rocks to be closer to the water. I loved it!!

Did this hike this morning and loved it! So beautiful.

14 days ago

Great for kids an goes straight up till the waterfalls

14 days ago

This is a really fun quick adventure with kids.

Loved it! Lake Mary is stunning.

Hiked this early Sunday morning. We started at 7AM and were back down around 10AM at a nice and easy pace. It was getting really busy as we were almost done, but before that it was peaceful and quiet. Beautiful trail. Definitely a good moderate hike. With a little wandering around I ended up clocking around 5.5 miles.

Beautiful wild flowers! And saw a badger right off the trail.

There are a lot of badgers

18 days ago

Did this one yesterday and it took about 2 hours to make it to the top. My 4 year old was able to do the whole hike himself and the views at the top are breathtaking. Definitely a good family hike.

on Mill B South Trail

19 days ago

Perfect little getaway; also a good place to walk around the ol’ parentals.

Fun hike with beautiful wild flowers. Depending on your fitness level, easy to moderate. We got there at 7am and only saw 4 other people. Pretty busy on the way down. We took it slow on the way up, and stopped a lot to take pics of flowers. With one minor detour it took us 2 hours to get up and one hour to get down.

Very good hike

Definitely a steady climb. I always thought there was just one water fall because I always stopped down at the base and hung out then went back down. Today I kept going up past the waterfall and discovered more falls. The trail does continue to climb. we stopped at the area where it forks off to either Curly Springs or Dry Creek. The sign said only 1.3 miles from the Kiwanis park (where the parking lot was) felt like we went further. The hike was gorgeous and past the falls there was an occasional person or people hiking but for the majority of the time we were alone.

I was expecting more of a long ridge trail run, this is much more of a hiking trail. mostly steep ups and downs with few flat sections. as others have noted, the trail is poorly maintained after mile 2 (before the steep climb to the first peak). Pants would be advised.

Love this trail, beautiful all the way to the final destination, many places to stop and explore. One thing to be cautious of is bikers!! There are so many.

I love this one!! Start from Brighton and you’ll be able to see all three lakes. It’s a great hike for families that will still give a tiny bit of challenge. Bring bug spray!

Popular hike- the parking lot was essentially full around 9am on Saturday. Trail mostly shaded so could have even come later in the day. It's a short hike to the main waterfall, but there are more waterfalls to be seen if you keep going on the trail.

25 days ago

Great trail! Paved, shady and the cool air from the mountain run off make this a great stroll. I took my 4 yr old and 2 yr old. It was very easy and with the trail being so short it didn’t matter how long my kids would doddle or stop along the way. They loved seeing the butterflies and mountains and throwing rocks into the water. It’s a perfect outing for young kids and will tired them out without tiring the adult(s). The parking lot is small so you may have to park along side the road. If you go past the pavement just a little bit that waterfall is worth it. And if your adventurous and don’t have kids with you you could go even farther up in the rocks. There’s also restrooms at the trail head so that’s a nice bonus.

It is a moderate or Maybe because it was my first hike this season. The lakes are beautiful. I am thankful to witness this beauty of nature . It is so quiet and relaxing up there. I have enjoyed it .

Nice shaded hike with beautiful waterfalls

Super easy hike for the family and for your little ones. People bring their dogs on the trail and leave theirs dogs “mess” so watch for that. But fun and very popular.

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