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The trail rating is not accurate. As a mountain bike trail it’d be moderate, as a hiking trail it’s easy. The network of little unmarked trails are very easy to get disoriented in. Check your position often because you WILL go off the intended path

The fall colors are out in full force right now, and yet I only ran into one person on this entire hike (aside from people hanging out at the docks). It was stunning. I highly recommend this trail when the leaves are changing.

Absolutely beautiful, especially on an Autumn or Spring day.

It’s a great path you do want to get off it every now and then too see the beautiful views

Definitely not for a beginner. Beautiful views but some short steep hills. Watch for sand and leaves on the paved path. A bit like a rollercoaster ride for a bike!

On a positive note the hike had very nice views over looking the lake and terrain can be challenging at times. On the negative the trail markings are very difficult to follow so make sure to use this map and also print one out as this one is not color coded properly. Also watch where you step as there was a baby 18” rattlesnake near the path today which would not have been good had we stepped on it.

Beautiful trails and water!!

Took the paved trail. Nice moderately intense hike with a great view at the top!

this trail was one of the toughest i've done. was a good work out. there are so many rocks. and very steep terrain. i would say this trail is moderate/hard. i liked the views and i will be back for more

Easy trail! love the company!!

Great views. The hike is what I scored. Frustrated with the app, though. I recorded it and it didn’t save and wouldn’t let me share.

28 days ago

Sooo many trails and not enough trail markers! Glad I had service and could use GPS to get back to the car. Beautiful terrain and scenery! The puppers and I will be back!

Grew up hiking these trails with my family!!!

Great trail for somewhere to do a hike in the city and get a good workout.

Love the water views between Falmouth and Woods Hole. The trail leading north from Falmouth is great too. You ride through a Cranberry bog and take in a few water views too. Will come back and ride this trail again.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trails and epic pump Track.


1 month ago

The trail was kinda tough to follow, we ended up taking the wrong trail at the weather observatory. Make sure you bring a map with you!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Technical pretty good for people that want to improve their skills with rollovers jumps and picking lines

on Prospect Hill Park

1 month ago

I enjoyed hiking at Prospect Hill Park. We finished the loop in about two hours and there were trails with a variety of elevations and types of terrain, including paved roads. There were two lookout spots with good views of the city of Boston as well.

road biking
1 month ago

Started in N Falmouth, parked my car in the lot at the top of the trail head and biked to the ferry at Woods Hole. The trail is well maintained.

1 month ago

I am at the race point beach early and decided to do a moderate hike. The officer at toll gate suggested me to take this trail. Although it's a bike trail, there was plenty of space to walk. I took detours to cape cod seashore visitor center and beech trail. The beech trail is a must go. I have never touched a lotus flower before. There were literally thousands of them on the trail. Simply beautiful and would definitely do it again.

Lots of open areas with great views! Climb was on the easy side of moderate, but still on good rocky terrain for most of the loop. Very easy to go the wrong way the first mile or two, so heads up.

Beautiful ride to Woods Hole!

great spot for a sunny afternoon. crowds should be expected.

My happy place a lot of the time! Great trails and lots of friendly people.

Unmarked trail is difficult to follow and easy to get lost, however the pristine fresh water kettle ponds are secluded, tranquil, undeveloped, gorgeous, warm water, sandy entrances, and beg to be swam in!! Some ponds (larger ones) are cleaner than others, beware of snap turtles & earaches tho!!

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