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we went in the evening, trail had very few people on it. it was a beautiful sight. can't wait to return to stay at the lodge and adventure out on more trails.

A little confusing with the lower trail. But still good

great trail after a big rain, don’t skip the grotto it’s an extra .25 off the main trail

some big slick rocks but all in all a pretty easy trail if you take your time, I stopped several times and still finished right under 4 hours and I’m pretty slow

not open anymore

Great hike with wonderful views. Lots of little trails to go on and get great pictures. Not a strenuous hike. Watch your step once out on the rocks. There are cracks and holes one could fall in. Wouldn’t recommend bringing the kids. I would recommend doing King’s Bluff while there.

7 days ago

Hello twins. ;)

As a novice hiker,this was an awesome experience for me. Starting with the ranger who warned me to bring plenty of water because of the uphill return, to the lovely solitude of the light rain after leaving the quarry, the trail was an amazing experience for me. I’ll definitely be back.

As a novice who is also an old guy, I did have a few reservations on the way out as to whether I was still on trail because the blazes were a little sparse. But the trail itself was visible throughout, and the blazes were more numerous on the return. The fall color is just beginning, and I am wishing I could get back here in a couple weeks.

The moonshiner cave was awesome. A neat experience to go and explore. One thing I have to say is the trail was crap. There were no markers.

11 days ago

Awesome views wish it wasn’t raining, but worth the trip

Enjoyed this trail. Wish it hadn’t been foggy. The views would have been beautiful otherwise. Be sure to bring 3 dollars with you to use the trail.

It was a nice hike with my kiddos. Definitely going to go back again!

Great trail. Rockshelter is amazing.

I’ve been hiking Arkansas for a long time and this is one of the best summit views in the state. So glad I decided to try this trail on the way from Oklahoma City to Little Rock. I have always hiked the ouachita mountains because they’re closer to Dfw, but I finally got my ozark mountain hike in and it didn’t disappoint. Pinnacle Mountain is the only hiking spot in Arkansas where I’ve seen a comparable degree window of views, much quieter here. The enchanted forest tag from earlier reviews is spot on. Drive up- the main road off of ST 215 was closed so I had to take a little longer route. I was in an suv with 4 wheel drive and it only took 30 minutes on the gravel portion, and that is the long way. The main road in is being refurbished, it looks like it’ll be really nice when open. I had no problems on the roads, as far as gravel roads go, these were pretty good, maybe not in the rain...just FYI if you’re driving a car, a corolla was coming in as I was leaving so cars can make it, be careful because there are some rock bulges every now and then, not bad overall and well worth it for this gem.

Just a really nice rewarding hike. All around good

Easy hike, not much elevation gain or scenery to view. Not recommended for anyone looking for anything strenuous or scenic.

17 days ago

This was by far the best hike I have ever completed. We don’t have much hiking near my home (Memphis, TN) so this was an incredible find for me and my friend. The hike back up the switchbacks was tough, but we were expecting it. I would highly recommend pushing yourself further to make it around to the backside of the waterfall. I can’t wait to do this hike again next year!

19 days ago

Great trail very well marked lots to see.

Great trail for a quick hike.

22 days ago

This trail was amazing! It was a little scary starting out because it’s downhill on rocks and they were slick. I’m also afraid of heights a bit ! Climbing those same rocks on the way back was taxing. It was a humid day and around 80 degrees but thankfully cloudy. The hike is absolutely worth it..the falls were flowing on our hike. You can check the falls at the overlook if you would rather not be disappointed with the falls. I’ve read depending on rain it can be just a trickle. This hike is only 2 miles but harder than 4.5. Mile seven hollows which is also a cool hike. Our dogs loved both and handled both great!

We are in our mid 60s and after a day of rain this was a little challenging . Made it half way down the rocky inclines and decided to turn around . It was beautiful . Our children who had a 2 year old and a 8 wks old easily treaked them down the slippery slopes . Later we found their was a lookout point over the waterfalls down the road a bit . I think it would have been more maneuverable when not wet .It was a beautiful . Lots of dogs on leashes .

We only did the short trail to rock house cave. Easy hike from the trailhead. Very cool cave like area.

23 days ago

Very cool trail. Nice mix of flat land, rocky areas, a waterfall, and a little opportunity for climbing thrown in. Crosses several beautiful streams. Maybe moderate due to the distance but not a hard hike at all. The grotto is cool and the natural bridge is beautiful. With the hike to the grotto we clocked 5 miles in 2.5 hours. Our dogs loved it and so did we. Might be tough for kids due to the distance. Lots of beautiful scenery!

25 days ago

Went after a couple of days of rain, the rocks were slippery and there was water covering a good portion of the trail.

easy hike

Great hike and probably pretty challenging for beginners. The falls are worth it though!

Great trail with good scenery. We (me and my 9 and 10 year old) finished it in about 2 hours. We took the NE Trail from the parking area central spur just before the entrance. From there, we took the S Lower trail until we crossed the bridge where we shot up a steep incline to the S Upper Trail. Followed that trail until it met up with the N Upper Trail and followers that. towards the end there is a sign that says TRAIL and one that says DANGER. If you follow the DANGER sign and turn right at the fork, it will take you out quicker to the parking lot. There are alot of bike riders and the small bridge crossing the spring is out that's why it says DANGER but there are rocks you can cross that is no big deal. Even the bikers cross the spring!

great little hike around the base of the mountain beautiful setting lots of shade. Recommend for everyone.

1 month ago

Great trail with the kids. Enjoyed all the natural wonders!
Spent around 2 hours on the trail.

1 month ago

Very nice hike. The trail is well maintained. The waterfall and creek are well worth the visit! The suspension bridge if fun. Note that because this trail is in town and with having the waterfall/creek that it does draw in a crowd to get get in the water so be prepared depending on time of day/year that you may not get the peace and quiet you are looking for. With that said once you get away from that area the crowd disappears. There are plenty of benches along the trail where you can sit and take in nature. This is a cant miss hike!

1 month ago

Beautiful trails with creeks, caves, and waterfalls. I highly recommend checking this trail out.

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