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My 11 year old son and I completed this trail yesterday. We are both in good shape, and we made it fine. Beautiful views at the top, and it was marked extremely well. There were many trees down blocking some of the ways, but we managed to crawl thru or navigate around. I will do it again some day!

The marked trail is between 5.8 and 6.3 miles (my wife and I both used GPS and they disagreed). It is 7.4 if you add an extra loop around the lake and hike out to the lookout mountain campsite, both of which are not on the main trail.

The trail itself is very well marked and there were only a few blowdowns. It's a relatively clear hike, and took us just under 3 hours to complete. The total elevation gain was around 1900 feet which isn't bad.

I would say it was a decent workout but too short to really be considered "difficult"

I would recommend this trail for fit to moderately fit people looking for a workout and some pretty scenery. Take 2-3L of water and a snack and this is a few hours of walking. Trekking poles are recommended to save your knees on all the downhill.

The best view is from the parking lot up at the visitors center though.

Nice quick trail with a view of the Falls from high above the river.

1 month ago

As mentioned previous, $5 parking fee but after 10pm they lock the place down so I felt pretty safe about leaving my vehicle parked there.
Went in to get my BC permit. $18! With my Sr. discount, and tax of course, $15.41. For one night.
Reckon that money goes towards clearing the umpteen thousand blowdowns. Not!
Regardless, if someone is looking for a ballbusting, shakedown trail, this is it.
No matter which way you go, it's about 2 miles up and out. With a stout climb in the middle to the top campsites. We stayed at Lookoff CS #2. I think.
I've been section hiking the AT and this trail was comparable to any of that.
I carried about 30lbs to try out a new pack so I made this harder on myself too.
And I'm 65, albeit healthy, years old.
Plenty of water except on top. Numerous stream crossings but with bridges. One stream followed the trail for a bit. Nothing harmful to any but the most tragically hip sneakers. Which I definitely do not recommend anyway.
As stated, lots of trees down on the trail. Hey, it's the backcountry.
I give this trail 5 stars out of respect. There aren't any really serious views and you mostly hike under canopy.
But, when finished, I was beat! And today, front of my thighs and my calves are telling me I had a workout.
Do this.

2 months ago

This was a pretty fun trail overall a lot of somewhat steep ups and downs and a few tight switchbacks mixed in with a bit of mud and river handrailing. If your an experienced hiker this trail is on the high side of moderate for you but for the average hiker it could be considered hard. There is a $5.00 parking fee (don't be that guy, pay to play and pick up your crap). There is a campsite at the top (3116 ft) but all sites must be reserved but I'm my opinion its worth it due to the fact it comes with benches and a fire pit/grill. Follow the orange markers and you can't go wrong.

There are good descriptions of the trail, dangers and difficulty found here. If you really want to have some fun, rappel Big Bradley. Although I must admit, my son Anthony and I did it twice, it was before all of the rainfall the area has experienced.

Difficult but beautiful hike. I definitely underestimated the 8 miles. You must pay $5 for parking, or risk a $175 fine.

2 months ago

Beautiful and well maintained. Loved it!

No view on this hike during summer.

A lengthy hike on foot if you hike it down and back. Many manure piles from the many horses litter the trail so you'll need to dodge those. A wide and easy trail through the woods.

the park is great but needs to have more detailed maps.

one of my all time favs if for no other reason than nostalgia.

From our campsite and back was about 10 miles. It rained a bit after we left the Lookoff Mountain summit overlook and that brought the temp to a comfortable level. Was a very good hike.

Great trail. Incline was definitely a workout!

5 months ago

loved this trail! It was a good challenge!

5 months ago

Well maintained and not for the faint of heart. Overlook is a little disappointing but great view on clear day. The wind was gusting and made the trail come alive with sound.

Beautiful trail, though it’s not marked well. towards the beginning of the hike is a river crossing so you’re most likely to get wet, tho it’s worth it. Wouldn’t recommend small children nor dogs that have to be on a leash (could be dangerous for you going down to the waterfall also there’s no railing that keeps you/them from falling).

Very hard trail but well maintained and marked.

Beautiful trail, but not well marked. We actually thought we are doing little Bradley Falls, which is on the other side of the road. It was about 1/2 way In we realized otherwise. We did the steep climb with ropes which was intense, water was too high to get a great view of the falls, but it is fun for someone in great shape and into adventures.

Not well marked which is usually fine but there are lots of side trails and it gets confusing. Would not recommend dogs or small kids.

Quick hike. Great view of waterfall at the overlook, and a nice water crossing towards the beginning. Not much foot traffic, with easy parking access.

I love the view in the winter

8 months ago

Corridor trail is very well maintained and an easy trek connecting Horne Creek and Pilot Mountain. We took two cars, dropped one car off at Pilot Mountain and then drove to Horne Creek to begin our hike. Normally I would rate a trail with a lower rating when it follows alongside houses, but I was expecting to see houses so I decided to only take away one star instead of two. I was disappointed that there weren’t any openings with great views of Pilot Mountain, in fact there wasn’t any long distance views at any point. There were several creek crossing and I was glad to have waterproof shoes on one of them. Keep in mind Pilot Mountain closes their gates at 6:00 and Horne Creek closes their gates at 5:00, which I think is kind of early. We parked on the side of the road outside the gate and I’m glad we did. We didn’t get back to our car until 15 minutes after closing.

Great day hike! A trail with fun obstacles (rock hopping / log walking stream crossing + rope descent to bottom of the falls) beautiful views and a ton of potentially fatal fall opportunities! The danger is fun for the reasonably athletic and adventurous but I wouldn’t take the kids. The rope descent to the bottom of the falls is exciting and unlike any other hike I’ve done (do make sure the rope you choose to trust isn’t frayed. We came across one being held by a single cord, so we had to cut and re-tie). The descent takes about 20-30 minutes but the ascent only 10-15 minutes. After the rope descent, there is a small path that cuts left to the bottom of the falls. It’s pretty easy to miss but it’s worth it. It’s a majestic view from the bottom (especially during the golden lighting of late afternoon). Up on the main trail (before the rope descent trail) there’s another path that will take you to the top of the falls. The overall distance of this hike is short but there’s plenty of views and side trails to scratch your exploring itch, but you’ll still be able to get home for dinner. Loved the hike - Go check it out and enjoy the adventure (but also...don’t fall to your doom).

It's clearly a beautiful waterfall, but I would recommend Little Bradley falls trail over this one. If you stay on the trail and don't attempt a descent, well..the view just isn't that great. The hike there is pleasant enough, but if you're looking for a waterfall payoff either a) go elsewhere or b) attempt the rope descent but please only if you are up to it. Also, loose dogs and errant children are a bad idea here, as there is little space at the overlook and no barrier of any kind.

really challenging hike if you go to the base of the fall. not recommended as there is a 30ft section of vertical wall that requires descending down a rope. remember that you have to climb back up that same wall. very steep decent all the down to the bottom, but the view is incredible.

Did a portion of the trail from the lake to the lookout. It was hard a lot of fallen trees to climb over and we lost the trail for a couple of times. Lookout was disappointing but we made it.

Loved this overlook waterfall

11 months ago

Go left at the fork for a more challenging hike, right at the fork for a, still challenging, but slightly less steep inclines. Wonderful trail, light traffic, beautiful scenery.

11 months ago

The "overlook" was overlooking a shipping facility. Kind of lame after walking for so long, but the trail was clean and very beautiful.

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