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This is a great challenge. I do this hike every year in January or February.

Awesome hike. Well marked unless you're myself on the way down. Definitely for more experienced hikers or more driven people in general. Beautiful views of wildlife and the city.

1 day ago

Unbelievable views, and challenging terrain. This hike had many other hikers on the trail. I clocked 5.1 miles in 2 1/2 hours. The Summit sign was just changed (new) earlier today. It was kind of a bummer I couldn’t locate the USGS medallion. The last 2 miles are the most challenging due to the lose rock, false summits (3 of them) and the thin air. Over all a great challenging hike.

So this hike I’ve been on several times growing up and definitely a hike to go on in the late winter or spring to see the waterfalls. Which in the past have seen up to three climaxing with the third in the canyon. I enjoy the difficulty especially because it keeps it relatively quiet of lazy hikers and people who leave trash behind. They seem to avoid harder trails which is great for the rest of us. Beautiful views and water keeps me coming back every year!

5 days ago

How can hikes be better than this? Hard to fathom.

We 'trained' for Humphrey's for a couple of months, knowing that it would be the highest elevation we'd ever climbed, and gave ourselves (staying in Flagstaff) 3 days to acclimate. It's doable if you are in decent shape, bring plenty of water and a snack for the top, and have some patience with all of the other foot traffic. We picked the most gorgeous day - not a cloud in the sky and rain chances (during monsoon season), 0%. Apparently everyone else chose the same Saturday, and with good reason. Our group of 7 was up in 3, down in 3 for a total of 6 hours (left the parking lot at 6:45 am). The trail is really unforgiving in places - lots of rocks, roots and other low-lying obstacles to give your knees and ankles an insane workout. Trekking poles help, but aren't required.

No reason to restate what has been posted. Just put this on your bucket list and check it off. (Sorry to hear Ron's tale, below!)

While we would have liked to take a pic at the summit sign to show our 12,633-foot, 3,300 vertical odyssey was legit, it was vandalized (or whipped off its post from recent monsoons). Regardless, I'll never forget this epic hike!

Well i have climbed Mt Rainer 7 times from all sides and 40 years worth of mountaineering on techinical climbing rock, ice & snow. Take this mountain with a trail to the summit. I tried last year at age 65 and only got to 10,300’. A trail runner fell and broke his ankle. I splinted it and took him down, no one would help. This year age 66 been training on the treadmill for 3 months at 5 times per week with a 30 pound pack and 5 pound ankle weights. I go at 2.5 mph at 15% for 80 minutes. I go today leaving at 02:00 wanted to see a sunrise from high up. Made it to 10,064’ and had to descend. Why, well first a bear 20’ from me off to the side. Then two bears on the trail i made noise and it didn’t phase them so then i go off trail to get around them and they start pacing me. The only way i could go was down. This mountain is turning into a pain, lol.

8 days ago

Great weather today! I have experienced all sorts of weather at the top. Always be prepared for a storm.
Not sure about AllTrails mileage for this hike, by distance calculated in at 10.5 miles.
Sturdy ankles are a must for this hike. Lots of trippers and rollers (roots, rocks, unstable terrain).

8 days ago

Think of a nice steady uphill climb through the beautiful pine trees, and then at mile 4 you begin hiking Piestewa peak (but it's at 11,000+) feet. So the hard thing is that the hard part really does come at the end. And it's for about a mile. With no trees. But the views from the top are wonderful. And you're at the highest part of AZ. So it's 5 stars.
There really are three false summits. We used 2-3 liters of water each. 10.5 miles round trip took us 7 hours. Nice people on the trail.

8 days ago

Beautiful! I was freezing at the top, bring warm clothes. Can’t wait to do it again

8 days ago

A beautiful and amazing hike! We started at 5:40am and got to the top in 3 hours, took 2 few minute breaks and took our time for the last mile up. Coming down took almost as long as going up because of so many people coming up at that time, the path is a little narrow and we pulled over to give people going up the right of way.

A lot of false Summits but beautiful scenery amazing view from the peak

13 days ago

awesome hike, temp in flagstaff was 82, you do NOT need a jacket for this hike during good weather, 4 liters of water is more than enough for round trip.lots of bugs at the summit. don't know why

14 days ago

A beautiful hike similar to many high altitude hikes in Colorado. You can always count on an early afternoon summer storm so hit the trail by 7 am if you are in good shape, 5:30 if you are a first timer in pretty good shape. Being above that tree line when a storm rolls in will be scary, cold and potentially deadly. Bring a poncho, you will need it more than likely. And if you finish this hike and feel pretty good, it's time to plan your Rim to Rim hike at the Grand Canyon, the best hike in Arizona hands down.

16 days ago

Important ....Drink lots of beer.....after completing this tough hike as a reward. This was the highest peak for me to date. I'm 52 years old and it took me over 7hrs. There was snow/hail on the mountain...I got pelted with hail ...rain...and lightning storms began just before noon. Trailhead temp in the morning was 55. Lots of shade at the start...false summits will drive you crazy. Get good socks and hiking boots and hiking stick...saw people with tennis shoes on trail. I carried 5 liters of gatorade..but only drank 2...it wasn't hot due the rain. I had a cheap poncho.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail. Tough the entire way up. I'd say it took our group about 5-6h to complete, including about an hour break at the peak. Definitely make sure you take breaks as the air gets very thin above the tree line.

16 days ago

The hike is spectacular the elevation did get to me 5 times even though I have lived in Flagstaff for 3 years. This hike should be on your bucket list if in Arizona. Follow the poles and don’t go off trail looking for the airplane

I questioned my sanity on this one as it was my first ever altitude hike, but I completed it and oh so proudly. The views and vistas were breathtaking during the entire duration of the hike. The combination of elevation gain and high altitude make this strenuous and difficult. This coming from someone with some fitness. 9.2 miles is not accurate for the RT. My iwatch tracked the RT to be 12 miles plus some.

This hike is super well marked and highly trafficked. I tried getting to the top twice but the part where you essentially have to rock-climb freaked me out a little so I turned around. If you have anxiety / fear of heights the ascent to the top may not be your jam - but you can always turn around before that (there’s a helicopter landing area which makes a nice turnaround) while still getting the amazing views.

Amazing wilderness trail, in this beautiful desert!

18 days ago

Great hike to escape the heat, beautiful day yesterday to make it to the summit. The elevation is humbling otherwise a great trail with great views. Looking forward to hiking again. Special thank you to the crew out maintaining the well defined trail!!

20 days ago

Overall I liked this hike, as it had pretty much everything I look for, from a Sedona trail: enough cardio to call it a hike :), views, red rocks, and open sky.
Downside: Parking. Always with the bad parking here in Sedona! ...but it's to be expected because it's such a gorgeous place that so many ppl want to see. So, considering, instead of attempting to park at the trailhead, maybe park at a nearby business and Uber the rest of the way.
There aren't any parking options outside of the trailhead's parking lot because this trailhead is smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood with NO PARKING signs allllll over. I anticipate the residents are quick to call towers. So, again, Uber.
The first half of it feels more like a tour because you walk past a sinkhole, which has placards explaining the science behind sinkholes; and, the occasional pink Jeep drives by. (Hence my 3 stars.)
You'll see the 7 sacred pools, which weren't very pool-like when I was there due to minimal rain; but still, they were interesting nonetheless.
Once you get out of the initial part of the trail, it becomes more like a hike. This is the stretch that felt worth it. You climb a moderate slope to the top, all along the way rising to pretty views of the valley below. Once you crest the ridge, you can no longer see signs of everyday life.
For me, I prefer a more remote trail - something that makes me feel like I'm deeper in nature. So, again, this is why I give this trail 3 stars. I didn't get that feeling until I was 1/2 way through.
Nevertheless, one is hard-pressed to walk away from a Sedona trail unhappy. I mean, c'mon...it's Sedona.

Elevation training for Imogene, it’s the next best thing. Highly recommend the hike

21 days ago

I’ve had this on my hiking bucket list for years and I was finally able to go a few days ago. This is an absolutely awesome hike and well worth it if you’re willing to. We started around 5:45am and reached the top by 9:30am. I consider myself a decently in shape person and I would consider this a fairly difficult hike. The ascent coupled with high elevation and loose gravel can be difficult and time consuming, but the views are SO worth it. The descent from the top can also be difficult because of the loose gravel, so just make sure to give yourself plenty of time especially if you’re watching for any summer storms. I used my watch to track the distance, and I came to 13 miles roundtrip. That was a surprise to me because it lists the hike on here as much shorter, so keep that in mind as you plan and prepare. I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone willing to brave it. You can see for miles from the top and it’s definitely a must do hike in Arizona! Can’t wait until I can do it again! :)

21 days ago

Excellent hike today: began at 6 a.m., took about 4 hours (with breaks) to reach the summit. Clouds started moving in quickly at 10 a.m. so we began our descent which took about 3 hours. Rain and hail started to fall just as we reached the parking lot.

Trail condition is excellent. Temperatures were good--comfortable at 60 or so when we began and then warm up top, not too windy today. I drank nearly 3 liters of water over the course of the hike.

22 days ago

Awesome hike!
Drove up from Mesa yesterday and spent the night. Got super lucky and hit the day with the best weather of the week.
Had some symptoms from the high altitude but that was the only difficult part. Made it to the saddle in 2.5 hours and the last part took me a full hour as I was on my limit. Spent 20 mins at the peak and made it back to my car in 6h15m total.
Definitely not ready for Mount Whitney - but one step closer!

Need a pass in advance. Fun little trail. cool to say you did it but it's very short.

24 days ago

This is probably a nice hike in the spring, but in mid July it was hot, brown and dry. I enjoyed the 4-mile dirt road with cattle and huge jackrabbits. Approximately 1/3rd of the hike is rocky/gravely. I encountered 2 rattlesnakes on the trail. The “waterfall” at 2.5 miles still offered small pools of water (possibly from the monsoon storm the previous day) and barely a trickle down the rock formation, which is quite scenic. Follow the creek bed upward and off the trail, just around the corner, for some really scenic, shady respite. Back on the trail after this highlight is fairly flat and monotonous. I turned around at 3.9 miles because of the heat and unchanging, flat terrain. Elevation gain was 3670 ft. My hike started at 7:40 am after an easy 90 min drive from Phoenix and took 4 hrs 15 min including a couple short breaks. I drank 3 of the 4 liters I brought. Sunscreen is a must. Wish I had had some bug spray, too. Only saw 2 other hikers. The only thing “difficult” about the hike was the elements (heat, humidity, rattlesnakes). The incline and path is moderate at best. I was surprised that the temp was about 10 degrees hotter than that in Payson.

can't rate this appropriately. we have been planning this hike for over a month. went on their site and nothing mentioned that it was closed. very frustrating and disappointed. we will however come back and conquer this goal.

27 days ago

Most outstanding views seen here. Began hiking at 2AM for sunrise & hit it right on the dot. SO worth the early hours!!!

28 days ago

Alot of great scenary pretty breathe taking, you will have to follow your nose to get around but you won't get lost. Def go

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