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great trail and a good swim opportunity on the fjord side, no beach but a boulder entry.

Did it on a foggy, drizzly morning, so no views, but still a nice hike. Started on the St. S. Mt. Trail and went as far as Valley Peak before turning up the Valley Trail and heading towards Acadia Mt., which added about another .7 miles. Glad I did not start out climbing Acadia Mt., as descending the wet rock on the steep side would not have been a good time.

I went up Mt. Acadia. I did this the opposite direction of the one most people recommend - first up to Acadia Mountain and then down the boulders and through the fire path back to the parking lot- this rewards with breathtaking views of the sound while hiking down from the peak, which you can't see very well while climbing up the boulders from the other side! It took me about 1:45 on a very hot day but might be around 1:30 on cooler days. My favorite hike in Acadia so far

Great hike. It was definitely tricky in spots, but well worth it when you get to the top. Fantastic views of the Sound. We went at about 4:30 and only encountered 3 other people on the trail, and we had the top to ourselves for quite awhile. My 14 yo and 10 yo handled it well. Definitely sneakers or hiking boots, and I wouldn’t bring a dog.

Amazing view at the top. Some steep sections. If it has been raining a lot recently would recommend red trail over yellow trail or you may do some slipping and sliding.

Belle randonnée intermédiaire. Si vous faite cette boucle il est préférable de débuter par Saint-Sauveur et remonter Acadia. La montée sur Acadia est très abrupte. C’est mieux que de le descendre.

This was a cute, easy trail for the most part and had two stunning outlooks! would love to do it again in the fall.

Confusing trail markers but has a nice lookout spot over the reservoir

I agree with previous comments, not difficult at all. Summit view was beautiful.

Beautiful hike! Did Mt S first and Acadia second. Definitely the route to take. A lot of steep rock climbing but, my 9, 7 & 4 year olds were able to do it. 4 year just needed a few boosts. Took our family of 5 about 4 hrs with several stops for vista views and snacks!

We had a beautiful hike on this trail today. Following the advice of other reviewers, we hiked St S first and then Acadia. Shortly after you climb to the summit of St. S you are rewarded with amazing views of Sommes Sound. There is a good bit of boulder climbing on the way up to Acadia Mountain. We spent over 3 hours on the trail enjoying the views. By noon, there were a lot of people on the Acadia Mountain trail. If you want to a peaceful hike, go early in the morning!

27 days ago

Got to the top when it was raining and foggy so not much to see at the summit on day 1. We camped on a platform at liberty springs and met some amazing people. Woke up at 4:30am the next day to hike up to see the sunrise. I know that sounds crazy but it was worth it!! There was still a lot of fog but the views were incredible. I would definitely do this again!

This is a great hike. Started with St. S so that we could go up the boulders. Hike is ok for athletic dogs as the rocks on the back side of Acadia get challenging.

Beautiful views, and great hike..

Favorite hike in the park. After this hike you can go across the field for a cool down swim at echo lake

beautiful trail! the view at the top is the best. my great Dane loves it as well

Did this trail on a Thursday in early June to get up to Liberty and then across the ridge and down to Greenleaf Hut. Definitely a straight up trail and not many view points. Not really fun, except when I hit the Franconia ridge trail. I was super thrilled when I did, finally got a good view for the effort. No scrambling, nothing scary or challenging, no lovely water features (like I assume Falling Waters had). If you're not trying to bag Liberty, I'd say take Falling Waters up to the ridge... it would probably be a little less lame.

Great hike with beautiful views! Had lunch at the Butterfly Gardens close by.

1 month ago

Great spot for a hike, rock climb, and amazing view. View from the top is breathtaking. There’s an easy and moderate trail to get to the top. Would recommend this hike to friends, families with children, or couples. (Personal note: Came here with Kev 6/25/18.)

Like other reviews, I recommend doing St. Sauveur first and then Acadia. Really great views of the Somes Sound!

Doing Mt. Sauveur first and then Acadia is for sure better. This way you have the slightly challenging but fun hike to Acadia up and the easy way via steps down. The views are great. We started from Sauveur parking lot and used Ledge Trail to get to the loop. Took about 2.5h plus many photo stops.

1 month ago

Really pretty waterfall! Hike was short and easy. Seemed to be a lot of teenagers “hanging out” in the parking lot. Lock your car.

I think you have the wrong trail in the map. Millington trail is the red blazes. I know this, because I passed the green trail twice like the devil’s hopyard map says. I think it might be the green trail or blue. The trail listed which is green is the woodcutters trail and the blue it’s just blue. It’s easy to see when you look at the devil’s hopyard map they provide. Great trail I just wanted to bring attention to this and make it so others weren’t as confused as I was. It says that it is connected to the orange trail, but it goes out to the left of the map out of any crossing. Or maybe it’s labeled wrong as the upper loop of the orange trail where you go down a bit to the end of the second loop go back up and skip devil’s oven. Just fallow the red blazes after the waterfall.

Easy trail until you hike up to devils oven. Which has a big incline. Brought a dog and the dog could keep up.

Unreal sunset spot

Second time going here. Absolutely my favorite. It's a work out climbing up the steep inclines. We
saw tons of red spotted purple butterflies and some turkey! my Wife almost stepped on a garden snake. lol

much easier than moderate. easy plus, maybe.

The directions to the trail didn't bring us to the trail head. We pulled into the picnic area and went to the end. Go over the bridge and stay straight. As you ascend the mountain you will see the red markings. Trail was a bit muddy

We hiked Acadia to St. Sauveur, but I wish we would have done it in reverse. There is always next time!

2 months ago

My wife and I did it with our 2,6, and 8 year olds, all of which were able to do trail even in drizzly conditions. Beautiful forest walk and falls. There was a bad stench upon arriving and we eventually noticed a dead beaver carcass which I found odd. Overall we enjoyed it!

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