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Nice river walk, payoff is nice with a closed in pond and waterfall

What a nice place to hike. I was surprised by the abundance of different mushrooms in that forest. They grow in many colors and different sizes.
Luckily we used bug repellent so the mosquitoes didn't bother us too much.

A great quick loop that offers a moderate workout.

12 days ago

You cannot hike here when camp is in session, which is the summer months

great hike, waterfalls where really nice. We had recently got rain so they had a nice amount of water. Varied terrain, ups, downs, rocks and roots.

Ward Trail is some paved and clear path. On Vetter watch out for he poison ivy and oak. This time of year lots of flying bugs, so a little deet not bad idea

1 month ago

awesome. you follow the water the entire way practically. the falls are gorgeous. Trail markers tend to be far apart. I didn't bring my phone to track my route and i definitely regretted it. I got confused a couple times and had to backtrack find the last trail marker and get back on route. I'll definitely be back time and time again. great find.

1 month ago

Easy hike with some nice views, I absolutely loved how the sun hit the moss-covered rocks, managed to get some nice photos.as for the falls I would say the first one is the best one.
If you don’t bring a map or use the app then I can see some people getting lost on their first time. Overall it was a decent hike with minimal effort required.

Easy and well marked trails with long hilltop views and peaceful woods filled with miles of old farmers walls.

all trails directions took us to a private business parking lot. had to use a different entrance. $5.00 parking fee. pretty pond at the end of a boardwalk through a big at the nature trail.

Nice route and very dog friendly. The views looking out to Manchester are a nice plus.

2 months ago

Nice scenic hike. I loved the waterfalls! Trail was poorly marked on the way back and we got a bit lost other than that no complaints.

2 months ago

My wife and I loved this trail. While the 1st falls were an attraction we found that the rocky gurgling brook with abundant moss-covered rocks made for a serene beautiful trek. Eventually, the brook opened up into a large beaver flooded area but the wooded walk was still beautiful. The trail appeared to be recently remarked with yellow plastic strips to follow. There were only a couple places with momentary glitches that the trail was a little tricky to follow. One was where a new house had been built and trees down to the brook were cut to make a vista for the house. Just follow the brook the entire trail stays close to the brook. We enjoyed a lunch repast not far beyond the house on boulders that seemed to be designed by nature for us to comfortably sit above the brook while we dined. A little farther up there was bridge that seemed to go to another trail marked also with yellow. We stayed on the main trail without crossing the bridge. The next tricky part was just before coming to the middle falls when the trail led to a bridge with a clear-cut and no trespassing signs beyond. When you get to the bridge look to the right there are markings there not easily seen. The trail there moves away from the clear-cut and the beaver flooded area. The middle falls are not far beyond hidden in a gorge type area. There is a sign when you arrive. The 3rd falls is a little distance beyond, impressive in a good sized drop and open area at the bottom. We did not linger long as the mosquitoes were aggressive. Interestingly we ran into people coming from a parking are at that end of the hike near the 3rd falls. We actually only met one other group who completed the hike as we did. It was a delightful day and we thoroughly enjoyed this hike.

Couldn’t find it! We walked on every trail we could find and we kept getting further away from the map no matter which way we went. Ran into another family having the same problem. After half an hour we gave up and as I drove away I noticed a smaller parking lot further up mountain road that had a sign for white dot trail. That one looks like it would have taken us straight to the summit. We might come back to check it out someday...but there are definitely better, easier to follow trails out there!

Only giving this four stars for now, I had to turn around half way because I was eaten alive by bugs. Wear a LOT of bug repellent for this trail!!!! Also a lot of rock and roots so proper foot wear is a must as well. Very easy nature walk though besides that with little to no incline and very quiet and peaceful. I'll be back to finish it soon.

Pretty nice workout for a short hike. Trails are very well marked. Beautiful view up top! Took exactly an hour roundtrip to the parking lot.

nice small walk about 40 mins some ups and downs small water creek that runs through rocks to see as you cross a small bridge if you follow the blue markers it also intersects with a completely different trail worth the walk claim and peaceful

2 months ago

Very cool spot! My friends and I didn’t walk the whole trail but we walked up by the brook for a bit and found some cool little spots to hang out. I also climbed the main waterfall which was a blast. Also went off the main trail and found a few abandoned camp sites and a super old foundation. Can’t wait to return!

The walk was comfortable and the views were amazing.

2 months ago

awesome lake and nice easy trail.

This is a beautiful hike and very easy. There are brook trout above the first falls that can be caught on small spinner baits.

2 months ago

The first fall was easily reached and beautiful. Not worth trying to go past first fall. We proceeded to the next falls but never made it. After an hour of hiking through very narrow paths that were overgrown and horribly marked we decided to turn back. We must have stopped 6 times to check the map on this app and to try and find any signs of a path marker. And the mosquitoes were just horrible. Will never go past the first fall IF I go back at all.

3 months ago

This trail was awful !!!!!!! It’s literally just all woods , and the trail is poorly marked so be prepared to get LOST ! Nothing much to see besides just the waterfall that’s there but that’s IT! I would never go back and it’s really not worth it at all.

Perfect for an easy day of hiking. I bring my dog off leash and he loves it. There are some areas that are a little overgrown and you have to guess where the path would be. Nothing that makes it too difficult to follow. Chubby hiker approved.

This is one of my favorite places to trail walk. Theres a lot of little streams in spring and many places to explore around the reservation. One of the coolest things to do is to check out the fire tower and solar dial at the top of the hill.

Great short mountain hike. There are couple steep spots to get a good workout, but it is a relatively easy hike for a “mountain”. You can get up to the top a couple different ways. As you drive up mountain road there are multiple pull offs to park at. The trail is marked with red dots, but there a couple spots you might get off the main trail onto a social trail. We took our dog and she loved it. Took about an hour, maybe a bit more to do the whole thing. There is a great view of Manchester off to the East. And for any of the pokemon go players, there a few pokestops on the trail and even a gym at the top! Haha!

Trail not marked well. Large section was clear cut and Unpassable due to mud. my two daughters my dog and myself crossed over a small bridge to get on the other side the trail disappeared
very disappointed

3 months ago

Love this place it’s beautiful. Very well marked. Was very upset to see that someone seems to be bulldozing in a section which has taken out a bunch of trees and caused that section to flood out and be a muddy mess. So very sad I thought there were rules in place about building and altering land that close to the wetlands

Great trail. Flat for the most part, good incline towards the end to get to upper falls. Perfect for the doggo, purgatory brook is along the entire trail and is great for a water loving pupp. The falls are beautiful, all 3. I went at the end of April, water flow was heavy, but did not affect the trail itself.

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