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Went by Lower and Upper Twins to George Lake today (8/1). Trail in great shape and easy to navigate. No bugs, mosquitos or other irratants. How lucky can you get.

There’s no marked parking area. You have to park on the highway and walk about 1.5 miles on a paved road before you even get to the trail. There is trash littered everywhere. Almost all the bigger rocks have been tagged-kids suck. The trails are marked with blue/green/red paint which is somewhat helpful if you ignore the colors and just follow the markings. I took my dogs with me and they played in the water a bit but they smelled like a sewer when we got home.

great trail but careful - I almost stepped on a rattlesnake (Southern Pacific Rattlesnake from doing some research) there today!! Was down by the river about 3 miles in. It was just under a fallen tree trunk about a foot off the ground that I was walking on - from the path to the river.

10 days ago

Last two miles before Twin Lakes is difficult but well worth it.

This could be really beautiful, but people ruined it by leaving trash everywhere and graffitiing the rocks. I don’t understand why people would want to trash something so beautiful!
Leave no trace!

This is a gorgeous hike but I was SO disappointed by how much trash was on the trail. Picked up 17 water/Gatorade bottles and three dog poop bags worth of garbage. I don’t understand how people can hike to enjoy nature and then trash it.

11 days ago

Upper twin lake is a great backpacking spot.

Completed Mount Baden Powell Trail. Hiked 8.9 miles in 5 1/2hrs at an elevation of 9,363ft and a grade of 43%. Open your heart to possibilities. I feel so alive..!!

This hike is dedicated to all the people that showed me kindness, compassion, and understanding after all these years. The air is the mind, the fire is the soul, the water is the emotion, and the Earth is the body. Allow the chakra energy to flow through your body to find #balance, #harmony, and #serenity. Make your dreams become a reality.

Fun hike! Bring 3L of water. Food and take trash out with you. Great for building and maintaining durability. Altitude breathing. Not for beginners!

16 days ago

Probably the most beautiful, serene so far since moving here in Jan. 2018!! Absolutely NO REGRETS! So many beautiful blooms in the meadows, crystal clear water, just perfect! even the cows along the trail and the log bridge.

Good cliffs to jump off

Great trail with plenty of water. Last 1.5 miles tough but the lakes and views are awesome.

Really fun hike. Nothing but switch backs... most aren’t too steep. About a quarter mile from the summit, the Wally Waldron tree sticks precariously off the side of the ridge, one of the oldest trees in the San Gabriel Range. About 30- 40 people there at 10 Am.... whole hike took me 5 hours. There was a 90 year old man at the summit, looking like he could go another 20 miles #goals.

Beautiful Lakes at the end of a wonderful trail.

Great hike and do-able with kids. Watch for snakes!

Hard as hell..5 miles uphill good part downhill way home. Top is very impressive definitely bucket list hike!

24 days ago

As others have already said, the trail was great with beautiful views, lakes, and foliage and is well kept and marked. In late July, two of us and my pup made it to Upper Twin Lake where we rested for a bit and then turned back, taking three and a half hours total. At the trail head there is a small parking lot and bathroom making the trail very easily accessible. The trail was mostly shaded with some sunny sections, but the weather was amazing the day we went.

24 days ago

Wow. This hike was amazing! I'm definitely a novice but I saw photos of this place and said "Screw it. I'm in". I took my cute pup and headed out to experience that view for myself. I also tracked my progress with my Apple Watch so you can see exactly how long it took for me to get there and come back (minus the 10 minutes I spent at the actual first lake and a few sit downs to catch my breath or snap a pic). It took me an hour and a half to get there, totaling 3 hours for the whole shebang. I realize that I obviously didn't see the second lake (if there is one), so it might have taken me less time than the whole hike is cut out to be. My ass hurts. What a great workout. What amazing views! And the foliage! Ugh. The lake was insane. It was like a movie. My pup and I were the only one there an it was almost eerie how quiet and peaceful it was. Scary almost when you choose to hike alone. I only encountered about 14 other people the whole way. Pretty chill. BUT HARD. Only in that it was the longest hike I've ever done, and I felt that my recent endevours on the stair stepper were no help. I definitely sweated, got winded, and my feet hurt after it all. But ohhhhhh it was worth it. Try it and you won't regret it!

24 days ago

The ridge has awesome views of the lakes. Bring plenty of water.

Did this hike today with my husband, and we both loved it! The bugs were not too bad at all. We ended up taking the trail about a mile further to George Lake, and it is totally worth it! Total trip was 10 miles. Would recommend!!

Pretty good hike. Not hard at all. The trail does disappear so be careful we met some people getting lost. There are distinct purple/green/red arrows on rocks so look down and follow them! Or else you will be lost through the forest/stream. If you get there early enough don’t park in the street, drive in and there is very LIMITED park by the main entrance. It’s 3 in and 3 out of you want to go to the first punch bowl. That one is very nice. Be early or else you deal with families/young people etc. I went to the second waterfall. Got started at 8 Am and was done by 12ish... keep in mind we jumped in and swam a little. Pack a light lunch if you want to hangout, swim suit, towel and water shoes it’s a fun spot.

Great hike and amazing views. No issues with dogs and plenty of people on the trail. We finished the hike at 9:30am and the parking lot was full so arrive early.

Went today and no sign of loose dogs, also asked a ranger about it and they said they hadn’t heard of any dogs. Hike was quick and steep with switch backs but worth it for the views!

I love this trail and as a local I go at least twice a month. In the summer you should definitely start as early as possible because there is little to no shade. It’s a beautiful view of the ocean with lots of wild flowers along the way. As someone hiking alone occasionally you can walk alone but have someone walk by every couple minutes.

Almost didn't go because of the potential loose dogs (and couldn't get a call back from the Rangers for any update) but decided it was well-trafficked enough in case anything were to happen, especially on a weekend. I did take my dog and it was a gorgeous hike with lots of shade cover for most of the way. The only dogs we encountered were leashed and well-behaved which is always nice to see. A note if you have any kiddos (or adults or dogs) that get carsick on windy roads: coming from LA, I took the 210 to the 2 to get there but took the 2 to the 138 to the 14 on the return trip to avoid a lot of the super windy drive on the 2.

Ok good !!! Thank You !!!

1 month ago

I did this hike on Friday, July 13th and fortunately did not encounter any aggressive dogs.

What is the latest with the dog situation? Were they picked up?

1 month ago

A great hike full of wonderful views. Wildflowers everywhere! The lakes were gorgeous and the fish were biting. Lots of insects but the views are so worth it. Woodpeckers, butterflies, babbling brooks, charming bridges and good balance of sun and shade.

The hike is very pretty,i really enjoyed it,but had a horrible experience today going down with a group of hikers bec one solo female hiker told us on the summit that 2 girls were attacked by 2 dogs,on the way down we encountered them,they were pitbulls on the loose,at the lamel spring sign,they were very aggresive didnt back down even seeing theres 6 of us trying to scare them away,instead both dogs charged us and one of us got bitten good thing its not too serious but he had a lot of bite marks,try to stay away from this trail for now or check with the ranger first.

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