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2 days ago

A warm Sunday at Berea Pinnacles. Love exploring and seeing new sights. Very good views once you make the climb up to the ridges. I like to see the views in the fall, bet there gorgeous!

Loved this trail beautiful view from the top a little work but well worth it. Cannot wait to go back.

on East and West Pinnacle

2 days ago

This wasn’t really what I would call a hike. Seemed more like a stroll through a park. Don’t get me wrong, there are some uphill trails that will get your legs and lungs working, but some of the overlooks weren’t that great. East Pinnacle had a bunch of trees blocking the view and there was broken glass scattered along most of the trails. Eagle’s Nest was a beautiful view of the area, though. These trails are highly trafficked. We went on a Sunday morning, and by noon, there were lots of people around. It’s a decent trail but nothing to spectacular.

All the reviews say poorly marked, but I would say they are simply not marked, at all. It was no big deal for us because we used this app and the GPS tracker to make sure we were headed down the correct trail, but we would’ve surely been lost without it. The trails were mostly beautiful, and we saw four different waterfalls on this hike. The trail on the far eastern side is kind of in a field and very overgrown, but aside from that we had no issues. I really enjoyed the little makeshift bridges and having to cross the stream on rocks, as a challenge. When you’re on the trail next to the Oak Triangle Trail (on the northwest side, next to the larger creek), keep a lookout for a little path that takes you to the water’s edge, as someone has taken the time to set up several impressive rock balances! A fun day, indeed.

16 days ago

it's pretty, not too bad of a trail

One of my favorites. Can be extremely muddy. I wish it connected to other trails.

17 days ago

Too many bikers. Not a lot of scenery. Was a great trail to get the heart rate up but had to share with a lot bikers and runners. Went on a Saturday morning though so that may have had something to do with it.

23 days ago

This metro park, and specifically this trail, is a gem for the Gem city. It has some great vantage points and many different ecosystems to observe and explore. I saw a wild turkey while on this trail, as well as many rabbits and toads.

The orange trail has many connection points with other trails so that you can customize your experience each time you visit. I backpacked to one of the designated campsites by way of this trail and a few connecting trails. Overall it seemed very well maintained and regularly travelled through compared to some other sections of the park, which were laced with spider webs and partially overgrown.

This trail tends to get muddy, so I would recommend gaiters or something to prevent the mud and moisture from getting to your socks.

Love these trails! different options for different skill levels. perfect for getting ready for a big hike.

Beautiful trail but it is poorly marked. It was a little grown over in parts. All in all it’s very good. Will come again and again.

We have been on this trail countless amounts of times. Our kids love it as much as we do!

Nice, clean trail, but no where to sit and rest until the end.

Simply gorgeous. Especially in the fall and winter.

Fantastic trail. The view at the top is unbeatable for Ohio. Trail is clearly marked the whole way up. I had my kids (as young as 4) with me and they did great. Not a really hard hike at all. Steeper parts are spread out.

The K section closed and looked very overgrown on July 4, 2018, It was nice and shady on a very hot summer day. A good workout with lots of ups and downs. Very few people on the trails. Some families with small kids playing in the stream.

Trail was rated appropriately. There’s not a lot to look at though and there were only bikes on the trail. No other hikers. I wouldn’t recommend for hiking when there lots of other great trails in the area that are for hikers only.

1 month ago

Had an Hour long driver to get to the trail, and it was worth it. It was slightly muddy but manageable. The hike was not very hard, and the views were great. We look forward to going back in the fall when the leaves are changing color.

Amazingly beautiful for an easy lovely hike. We almost skipped this one- don't, it was so beautiful especially on a 90+ day!

1 month ago

This trail is NOT marked at all. We parked and had NO idea where to go. NOTHING is marked. We started on the green trail and finally hit the orange trail. Once we were finished with the orange trail, we had no idea where we were. The trail itself is the most hilly of any trails we have hiked. It is nice on the trail but very frustrating due to no markings telling you know where to go.

Lots of huge trees, and lots of hills! As others have mentioned, the trail markings are a little confusing, but there is a map available at the nature center which helps.

A beautiful and occasionally challenging trail. Some sections are quite easy, while others are a bit tricky to navigate but nonetheless enjoyable. If you take time to look around as you walk you’ll see some beautiful, very deep gorges framed by some impressive cliffs/rock formations. It can be muddy so I’d plan accordingly especially if it has recently rained.
The trail is fairly remote, but once you find it, it’s pretty well marked. The path is well defined, but also someone took the time to put orange marks on the trees along the trail which is quite helpful. The view at the trail end is spectacular. I would also advise that if you do bring young children, keep them close as there are several areas where there are very significant drop offs, especially at the trail end overlook. This trail would be especially beautiful in the fall.

This was a great trail! Very peaceful and beautiful. Definitely continue on after the paved portion ends. My boys and I had the waterfall area at the end to ourselves for a while on a Sunday afternoon. We loved it! Look forward to a return trip!

1 month ago

I'd say this is more properly categorized as easy. Would be great for families with kids. Nothing much to look at until you reach the top, which is a beautiful view. We drove quite a ways to get to this place, so I was a little underwhelmed with it.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trails with many options for all skill levels. Trails heads are marked well and maps are easy to find.

The trails are pretty but definitely need better markings. Especially where trail 2 comes out near the trailside shelter. On the map it looks like it runs parallel to that shelter and the swings further north. There’s a trail marker slightly hidden there that sends you down a creek bed which I’m pretty sure isn’t the actual trail. Then, when 3 and 2 split off there are markers but if you take the trail 2 loop you are in your own for markers until you get to the intersection of the trail leading to campground A. It needs more markers since there are a few side trails that cause you to question which way to go. Trail 3, which was pretty much a straight line and the easiest to follow, had the most markers.

I did use one of the shelter restrooms and it was clean and well stocked. The gate attendant was very friendly.

1 month ago

Been hiking here for 25 years & it’s the only thing close to a virgin forest in this area that I’ve found. A lot of Japanese honeysuckle has grown in those 25 years which is a big negative but love the hike still after all these years.

Very pretty trail, can get muddy. Lots of pretty streams and the lookout is relaxing. Pretty easy hike.

trail running
2 months ago

Excellent for a challenging trail run or hike. One of the best trails in the area, in my opinion. Narrow dirt trails, towering old growth trees and steep ridges make for a more remote vibe than typical of southern Ohio parks. It isn't too heavily trafficked either, so that adds more to the removed feeling. Unfortunately you can hear the road traffic from most of the park, though I didn't find that that decreased my enjoyment of the trail. There are lots of side trails that are not well marked, but they all connect back to a main trail somehow. If you aren't concerned with following a strict route, it's fun to "explore" the side trails to create your own loop. I ran random trails here for about an hour and never repeated a trail.

lots of up and down hills! wonderful hike with a beautiful view ! Even found a buzzard roosting at the look out point!

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