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Do you like rolling your ankle? Do you like busy trails? This is the trail for you then. The trail is clearly visible until the scramble to the top on the near peak, I stayed on the northwest side and found a route suitable for me without any issues. The worst part of the trail, other then being really rocky, was a stretch right after the washed out area. Lots of incline there. For me slow and steady wins the race. Great views from the top. I wanted to go to the second peak but I could see storms moving in so I left.

Did this hike with my wife in a sleet storm. Fairly easy hike for most of the way until you turn up Mount Chiquita. Cold and exposed! Beautiful though........

21 hours ago

Great trail, rained on us but other than that it was awesome!!!

This was a great hike with breathtaking views... My partner and I started around 7:45 AM and reached the summit just after 9:30. We spent about an hour at the peaks before heading back down, and we reached our car around 12:00. We traveled at a brisk pace with a few stops to hydrate and catch our breaths. The air is thin and dry, so take your time, and (as always) bring more water than you think you’ll need. As many of the previous reviewers have stated, I would rank this hike as more moderately-difficult than hard. The trail has a slight incline most of the way with a few steep portions in between. It is rocky/jagged towards the end, at the summit, and on the way back down, so wear footwear that have protective soles lest you hurt your feet. The majority of the hike is in the forest- very shady and peaceful... Overall, this hike is a great choice for inexperienced hikers. Very doable, and the views will definitely not disappoint!

Hit the trail at about 7am on a Saturday and it was great, not crowded but started to see more people in the way down, still not bad. Definitely strenuous, but I haven’t done many hikes lately so I’m not sure I’m the best judge. Pretty mellow first half until you climb between bear peak and south boulder peak, easy to hit both while you’re up there and each offers a little bit of a different view so definitely check both out (only adds like 20 minutes I’d say to the hike). Very pretty views and diverse vegetation from top to bottom which kept it interesting. My knees were shakin’ on the way down as there’s lots of rocks to go down but that’s only about 1/2 of the trail, as the first half is quite wide and gravelly. Would definitely do it again!

A great hike! 4 stars instead of 5 because the first ~2.8 miles of the route got a little boring with all the trees (which were pretty! Just the same view for a while), but the view at the top was gorgeous. If you’re comfortable with it, definitely climb up the rock peaks at the top to get an even better view.

It took us just under 2 hours to get to the top, and about 50 minutes to get back down. However, we normally walk fast, and passed many people both ways. There were some pretty steep parts, especially halfway through, but nothing too difficult or unsafe. If you’re regularly active and in good shape, you’ll find this trail to be moderate and not “hard.”

6 days ago

this was beautiful at the top but it's definitely HARD

We thought we were doing the easier Kreutzer trail as there are two entrance points in the picnic area that you can get on the trail. It was a bit difficult for my 8 and 10 yr olds. Lots of burned and beetle kill trees. We will come back for the easier trail and the kids can build up their strength for the harder one.

A tough climb but so worth it! The air towards the top is pretty thin if you're sensitive to that. There's a bit of a scramble across rocks before you reach the saddle. If you want to avoid that, you can take the low road which branches to the left at the sign that says "all peaks this way (to the right)". That trail steepens drastically at the end though before rejoining the main trail. The climb up Chiquita is no joke! It's something like a 45% grade the whole way from the saddle but worth it. Would do again and budget more time (and food) for all three peaks. Saw huge herd of elk, several deer, and tons of pika and marmots.

This ended up being one of my favorite hikes of the trip. It was definitely a challenge for me and my friend, two Midwesterners who have never climbed a mountain or generally even faced high altitudes before. The elevation gain and rocky terrain are brutal at times but definitely manageable, I think having hiking poles would definitely have made it easier. It took us 3.5 hours to get to the top, going at a reasonable pace and making frequent stops to let our lungs adjust to the altitude. The views at the top are astounding, especially if you scramble up to one of the peaks to get the full panoramic view, but the first 3 miles of the hike itself isn't terribly exciting. You are surrounded by beautiful huge trees for most of it though, so it was peaceful, and when we began our hike around 8:30 AM we saw several elk right off the trail. All an all I would definitely recommend this hike if you're looking to summit a mountain but are an inexperienced hiker.

7 days ago

Beautiful hike! There were meadows and thick forests! Only downside was there was no water, only some dried stream beds. We took the crosier rainbow trailhead that is 8.0 miles from US 34; very steep and wonderfully challenging. Would say the rainbow trail is difficult rather than moderate.

The hike up isn’t the most interesting, but the view at the top is definitely one of the best in the park. The trail gets pretty steep at a bunch of points, and the altitude can really get you if you are not used to it, but if you can, hike Twin Sisters.

7 days ago

Definitely a challenging trail. I’m in good shape but being from a lower elevation, I felt pretty winded at times. With breaks I still took about 4 hours with a half hour break at the peak. The view was worth it for sure. Highly recommend getting an early start since the trail is in the full sun at the beginning.

This hike borders on moderate to hard. A fairly mild incline with a few steeper sections. We have run into a large bear on this trail so be alert and be prepared for what to do. We had to turn around the last time when the big guy would not back off and grant us passage.

Excellent hike! We did this on August 7, 2018.

13 days ago

Did this hike on the afternoon of 8/1 after flying in to Denver in the morning. No altitude issues despite the lack of acclimatization. Much less crowded than the Bear Lake area; no difficulty in finding parking across from Lily Lake and up the road a bit, and only a few people on the trail. The hike itself is mostly fairly easy switchbacks through the woods. Lots of pikas and a few marmots after getting above the treeline. The views at the top weren't amazing because it had gotten pretty overcast by then, but the summit certainly had a nice view of Longs & the surrounding valleys and would probably have been marvelous earlier in the day. All in all, a good hike but not one of our favorites in RMNP.

It was a great day with my husband. This was our first hike and it was fun. It was too bad for heat wise. It rained and it was beautiful.

14 days ago

This is a great hike. I would call this the long slog to the top. We took Mesa via Towhee to Shadow Canyon to Bear Peak. Really beautiful views at all levels of the hike. Ran into rain/hail going up and waited it out. it cleared for a bit and by the time we reached the saddle more fronts we coming in. The Summit scramble was quick and we got pounded again with hail/rain coming back down to the Saddle. Overall...it was an awesome hike with wonderful view. took us 7.5 hours round trip. Most of that was due to several breaks and a couple good pauses for sheltering from the hail.

So beautiful at the summit. So worth it!

We were coming from Grand Lakes, so we decided to park at the Alpine visitor center and walked down along Old Fall River Rd to the Chapin Creek trail head (2.1 miles away). This was only 40 min drive to Alpine center instead of 2 hr drive to trail head via Old Fall River Road. This trail head would be easier to get to from Estes park.
The trail was beautiful. Got above tree line quickly. Then narrow rocky path along slope of mountain. We missed the trail junction turn up to Mt Chapin (turns out there is a small cairn but no trail sign) and we ended straight up Mt Chiquita which was a very difficult 1000 ft climb in the last mile requiring multiple stops. It got very windy and exposed too. The summit is very rocky (RMNP) but easily traversed. Took us 3 hrs to get up there. Coming down was easier but we got caught in light rain initially, which then turned into heavy hail storm in the last 1/2 mile as we were walking back up to the Alpine center. Should have hitched hike then.

We completed this trail today. The views are gorgeous most of the way. Loved it. You must go up the one-way Old Falls River Rd to get to the trailhead, part of which is beside a steep dropoff with no protection. Parking is limited on the road which is already narrow. You miss a parking spot, it isn't like you can turn around! My GPS registered a ways farther than 5 miles round trip, but maybe I was taking smaller steps...? It got a little strenuous on the last stretch with the incline. Many places you must be able to navigate over various-sized rocks, some of which aren't fixed into place. Bring plenty of water and extra layers as the wind was strong and chilly nearing the top. We noted elk, marmot, and pikas on this trail. There was a marmot at the top who obviously has been fed by people. Don't do it. I saw too many folks starting out too late and/or with little or no visible water. You don't want to be on this hike when bad weather moves in - lots of exposure. Start early and be done by 1pm.

Great walk

Amazing views, very windy at the higher areas, we started early around 5:15am to get up the long road and get parking.

Wonderfully peaceful and scenic hike. My friends and I saw not a sole on a beautiful day. Great views on top!

16 days ago

Did this hike on Wednesday, 7/25. Parked at lower trailhead - across the street from Lily Lake - at 7am. It was me and one other car in lot but there were 5 cars parked at the upper trailhead. The Hike was great, a steady incline, and the summit was cool. Did a short rock scramble up both peaks. Only saw ~8 people on ascent but lots on way back down.

From GAIA GPS: 7.60 miles, 3:53 hours (13 minutes of stoppage time), and 2384' ascent.

Beautiful waterfalls, not much shade and very hot though. Saw a little black snake near the water.

beautiful hike, and great views above treeline almost the entire way. We went to Ypsilon after Chiquita, which wasn't much longer, but the trail is almost nonexistent which made it a little tough. The views from the top of both are pretty since they're both 13ers, but Chiquita is a little flat on top which lessens the 360 views.

When leaving, the one way road makes you drive all the way up to the scenic highway and then all around the park to get out. There was traffic on a Monday afternoon and it took us an hour to get out of the park.

16 days ago

Mileage on the All Trails app is inaccurate, it is closer to 5.2 miles. Counterclockwise, the descent is challenging and slippery and steep. If we do it again we will go clockwise so we can have a calmer and more enjoyable descent. $6 to park. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, a hat and rain gear. Leave the dog home so you don’t annoy other people on the descent.

I felt like the hard rating on this hike was fair due to the almost constant incline on the ascent, the rocky terrain above the treeline, and the boulder climbing to get to the higher peak.
I was kind of disappointed with the first three miles of the trail, just head down watching my footing and not a lot of breaks from ascending to take in the surroundings. But, the top half of the hike more than made up for it.
There were awesome 360 views from the top of both peaks. The lower peak got pretty crowded but the second/higher peak was deserted. The climbing up the boulders to the higher peak was a blast.
There were some other rock formations along the way that we climbed on too.
We hiked on a Monday morning, started around 7:30 am, it took us about 4.5-5 hours and we hung out at the top for quite a while and added in extra rock climbing. All in all, fun hike.

absolutely one of my favorite hikes. love climbing up the waterfall to the top. not many people on the trail. great day!

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