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6 hours ago

It was a tough climb, but we had awesome views most of the way up, we also added RPR. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

11 hours ago

Moderate+ difficulty. Trail is moderately easy for the first 3/4 of a mile then gets a bit steeper for the next 1/2 mile before becoming slightly difficult for 1/4 mile until reaching the ski trail.
Cloudy and a bit cool today so we missed the great views at top. Top tram lodge had food, water fountain, and bathrooms. Wifi as well.
Had not planned to have lunch at top but the menu looked good, wife had a tuna sushi bowl and I had a pulled porked sandwich, both very good. Light traffic and met very few people on trail and a few good dogs.
Good footwear strongly encouraged. wet in spots, top to bottom.

Awesome view, great for picnics!

Did it with my 4 and half year old daughter. The end of the trail is steep and combine with the half hour rain it will be an hard trip for my girl. We did it in aughust and we collected blueberry and raspberry. She did not like that the tower is close. Honestly, this hike was too hard for her. The last half on our way back she sleep in my arms. An apologyse father.

3 days ago

Awesome scenic views from the summit!

I htink this might have been the toughest of the Saranac 6. We took the Jack Rabbit trail because it as slightly shorter. It starts off going slightly uphill over a lot of ankle-rolling potential rocks. Nothing too tough and at the split we took a right. Once you hit the first climb you will be going up pretty quick! The map in AllTrails is not the actual trail (FYI). There are a few false peaks and then you get to the top with no view. We did go back and took a right at the fork to do Haystack. That was like a little hill travelling that way, much less steep than starting off 86.

Very nice trial, terrible destination tracking, you don’t know where to go , no signs at all ! Easy and nice view from the top.

Nice Trail easy to follow! Beautifull forest i recomend,

great trail that takes a few hours. some difficult bits but mostly is a good hike. has some great views along the way and plenty of wildlife.

Beautiful park, with different trails to choose from.

10 days ago

Nice hike with a great 360 view from the fire tower at the summit!

Great payoff at the top with a fire tower.

First 2/3 of hike is quite easy going. Last 1/3 was a steep incline to the fire tower. Very manageable for us. We had our 11 year old son and Boston terrier with us. Would definitely do it again! Beautiful view!

I hiked Pitchoff this morning and failed. When I got almost to the top I confronted a rock wall and could not find a way around. I am pretty knowledgeable about finding trails in the Adirondacks but this one completely stumped me. I spent about 45 minutes trying to go up - no way at my age - and then around. I could see some herd paths but not a marker in site - very poor trail maintenance. In frustration I turned around and went down. It’s a pretty hike with nice views and I wish I could have finished it - I intended to go across the ridge and down to the East exit.

I didn’t think this trail was hard, but by husband did as he has bad knees. Summited in 3 hrs and about 2.5 hrs to descend. The views were nice although it was a cloudy day, I’m sure on a clear day it would be incredible. I would recommend poles if prone to knee strain.

Doing this trail again today and though wet as it’s been raining, I’m not concerned. Seems like every time we go it rains, haha! Good amount of parking at the trail head.

*As an aside, I hike with my 4 large dogs - this app says dogs have to be leashed but that isn’t true. The trail is a part of the Long Trail which allows off leash dogs except at crowded summits and when there is alpine vegetation. This app is overall not especially accurate regarding dog use and I suggest doing additional research before going out to any trail if you don’t wish to use a leash (I literally can’t with 4 dogs, smallest of which is 60lbs). That being said, this trail has a lot of little stream crossings which is great for them.

one of the high peaks in VT, she is magnificent

We enjoyed this hike and it provided a great workout. It was steep in spots, and rocky, but offered two lovely lookout areas that were well worth the climb. Pleasantly surprised with this trail. Hardly any bugs (August).

Awesome hike and beautiful views!

18 days ago

My Adirondack homebase trail. The old trail is a straight uphill slog that I used to resent being dragged on, the new trail is a delight that winds its way around the mountain very gradually using all the best principles of modern trail design. You'll pass through a bunch of different types of forest before the summit, which is the only part where you get a taste of the old trail, scrambling uphill through partially exposed rock face. Fortunately that part is relatively short, is beautiful with the trees, moss, and views, and is rewarded in short order by the great 360º views at the top. Lyon Mountain is just shy of being a 46er and is the only peak of this height in this corner of the park, so the views from the top are a very different experience than those closer to Keene Valley.

pretty easy hike if you're used to the high peaks but a great hike none the less! I took the switchback trail from the parking lot and would rate it as moderate, honestly anybody who is mildly fit can summit this hike and have a good time. It really only gets steep for a bit after the slide close to the top, nothing crazy though. Nice views and very little bugs.(July) If you're into trail running you'll love this route as well.

Sentier parfait avec 2 enfants de 11 & 13 ans pour une initiation!! Satisfaite et très fière de mes 2 kids!

Quick and easy. I liked the walk through the field before getting to the forest. Not as good of a view as I had hoped for but still beautiful.

22 days ago

NOTE: This trail is on private land owned by the Boy Scout camp across the road. They are pretty understanding but just so you know. Plus they hike up this trail every Friday between June 15 through August 10, with up to 45 people at a time.

It is a good, moderate hike with expensive views in lots of directions from the top. A fairly long hike for kids under 11, but older ones should do fine. There are some short scrambles towards the top but not bad. The trail doesn't get a ton of maintenance but is in good shape and mostly well-marked. You will see numerous animal signs, including birds and moose.

It starts as a quick cut off from a logging road which is easy to miss. After that, it's pretty clear which way to go.

Great views for a short hike.The rocks up towards the top were not that easy to navigate for my GF but we made it to the summit in 40 min and back down in 33 and that includes some picture taking.We didn’t stay at the summit long as there were massive amounts of dragon flies.Enjoyed it

greatlittle hike not too strenuous it was long but easy

Fantastic view from the summit!

Beautiful trail. Fantastic views from the top! Not a long at all. I would say it easy, not moderate.

Took our kids and they loved hiking up through the trees and over the small streams. This was a moderately difficult hike, I wouldn't say hard. The views are stunning.

The first 1.5 miles are an easy walk through a nice mixed timber forest. There are a few blow downs to hop over or walk around, but nothing troubling. As the elevation slowly increases the trail enters a seasonal stream bed with loose rocks, small and large, but there is a path on the side of most of this portion that is easier. As the trail levels off it would seem that you have reached the top, but this is what is called the “false summit.” Shortly you will begin to descend, which is a psychological bummer, before you start to gain elevation to the actual summit. Just past the remains of the observers cabin the trail gets steeper. It’s a short steep section up to the summit and tower. The tower views are beautiful. Some of the steps on the tower are a bit sketchy, but intact. Overall a great hike, with a couple of challenging sections. Highly recommend. With a generous time at the summit, which I had to myself, I spent a total of 02:53:00 on this trail.

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