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Very nice trail. Part of the path (right before doodletown) is unmarked. I had downloaded the map here and followed via GPS.

Great trail, with a good variety of terrain. It has a nice incline up to a panorama to work the legs and embrace your inner adventurous kid. Perfect place for sunny days - good tree coverage and a cool spring to dip in the toes. The ruins along the trail are a nice place to take a beat. A bit of traffic throughout the trail but it was a really nice day. Doggo friendly

5miles /3hrs. Summer. if you did the route backwards, there would have been less uphill but the uphill bit would be intense. Good views and saw a lizard. Cold spring looked a good place to stop for refreshments after.

18 days ago

Well marked trail - took just over 3 hours for us to finish the loop with our small dog (carried him for a few parts). Beautiful views, pretty empty in the early to mid morning but was picking up when we finished (noon ish).

I definitely went off the trail that’s listed here on AllTrails and it was pretty awesome. Some decent climbing up. Nothing to technical or hard but got my heart rate up nicely. It was a perfect hike with my dog who is super athletic but she’s also 11. I’d go back to explore more for sure!

Well marked trail, moderate ascent rewarded with panoramic views, good shade on a sunny day.

NOT what it looks like. you're in people's backyard most of the time. then it leads you out onto trafficked roads for the last two miles. the pictures are misleading and the dam is not where the trails end. other than that what's in actual trails are pretty nice. but if you're looking for the dam it's 4 miles after the end

1 month ago

Fantastic Hike. Coming down wasn’t easy so be prepared. Loved this hike. My favorite hike so far!!!

Black Rock Forest is absolutely wonderful. Recently went hiking with buddies through over 9 miles of the park's various trails (and there's still at least 1/3 of the park we didn't even get a chance to see), Black Rock Forest is definitely staying as one of my favorite parks. Lots of great hiking, well maintained trails. Trails are very scenic, lots of wildlife and flora. Parking lot is spacious. Encountered a couple of people towards the beginning and end of the hike, but otherwise didn't see anyone.

This is a cute little trail. Nothing overly difficult and definitely something a little different along the river.

Not a favorite. The first 1/4 mile is through a meadow and was overgrown. Given the large amount of copperheads (i just saw one the day before) and tick borne illnesses in the area - I found it a bit unsettling. The trail does open up but to nothing spectacular. You will get some subpar views of the river and west point but nothing great. Even the walk in the woods was depressing. Im assuming this area got hit hard with recent storm because you are essentially walking though a maze of fallen trees. Its really quite sad actually. There are such better trails in this area.

Great views
Excellent trails

1 month ago

My 9yo Maltese and I did the full white trail. Did the hike backwards. Took us about 4 hours total, with 2 hours of moving time. A few breathtaking views at the top, wished there were more. The rockclimbing down about 3/4 into the trail was quite steep and a little frightening at times. It was definitely a good workout.

We briefly lost our trail twice; the well-marked trail and gps function on alltrails app did us wonders. Lots of bugs in select places, though my dog came out tick/flea free with just a homemade vinegar spray, we saw lizards!!!, a very tall tree did almost fall on us towards the end (please, always be vigilent of these killer trees!), and at the end of our hike we loved being able to cross the street and go for a dip at the river beach!

Great views of the river

Definitely a great trail, especially on a mon. The trail was well marked and there were SOME nice views — nothing comparable to some other trails in this region though. Saw 2 snakes, both of the garden variety and some cool sites towards the end of the hike. The first 3/4 mile was tough, the rest was a nice easy to moderate hike. Lots of cobbles, make sure to watch your step. Would definitely do it again.

A nice hike. Some steep inclines that give you a run for your money. Some great ruins and some nice vistas. All in all a good day out but not my favorite. There are TWO sets of ruins. One about 1/4 mike from the parking lot (on the way back) and the other about a mile and a half. There is lots to see at the other one so wander around a bit.

Solid hike, decent views and a cool cave. Nothing too crazy but enjoyable.

Great trail, lots of shade, beautiful ruins.

Well I attempted to do the shorter version from Mine Road. I really wanted to get pictures of the memorial but at as I got up to the final scramble, I could barely get up as I began to slide down and decided it wasn't worth the risk. Don't let this scare you as I was carrying a heavy DSLR. If there is another way,let me know. I may attempt it again with less weight but not sure if it would have made a difference or not for me. I was so disappointed :-(

2 months ago

The summit and the view was amazing - especially on a clear, sunny day. Some spots were tricky too which was unexpected and welcomed.

good loop did the easy trail (white to yellow to red then blue ) about 3 mile ..great views at the top..nice trek for about 3 hours ..had to work a little for the first part but still worth it

We started with the white trail, to the yellow, to blue. The first stretch of the hike has a pretty steep climb. The trail is extremely well marked and maintained. There are a number of beautiful views and it was fun to see the Cornish Estate “ruins” towards the end of the blue trail. Took us about 2.5 hours, and would definitely do it again!!

It was such an enjoyable hike and coming down the gentle slope catching up with friends was great! Great view but tends to be a bit buggy in the Spring time. Bring bug repellent or a head net!

My new favorite trail! Did the full thing which is close to seven miles. You see amazing view of Cold Spring, Storm King and the Hudson I believe. You also get to see some nice water sights, ruins and wild turkeys! Love this hike!

Nice trail. I must mention it is not completely out away from civilization so you may hear cars at times. Aside from that very beautiful trail and lovely view at the top.

Did the loop started with Cornish trail first came down notch had my 38lb toddler on my back but we switched off at the 3 mile mark she walked some of it as well great hike definitely recommend it

Did the full loop in just under 3 hours. Great hike- a little challenging at the beginning 1/4 for the elevation. Water and Gatorade’s for sale in the car park was a nice touch too!

had an amazing time, beautiful view, and also almost had a heart attack we found 2 snakes. it was a little challenge but I will do this again.

From the parking lot we went right and followed the arrows and white blazes to the yellow to green to blue. The remains of the Cornish estate are at the very end of the trail, about a quarter mile away from the parking lot! But we were happy we hiked up for the views and the time spent alongside the waterfall. We thought we had somehow missed the old mansion! So I thought I’d let anyone else know; it’s at the end of the trail. But do what we did and go right at the trailhead! It’s so worth the views and feeling of accomplishment and the estate is like icing on the cake at the end of the hike! Enjoy!

3 months ago

Hike begins on the 1777 Trail from Fort Montgomery, which is a pretty cool place to check out as well. The 1777 Trail meanders for awhile, across a road and sometimes along the road which I found slightly annoying but it's all about the payoff!! Eventually the trail stays in the woods along Popolopen Creek, look for a blue blazed trail to your right at some point. I opted to take the second blue trail to ensure a loop, this also allowed me to enjoy the bridge which crosses over the creek. Nice climb once you get into the blue trail, view at the top is stunning, 360 degree views. There is also a Memorial at the peak which is the culmination of the "Trail of the Fallen".

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