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Great trail that is part of a network of other trails. Has a river with mild elevations. Can easily get turned around on other trails, but that only adds to the adventure. Dirt trails with a lot of roots. Canopy overhead keeps you out of direct sunlight. A lot of chipmunks with a variety of birds. Can easily make a longer day of it exploring other trails on reservation.

A web of trails. Better to the All Trails' GPS if it's your first time.

Not difficult, and the river is easy to cross if you're okay with getting a little wet. By the falls, the river is deep e ought to swim!

Beautiful but a little narrow in places. Watch out for the tree roots.

Today I went to Fort Hills Earthworks Trail which is made up of numerous separate trails that create a unorthodox loop. I added one extra lap on the far west end of the trail, using the short cut, for training. Quick hike that has a lot to offer.

If you are up for a leisure stroll surrounded by some woodlands and a scenic marsh then this trail is for you! Not a lot of canopy, so I'd recommend an early evening walk as you can catch a great view of the sunset. Wildlife present included a deer, a variety of Egret birds, butterflies, other micilaneous birds and some fireflies. Not a trail for anyone looking for strenuous activity but perfect for a peaceful walk surrounded by nature.

I basically live here tbh.

1 month ago

Great for dog walking

I was looking to get down to the waterfall and made it there safely, but I’m an experienced hiker and had difficulty in certain areas near the river. If you’re going, either stick to the path or wear good shoes and make sure you’re ready for the challenge!

Really enjoyed the trails and the steps. Wow! Just don’t go after rainfall one of the trail was flooded over although I removed my shoes and socks to walk across it was only ankle deep but the bird trail was a bit muddy but walkable. Definitely recommend this trail.

This trail is very simple. You walk in thinking you’re on a bike path and then it lets you into an oasis. The chagrin river is beautiful and peaceful and the rock ledges you can sit on and marvel from are incredible. It gives nice opportunity to go off course and breathe too.

2 months ago

The first portion of this trail is beautiful and totally worth it. The second portion of this trail is just a walk in the woods. It is pretty but stick to the first loop.

This place is absolutely beautiful. You definitely need to pay attention to which trail you are on though because it does get a little confusing. We ended up starting on the bridle trail like the map but never cut over to the castle trail and ended up going about 4.9 miles instead, which had some amazing sites. Kinda steep in places though but the scenery is so worth it! The castle is too cool, highly recommend this hike.

One of our favorite hikes in all of NE Ohio. SO BEAUTIFUL!

2 months ago

Not for the novice hiker. Great challange! Go w/someone who has hiked this trail before. I thank God for All Trails and a good network because we would have still been trying to find our way. The trails are not marked & if you're not paying attention (or know where you're going) it's really easy to lose your trail. But that was the fun of it. I loved the challenge, it kept us on our toes the whole time! Really muddy so bring a change of shoes.

trail running
2 months ago

This is a great place to get some miles in close to home. There are a few muddy spots, but compared to a lot of trails around this time of year, I think it’s in pretty good shape.

I love to trail run and this place is excellent for that. It’s not really remote so if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the place. There are some nice wooded areas to the trail, but overall the best part is getting exercise off the tow path or concrete.

trail running
3 months ago

The stairs are a really great workout, but the rest of the trail is so-so. It can get very muddy and there's not any spectacular scenery that I've found. Even so, I keep coming back for those stairs!

3 months ago

I love this trail and it is basically easy unless it has rained and then some of the stones or the mud can be very slippery, if you continue along the loop staying near the river you will come across a brick structure that I was told is an old pumping station. Also make sure to go to the front ( you may have to get your feet wet) of Squaw Rock, you will find an etching of the first capital building in Washington DC, as well as the name of at least one civil war infantryman named G.H.Plowman, I was trying to get more pictures but the dog was bored and wanted to get going. I uploaded the picture of the capital building and G.H.Plowmans name, google him, in the picture though I accidentally cut off he G

Amazing, historic, scenic park. A must-see. Great for kids, too. We loved it!

Great hike with our 6 year olds. Good variety of trail surfaces. But what are those brick structures in the second loop? Trying to find the answer online.

This is a great trail and is not boring with the turns, a few small bridges and hills. You may see black or gray squirrels, owls and wildflowers in the Spring!

4 months ago

Whitetail trailhead was a little hard to find. Easy, quiet gravel trail through wooded area and alongside a creek. The small lakes are nice, fishermen were active. Homes are visible from most of the trail. Many trees down.

This trail felt like a hero's journey. It had it all - respectable changes in altitude, winding paths, wooden bridges and the sights and sounds of nature. As you approach the end of the trail, the castle and crown for the best trail-ending surfaces (no more spoilers). I highly recommend this trail.

4 months ago

Nice to take advantage of the decent weather. Pretty muddy track but still fun.

4 months ago

Love this trail! Dramatic views of Chagrin River and small waterfall and the rock carvings any time of the year. Definitely a workout. Lots of steps/incline. Wooded sections of the trail not clearly marked. Popular trail, year round. FYI- Squaw Rock renamed Henry Church Rock and all the signage has been updated.

5 months ago

different routes if the stairs r 2 challenging. ..n ur woodsy area, nature center free nearby

9 months ago

not a lot of birds Wildlife but a crap load of people but that's a good thing because that's what they're for people to walk around not so much good birding very bad for that

Awesome trail with lots of ups and downs.

A little too short if you're used to more intense trails, but fun to go a little off the trail


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